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New and kinda quiet (for now xd) place for all typology, especially MBTI enthusiats! All types are welcomed :). Come and see for yourself. Might get weird at some point, but dw, everything is under control XD. A good place for those looking for fun, but also for those of you who are more serious.
P.S. It's my first time creating a server, so naturally there will occur some imperfections, but that's exactly what you people will be there for.
Mainly a INxx server! Created this server as a way for us “friendless” introverts to socialize and meet new people. We tend to talk about politics, drugs, philosophy, memes and INxx problems.
highly ironic server name
we moved to guilded JIC Discord takes us down for being "too edgy"
INTP server, other types welcome, official successor to the first INTP server
This is a brand new server dedicated to INxPs and created for the purpose of having a space for INFPs and INTPs to gather, discuss, and chill. All types are welcome!
We always refer to NT's and NF's, but why not have a place for all Ne users?

We welcome everyone (including other types) and encourage both discussion and casual chatting! :)
Welcome to our server, Sicko Woke (The joke is that it's a wordplay with Sicko Mode). This server is a celebration of wokeness.

Wokeness is a slang term used to describe individuals who have achieved self awareness to a degree so high that they disconnected themselves from the outside world completely. (That's our description at least)

My friend Vladimir and I have created this server to provide support to our fellow awakened allies (And mainly to provide support to ourselves since we don't have a social life), we know this feeling of being disconnected from the world because you've become so self absorbed and arrogant that you think you've become a supreme being with 420 IQ, and for this reason we hope to provide a server that can give:

- Woke emotional support
- Woke discussions about philosophy, science and the benefits of anal play.
- Woke arguments
- Woke Wokeness.
- Sharing of diverging worldviews.

So if you are struck by crippling loneliness caused by your superior intellect due to the hidden truth normies refuse to acknowledge, come join us.
A cozy place with little moderation for people interested in typology and other things.
A cozy place with little moderation for people interested in typology and other things.
The original and the best INTP community on Discord. All other personality types are welcome, particularly thinking emoji enthusiasts.
If you can say yes to all of these:-
You are an introvert.
You are irreligious.
You are very imaginative, open-minded and curious.
You like science.
You think that you have high potential.
You focus on objectivity and rationality, prioritizing logic over emotions.
You are weird, eccentric even, and proud of that.
You have or used to have a superiority complex.
You qualify! Consider yourself a member.