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LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG) is a very friendly LGBT+ community welcoming all types of members (gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual, straight, furry, etc). The community has:

👦Self-assignable roles.
🎮 Gaming Channels
🎲 Giveaways & Events
📹 Video Chat Rooms
🌵 Private Minecraft Server
🔒 Teen only channels for members 13-17
🍆 NSFW for 18+ Members

Come join the fam!
A fun server that has less policing as other Ace servers. Just be cool and not an ass and you should have fun in this server.
Chill LGBTQ+ oriented server that gives you space to breathe. The primary function is the server is to relax, talk to people, and just generally share good vibes. Gaming is somewhat secondary to the server, in that we have a lot of people who play games and want to play together, but the server is not centered around any particular game. We also have members who offer homework help, post about their cool hobbies, and share positive messages. All are welcome!
The Ace Club is a server for aromantic and asexual people to find like-minded friends to have fun and chill with! Everyone who isn't aro or ace is welcome to join us too.
♤♡💜This is a very new server so no one is really in it, so joining would mean alot! 💜♡♤

💜This server is all about being able to relax and be with people who support you. It is an Lgbtqia+ friendly server, although our main focus is Aspecs, but anyone and everyone can join regardless of orientation 💜

The main theme of the server is a big ol' pillow fort! So grab a blanket and make yourself comfy!
There are:
♤Art channels
♤Chill members
♤Vent channels
♤♤General chatting
♤1 on 1 vc
♤Music bot
♤General Fun Bots
♤And if you have a suggestion or a question, there is a chanel for that too!

And there is much more!
Feel free to join our little blanket burrito of a server 💜
This server is for aro/ace discussion, has kind people and a transparent staff. We are accepting of everyone as long as you aren't hurting anyone else or breaking the law. Please come say hi!
An Ace Space, where all us ace people can gather and have a great time, regardless of romanticism!
community server for asexual, aromantic, and agender people to chat, make friends, and get advice
⛏ The official ARO-ACE MINECRAFT discord server! ⛏
🎮 - Safe place!
🎮 - Have fun, chat, play games with other aro-aces and anyone else who wants to drop by!
🎮 - EPIC RPG bot and a leveling system to keep you active when bored!
Howdy partner, Aro Rodeo is a safe community for asexual and aromantic individuals and allies. Stop by to socialize meet friends and relax.
The Ace Kingdom is a place where asexuals can come and relax. We also have fun activities like movie streams, personality quizzes, weekly discussions, and more! You can choose a medieval-themed role, and you can have any title you want! We are very accepting, and we love meeting new people. Join today!
A server for Asexuals, Aromantics and Allies to hang out. There are many channels, whether you want to discourse, share some memes or talk about your sexual and/or romantic orientations.

We have many pride related discord emojis to enjoy as well as reaction roles to gain access to different channels.

In this server, we welcome people of different views, including transcomps, transmeds, inclusionists and exclusionists.

We are also LGBT, polyam, neurodivergent & system friendly.
It's a cult for asexuals and aromantics. The moment you come in, you're one of our own. We don't judge and the rules are very loose. You're allowed to be who you are and say what you want, as long as it's not hateful. We can give advice, post memes, listen to music, talk in general, etc here! There's also cake, garlic bread, and a dragon army!
Hello and welcome to the Aspec Afterparty! Are you a fellow asexual, aromantic, agender, someone on the spectrum, questioning, or an ally? Then you're welcome here!

We strive for community, and have plenty of rooms to chose from to discuss whatever you like! We have mods on 24/7 and plenty of regulars to talk to! We also engage the community with games and activities, but there's always something to do or someone to talk to.

Exclustionists will not be tolerated, even if you wish to have a "debate". For us, it is not up to "debate" and asexuals, aromantics, and other aspecs are LGBTQ+ and the A stands for aspec, not ally.

NOTICE: those that join you must read the rules to get the role to unlock the server. We apologize in advance. Our server is not just the three rooms you see, we promise.
A server for anyone on the aspec yo simply just vibe, hang out with others, and also memes
Aspec Teens is a fun and friendly place for teenagers on the asexual and Aromantic spectrums! Full of positivity and memes, we hope you enjoy your stay!
^^Note: SFW!! only for 13-19 year olds, if not within that age group please do not join this sever.
Hi! This is a LGBT+ safe space server with game nights, music marathons, questions of the day, and more! Please feel free to join and have some fun while meeting new people who share the same sexuality as you!
A server for all people on the a-spectrum (aromantic and asexual spectrum) to talk to eachother and meet new people.
This is an everything server. Keep it SFW. 12-17 year olds. Teen server. We are super LGBTQ+ friendly, many of our mods are members. Aces and aros welcome. Everyone welcome. NO MAPS/PEDOS/Nonmaps. AT ALL WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE!
Welcome, mature asexuals. This server was created because the majority of "Ace" groups on Discord are moderated and populated by people under 20 years old who enforce a narrow perspective of asexual lifestyles and concerns.

Have you been mistreated by other groups? Did they lack substance or relevance to your life concerns? Come share with us.

Few rules, NSFW 24/7, no forced socio-lect cult language. Just be you and chat with others who are questioning what asexuality means for them.
Welcome to the new acebin hotel where anyone can join and mix and mingle with others (except mean ppl)
Tons of emotes (custom) on the way
Non toxic (Elmer's glue)
And much more!