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A fun server that has less policing as other Ace servers. Just be cool and not an ass and you should have fun in this server.
JustLGBT is a new sever created by friends .This is a server is made for people who want to stray away from the insane part of the LGBT community (a.k.a MOGAI). It's LGBT focused, but everyone is welcome.
Welcome to the relaunch of our server! We're small and chill asexual community mostly filled with ace themed memes and shitposting, nothing too serious here. We're glad to have any new members, and we hope to see you soon!
AceClan.ORG is a PC multi-gaming clan formed in March 2019, experiencing rapid growth in a multitude of games we are truly bringing change to the clan scene. Operating a military-inspired ranking structure with various ranks and departments which you can obtain, you will truly feel rewarded all the time so long as you get involved!
This is a server for members of the Aro-Ace community to come and hang out! other sexualities are of course allowed, this server is friendly to anyone and everyone!
✨LGBTQ+ friendly✨
✨active staff members✨
✨active channels according to interests✨
✨a wide range of self assignable roles✨
Want to discover new friends, new music and groups of KPOP? This is a great place for you. Lonely night is a nice place for you to meet new people.

Buddyfight: Next Generation. All had been at peace ever since the last fight between Wisdom and Legendary Buddyfighter Gao Mikado had ended, Buddyfight had once again returned to the fun normal staked game before all of the CHAOS had invaded, but now a new generation faces a new evil, prepared to throw the world into absolute and utter destruction.
Welcome to the Ace Kink Space!
This is an 18+ server for asexuals / ace spec people who want to talk kink.
An Ace Space, where all us ace people can gather and have a great time, regardless of romanticism!
This a streaming community for Ace_Gaming_LPs and gaming community for those interested in Diablo 2 and 3, and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Ultima. We also have many other fun things!
Welcome to ★ A.C.E ★
Gaming with NSFW Orientation+anime download
Roleplay Channel
Meme channel
Make new Friends
we are like family
and more and more
This is a server for any furry under the ace umbrella. Allo, Ace, Demisexual, so on so forth. All are welcome here! This server was created after discovering there is no community for furries of the Ace Umbrella. Come join us!
A LGBTQ+ Server specifically for asexual people!