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Largest Discord & Social Media Advertising server where you can promote/list, now also offers:
• Giveaways
• Youtube/Instagram/Other Advertising
• Self-Assignable Roles / Paid Roles
• Custom Coded GameMode
• Memes
• 3000+ members
• Politics
• Entertainment/Fun Bots
• Server/media channels to advertise your content into
• Promotable roles
• Friendly Staff members +more
Official Website:
iG0d  Bumped 10 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
danielpbarron danielpbarron
It is what it is.
Hopefully it serves its purpose, which is to advertise my channel's invite URL. I have all its channels muted and I never look at it besides to re-list my thing.
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Xander805 Xander805
Too long of a wait time.
This server is very good and has been maintained and produced very well, all the staff seem to know what they are doing but the week wait time is very annoying, I do suggest joining here but not as your only means of advertising.
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💀✞Aizen✞💀 💀✞Aizen✞💀
Focusing on Advertising but perma sending you warnings and deleting your servers even if its in different channel, due to your Server having few categories instead of one.

Also only lets you advertise once per week, which is really bad. Every other Server lets you advertise daily, which is normal, cause your Server will easily slide down 50-100 places until next day already, due to community sharings lots of Servers.

But this bad Server lets you advertise once per week and if you post in different channel, say your Server has category of gaming and community aka you posting in 2 different channels, you will still get warned.
Highly reccomend you not to join here and look for better ones, cause it's easy to find any Server better than this.

Peace out :)
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Soul Soul
Very neatly organized
Unlike other advertising servers, DSP™ is really nicely put together. Every channel is easy to find and self explanatory. The weekly server promotion giveaway is one of the best things that this server features👌🏻