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A server for politics, With the goal to share ideals and view points. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek agreement of ideals through thought experiment and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies.

Not making this server turn into autistic cancer is also preferable.
Welcome to Moiscord! We're a constantly growing Community Server. WE HAVE THE BIGGEST COLOUR SELECTION IN ALL OF DISCORD! There's relaxed friendly rules and a very active chat. We have a big gaming section, an arts section (for drawings etc.), music bot, in-built Discord minigames, anime section, a nsfw section and custom server emojis! Join us now!
Looking for High quality Pepe emotes?? Then this is the right server for you! Especially recommended if you have Discord Nitro. Hosting full lists of emotes AND animated emotes
Join now!
Welcome to the server with best compilation of Pepe Emotes! Here you will find a great community and really cool members ;) We update the emotes frequently and we are growing really fast, if you invite friends, you will get some cool rewards. Join us and help us make this server even great! <3
This is a server all about pepe/pepo/monka emojis! Come and join!
This is a server all about pepe/pepo/monka emojis! Come and join!
Welcome to 🐸 FROG GANG 1.0 🐸 , an Ice Poseidon fanbase. A server where toxicity, drama, edginess are encouraged, with a light moderation.
This is probably the most autistic discord on the planet so join if your somewhat of a fan of these.
A metric ton of shitposting
Social Section (Contains 4-chan and reddit channels)
Autistic Mods 🧢
Variety of shit bots
Gaming Chats
Very loose rules
User Suggestions
So if your a "fan" of these head on over 🧢
Server dedicated to Apu Apustaja (Helper Pepes) also Shitposting/Trolling. Part of the kekistan family. Join to fuck around/ear rape/spam etc We don't give a fuck. Most importantly share dank memes
A server dedicated to Pepe. Pepe/monka/pepo emotes only. Over 300+ emotes on all servers !
Your first stop source for all the Pepe emotions you can stomach and other Pepe related media!
100 of dankest and rarest emotes of Pepe's son Peepo. Links to multiple other emote servers.

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Have you ever wanted the best pepe emojis?
This is the server for you!!
A server filled with pepe emotes...
for people with nitro only.
-Self roles
-Chill Owner
-Cool Staff
Random Nitro Emotes Server
Filled with loads of Random normal emotes/animated random emotes
only for people with nitro!
Jerry's is an active meme palace for everyone to join and have a dank time. Whatever is said here is 100% humorous and isn't toxic behaviour. This server abides to the Discord Guidelines so it's safe for everyone. We offer,
Customized roles • levelled up/activity roles • economy system • holiday events
This is a growing community of ironic memers who hate normalfags and love 4chan. Join if you fit that description.

We have things such as:
-Intense shitpost channels
-One word story place (tends to be very autistic)
-Dank Memer bot and a really smart Dyno bot
-Advanced role system constantly updated
-Spam channels
-Advanced and growing raid detection
-NSFW channels

If you enjoy this server, or want to join, then do it! We're always looking for new members. We even have a bunch of roles that actually have you do stuff which benefits you in the server, like being able to enlist in our military.

Once again, join if you want the things above and plan to be active.
Pepe the frog it's the lair of the Pepe the frog, it's like his bar, his hotel, his church, his brothel, his night club, his everything, and we got this:
• Leveling up!
• Memes!
• Crossovers!
• Shitposts!
• And Music bots!
Make sure and join us!
Hiya, welcome to my special hell!
We have:
Custom Emojis
A variety of bots
Memes galore
And free WiFi.
So, come on and join!
Hello and welcome to hell a lovely meadow of flowers!

We are a dedicated meme server, with a few minor boundaries that help keep this place running.
this a mixed server of everything combined, we're an open community, and the only rules we have, are do not mass ping or raid, everything else is fine, enjoy