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🐶 The CUTEST and BEST emotes out there! GUARANTEED.

🐶 Share your cute pet and IF you want they can participate to be the dog of the month!

🐶 Many doggo memes, events, level up by texting with roles, we are looking for PMs and Staff!
🌻[ Hello, this is Captain Shibe speaking. New recruit has arrived? Well lets get ready to welcome them with open paws. Bark bark! ]🌻

◈ Founded by the following: snowiitea#6639. Please DM me if you possess any issues within the server!

🌼「 Pupper Cult.. lets see. In this cult, we hold gamenights, events, and much more to come! Even a roleplay channel, err.. whatever that is, i'm sure you heard it before. We're a dog themed server and here are a few things you should definitely be expecting here! Woof woof. Okay, are we done now Ovum- Cut the microphone!!.」🌼

🌷❖Multiple events, roleplay events and much more fun activities to play around with your fellow doggo friends!❖🌷
💮❖The more active you are, the more easier chance you have to rank up to the highest role you could ever be! ❖💮
🌸❖Server rules are strict, remember to read and follow them once you join!❖🌸
🌺❖An active and non-toxic community, remember when if anything goes wrong report to me. Bork bork!❖🌺
🌹❖Bot channels and bots in the server to play around with and have loads of fun!❖🌹
💐❖Social and roleplaying community, we mostly focus on our social part of the community.❖💐

🍀【Official date once the project begun: 2/4/19】🍀

☕This server is maintained by a bunch of random little kids, err I think. Please enjoy the hard work we put into this. Signing off, Captain Shibe! ☕
Join are server we are a Youtube server we have cool emojis cool bots and so much more join this server to have lots of fun
K9 Resource Den is a server meant for bringing all sorts of questioning and knowledgeable people together to learn more and grow as (future or current) canine owners.

╰► This is a semi-strict discord server (to prevent drama and be able to converse in a relaxed environment) that allows you to chat with canine lovers like you!

╰► We ask you have decent knowledge about dogs, or have the means to learn! We are an all-inclusive community and want it to be fun and engaging here.

┋Fun and Engaging Events
┋Training Consultation and Advice
┋Breed and Gear Discussion
┋Kind and active Staff
┋Ways for Members to get involved
┋Knowledgeable staff and Members!

╰► Whether you're a knowledgeable person, simple dog owner, like puppy photos, or someone buying/rescuing a puppy soon - we welcome you!
Sköpun is an all canine rpg, with a fantasy twist. Set in their own world there are many mythical tales and creatures. Our plot is lightly based upon; Brother Bear (film) and The Sight (novel.) The canines live within their own world, trying to fit in with all the other species. Whilst the spirits and Gods guide them they never give them answers. The world of Sköpun and everything within it, the canines will have to overcome by themselves.

Our plot is detailed, with many subplots a long the way. Members are included every step of the way. Sköpun also offers;
• Competitions.
• Quests/Missions.
• Unique diverse character creation.
• Multiple characters.
• Fun & loving community.
• Dedicated Staff Team.
• Open suggestions to the server & roleplay.
• Much more. (To find out our detailed plot and everything else come swing by!)
we are a server for gamers to come and be free we have a nsfw and memes sections for all ages to enjoy.

BUA is a semi-realistic canine roleplay based in Germany 50 years after a nuclear war in 2019 that allegedly wiped out the majority of humanity and massacred the cities and towns. The domestic canine population is booming and has taken over the ruins of an old world. At the top of the food chain in Germany is an infamous gathering of dogs known as "The Horde." They control many of the big cities and stable prey zones leaving outcasts to scramble for shelter and food. In this dog eat dog world few survive, and the question is... will you?

We feature plenty of interactive and fun channels with an easy to navigate server design that is also appealing to go through. Our rules are simple yet well-formed and we are LBGTQ+ friendly! We are still brand new and are looking for new members to grow our community, so hop on in if you're interested! We don't bite, and the majority of us have our rabies shot! :dog:

✷ Friendly & Welcoming to all
☼ Simple yet well-formed rules
☂ Bots!
❤ Semi-realistic with an excellent plot & plenty of channels

Infinite Journey is a semi-realistic canine roleplay based on global warming taking effect in 2050 in the USA that wiped out a majority of the worlds humans race and left buildings to crumble. The domestic canine population is exploding and has taken over the ruins of our planet. Pets are forced to survive outside of their comfy never ending good life with no stray knowledge. Very few to stay with their human masters. Some even bring small trinkets to remember their human companion by. But only one pack rules the block with a vicious slashing toothed Leader. Only question is...will you join and face the life of a stray? Or become one of the members in a dog fight dog mob?

Our server offers ~
* LGBTQ+ community
* Friendly staff (we don’t bite!)
* Bots
* Simple rules

And much more! We are still new to the discord dog role play community and are hoping to grow! Come on and join if your interested, and remember, your bark may be bigger than your bite!
Two packs. A world full of lies.
Dear one, I wish I could tell you everyone was at peace with each other. That'd be a much better world, don't you think?
Sadly, that isn't the case.

Welcome to the twisted yet majestic Packs of Silver Dawn and Night Sun. Their rules and whole life was built around an old tale of a heroic wolf, but all is not what it seems.
Our stories are passed down generations after generations, from mother to child. Yet, the truth has been washed away by a wave of twisted stories.
The time has come to call upon our loyal pack dogs to discover the truth.
Good luck, traveller.

Welcome to our little roleplay server! Here's what we have to offer:
🐶 - A mysterious dog roleplay.
📜 - A well written twisted plot.
🤔 - The truth hidden from everyone. Try figure it out!
✍️ - Lots of roleplay channels
👍 - Fair rules.
☄️ - We welcome any roleplay style!

Will you be able to figure out the truth?
This is not a furry server, it is for kool kids who love dogs even though this server has almost nothing to do with dogs. So join now or we'll sneak through your bedroom window in the dead of night and steal your kneecaps.
╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗
Âmes Solitaires
╚═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╝

• revamped/revived server from 2017-18
• stray dogs with limited slots for humans/wolves/wolfdogs/coydogs/etc
• member driven, literate, setting and plotlines
• friendly staff, hoping to have a big friendly community
• open to partnerships!
• open to suggestions and ideas
• member made packs and two groups to chose from (1 introduced later)
• hoping to have monthly events in the future
• other fun stuff, so don't be shy!

"Set within a small town Brașov, Romania, the town is slowly loosing it's population. Soon-to-be a ghost town, the feral and non-feral stray population has increased. Tourists are becoming rarer and rarer, the town is losing funds...people are leaving for a better life. Those who stay will have to deal with the soon 'dog explosion' when a certain family moves in to investigate the decaying city.

Will you live out your life alone, perhaps with a friend or two. Create a group or try to tango with the large presences that roam the streets? It's up to you, this is your story."
We're a gaming server who play lots of games on Roblox! We are also a group on roblox who talk about dogs. We do regular giveaways!
The Virus...


TV is;

+ LGBTQ+ Safe
+ Semi Lit - Literate
+ Realistic
+ Based on a Fictional Illness and does not reflect real events
+ Organized, Clean Channels
+ Active Admin crew to keep things in order
Tunesuni - The Unforgiving
Labethra - The Peaceful

The year is 2103..

.... Humans have gone into almost near extinction, the remaining few have hidden away into bunkers under the ground while wildlife, and nature took over their once filled cities. Buildings crumbling, streets turned to forest with new creatures at every turn.

Several packs have survived within these lands, the larger two being Tunesuni and Labethra. But a new illness now threatens the new world the wildlife have learned to love, was it sent out by the humans to reclaim their cities? Or is it something else?

Will your dog survive The Virus?


Come join us today!
Hello! This is the Doggo Doggo! Server! This server was created SorryDylan2008! It would be nice for you to join because this server contains dogs and doges! Enjoy your stay there!
Welcome to With Claws and Teeth!
We are a small, friendly group of people who just want to RP and make friends.

The RP is a remake of the original “With Claws and Teeth” after it went down due to some issues with activity during the school semester.
The RP is focused on four separate dog packs, allow me to introduce them to you!
**Obsidian** - The bloodthirsty, burly and violent dogs who dwell underground, safe from outside threats as the cave system is difficult to navigate for outsiders, they also skin mammals to keep warm in the cold caves and use it as nesting.
**Frost** - These dogs are much more disciplined and thick furred than their bulky neighbours.
**Nightshade** - These dogs dwell in dense, moss covered forest where they’ve le learned the element of surprise. Their fur colour is much darker and they’re fur is typically shorter, they also tend to be a bit more lean.
Now I bet you’re wondering, what about the other mysterious pack? Well, allow me to introduce you to the **cordillera**.
They are massive dogs with thick pelts, they’re excellent at adapting to their harsh, mountainous terrain and left the territories to get away from the other three packs. They worship the mighty ibex that swells in their territory and like obfuscus , they skin animals to keep themselves warm and use bones to decorate their dens and nesting

Well, what are you waiting for? Staff positions are available and high ranking dogs have yet to be claimed, fight the other packs, gain territory and create your own story, fighting with claws and teeth to survive.
Here's another Stardew Valley servers.

It'll include:

Bachelor/bachelorette's favorite items, and how to trigger their heart events.

Mining tips and tricks.

Farming tips and tricks.

Multiplayer help.

And so much more!

We'll be waiting in the discord Valley. See you soon!
This is a server for the people who love dogs! Make new friends, and talk about how amazing dogs are!
☠️ D E M E N T I O ☠️

Enter Dementio - a demonic, open world survival horror where blood is the only thing that matters. The Grim are fearsome, malevolent canines that have a craving for flesh: dog flesh. The survivors of this world must find a way to escape the wretched beasts, or become the next item on their menu. Meanwhile the Grim can think of nothing but to cull their unending appetite and sadism. Will you fight for survival, or choose to become a Grim and ruthlessly hunt and torment your prey instead? The choice is yours.

📖 Literate Paragraph Roleplay
💀 Survival Horror with fun, interactive bots
🏆 User, Promoter, and Nitro Boost Perks!
🐺 Multiple Species to Choose From Including Grim
🍰 Fun & Friendly Community!
🚫 No Packs! Fully Explorable & Open World!
⚠️ Mature with Dark and Heavy Themes
❤️ Come and join us! We're also open to partners!
A friendly and chill server for pet owners and those who simply love animals in general!
Plently of reaction roles, plenty of channels and plenty of kindness! (Also some good memes)
Located in Strasbourg, France. Is where a wayward pack of canines reside. Making their mark in the city, as well as it’s forest.

It’s 2030, and the streets remain empty. Silent, even. This, occurrence, came about seemingly out of nowhere. With all of it’s human inhabitants gone. Lost to the winds in favor of it’s current residents of dog and wolf alike. Though this pack is just as peculiar as the situation itself. As it is dangerous, with those at the top of it’s hierarchy watching their members every move. Mysteries, drug deals, and death now infest the place as it grows more corrupt with each passing day.
The only question left to answer is this. Will you follow the blood stained paths of a champion? Live a life of glory as a chasseur? Or take the passive route of a médecin? Only time can tell, I suppose.
{This version of the lore written by our wonderful staff member, @WolfieIsThegreatest#1996 )

➳ A new, inviting community to be apart of

➳ Varying levels of literacy just for you!

➳ Four main categories of Roleplay, sixty channels in total to Roleplay in!

➳ Our own page on the animaljam groups wiki, where you can apply

➳ Not sure if you want to join? Come visit us! I promise we don’t bite!

➳ Frequent events, quests, and ways to keep you occupied!

➳ A suggestions channel to show your thoughts, Art to express your creativity, and much more!

chill then again it is a new server so it might start off slow but i will stay active for most of the day. prolly make some new friends