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Welcome to Sunday 日曜日! Here you can discuss games and anime to the fullest of your knowledge. Along with the #match-searching for finding other players looking to play games alongside you!
Currently, there are giveaways running!
✼ ♡ • ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨ • ୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ • ♡ ✼

✼ __cozy place ~୨୧__ ✼

✼ ♡ • ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨ • ୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ • ♡ ✼

we are a small and friendly community.
a few things for you if you join:

~ ♡ friendly community

~ ♡ self assignable roles ♡

~ ♡ ranking system with role reward ♡

~ ♡ bots duh

~ ♡ cute people

~ ♡ partnerships

~ ♡ NSFW

✼ ♡ • ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨ • ୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ • ♡ ✼

we are also looking for staff and partner managers!

❥ so come & join if u like cute stuff. ♡
❥ server invite @everyone!:
❥ gif:

✼ ♡ • ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨ • ୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ • ♡ ✼
Multi Café, Welcomes all communuties there are. Fell Free to join. We have a lot of channels and bots too. ^-^
A new osu community! Come join us to enjoy osu together c:
A community just to have fun and chill, or maybe if you have a gamer ego you can try playing games or even try-out for our Fortnite clan! 6 bots are included for individual channels so you can listen to your own music! We love and accept anyone who is special or maybe weird in a good way! :3
Anime & osu! German / Deutsch - Ein netter und gemütlicher, deutschsprachiger Server mit dem Fokus auf Anime und Games wie osu!.

Der Server ist noch am Wachsen und ich freue mich über jeden Neuzugang! ^^
ldk, join if you want.
zapraszam polaków

do w_h_a_t_e_v_e_r the fuck you want to do ( ͡* ͜ʖ ͡*)
all kinds of nsfw
all kinds of memes
all kinds of games
all kinds of bots
My server has the intense to connect all people together. If you like to find friends for talking or gaming with that this server is a good choice for you (probably). You can find here everything from Anime to Black Humour if you miss something just request ;)
A group of people having a good time playing games. We play all sorts of games and aim to have a good chill and talk kind of time. We have color roles if that is your thing also. We are US Based server going off of pacific time zone, if anyone needs the owner or staff just ping them even on do not disturb. We offer Advertising to people who actively talk and get to level 10 on mee6, as long as your content meets our standards you should be all good, we all hope you enjoy your time spent with us.
Welcome to Kowa's Kommunity. This is a community server for people who play any genre of video game. We have a friendly environment and are looking for active members who can play the key role of keeping the server alive.
We are a community that is mainly focused on the topics of Anime and the game osu!, however, we welcome everyone who joins.
Everyone here matters, so please feel free to say hi!
BambooTown - Wholesome community to make life-long friends using a bot to track activity in games
This discord server loves Lolicons! We accept anyone who join our server and we don't have many strict rules. So you can do whatever you want in this server! ^-^ We already had 3 server recreations because the previous ones always goes wrong. Right now this server will last longer than the other 4 and will be the best server I have ever made!
We hope you enjoy your stay.
(There isn't any hentai)
I hope the profile picture has already interested you. Here in my server, most members play a rhythm game called osu! where we simply chat and have a good time playing with each other. If you’d like to make some new friends, come join! There are also weekly giveaways (usually).
A friendly community centred around the popular rhythm game osu! Feel free to stop by, and have a talk! (we're lonely >-<)

Hello 👋, if you join you will instalnly get a Waifu role and if you would like to have some custom role, you will get it. We can offer super friendly community and we are thankful for every who will join. We are updating the server every day so if there’s not a text channel or anything else, you can offer us to do it. >~< Please join
Hello! On my server we have consent events, contests, and sometimes giveaways! We accept all gamers.
Well you see, I own a YouTube channel but what's more important right now is that you join the server! Everyone here is really nice but also sorta on the dark humor side (especially me lol) but we love new members and don't care who you are just have a fun time! (btw we also have hentai)
Tout d'abord, salut a vous, si je suis ici, c'est pour vous parler d'un serveur discord que je viens de créer (Osu! BE-FR)
Ce serveur consiste à ramener le plus de gens possible qui joue a osu et principalement au standard. (dsl les joueurs mania etc., on vous aime)
J'ai créé ce serveur discord dans le but d'aider un MAXIMUM de personne qui débute ou qu'ils ne savent pas jouer au jeu :/
C'est pour cela que je vais vous expliquer ce que le serveur peux vous apportez et ses points positifs.

-Un salon dédié aux nouveaux streamers qui vous dirige vers des vidéos qui expliquent comment paramétrer OBS
ou même faire un overlay de qualité c:

-Un salon dédié qui vous dirige vers des vidéos pour savoir comment paramétrer Osu! et votre panel Nvidia pour votre input lag

-Un petit espace anime-manga pour nos petits weeb qu'on aime tant c:

-Et même peut être une communauté agréable pour jouer avec vous et vous aidez (tout cela dépend que de vous!!)

J'espère que tout ce que je vous ai dit vous donne envie de rejoindre ce nouveau serveur Osu! et a bientôt c:
(Serveur pas très actif vu que je viens de le créé, hésite pas a invitez du monde c:)
Сервер юнного стримера Xcpm_7 залетайте
Tired of those lonely nights playing video games and watching anime? Do you ever feel like you don't "fit in" anywhere? What if I told you there was a place you could feel welcome? Well look no further! We are a fun, chill community that plays games such as league of legends and Osu! We host events such as anime night and game night, role play, along with individual factions within the server for clan wars. If you're interested in a positive community with tons of amazing people; then ProjectOnline is the PERFECT place for you.