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Anime & osu! German / Deutsch - Ein netter und gemütlicher, deutschsprachiger Server mit dem Fokus auf Anime und Games wie osu!.

Der Server ist noch am Wachsen und ich freue mich über jeden Neuzugang! ^^
zapraszam polaków

do w_h_a_t_e_v_e_r the fuck you want to do ( ͡* ͜ʖ ͡*)
all kinds of nsfw
all kinds of memes
all kinds of games
all kinds of bots
A friendly community centred around the popular rhythm game osu! Feel free to stop by, and have a talk! (we're lonely >-<)

Tired of those lonely nights playing video games and watching anime? Do you ever feel like you don't "fit in" anywhere? What if I told you there was a place you could feel welcome? Well look no further! We are a fun, chill community that plays games such as league of legends and Osu! We host events such as anime night and game night, role play, along with individual factions within the server for clan wars. If you're interested in a positive community with tons of amazing people; then ProjectOnline is the PERFECT place for you.
Welcome to the Osu!lolis server!!! Our dream is to have a community where we provide a fun and relaxing environment for all the members. From creating lobbies to chilling in VC and most of all we welcome non-Osu! Players / gamers to this server.
In this server we are offering:
-Friendly community;
- 6 main categories, (General context, anime and gaming, Osu!, fun and games, Pizza, nsfw);
- levelling up system which may motivate you to gain higher roles;
- Purchasable roles so you can show off to other people, using our own currency;
- Self-assignable roles, (fun and games, anime and gaming, Osu! And lastly NSFW);
- Music Channel, if your ears are feeling bored;
- Venting channel, I know many people have up and downs and when you're feeling down. You can express your feelings here without any judgements.
Welcome to Sunday 日曜日! Here you can discuss games and anime to the fullest of your knowledge. Along with the #match-searching for finding other players looking to play games alongside you!
Currently, there are giveaways running!
**✧ | The Loli Safe Haven | ✧**
————————————————————————————————————————————✧ | The Loli Safe Haven | ✧is a anime/community server looking for active people and partnerships.
We have:
▷ Media Promotion
▷ Level-up Roles
▷ Interactive Bots
▷ Channels for Memes and Music
▷ Partnerships
▷ Osu! Events and Tournaments
▷ NSFW Channel

And many more!
I hope you find your place and enjoy being apart of our community! Lets get to know each other more! See you soon!

Sincerely, ✧ | The Loli Safe Haven | ✧ Team and Staff

Discord invite:
Kitani is an Anime community where you can make friends at, hang out, get some entertainment, chat with others like yeah. We have our own bot named Noel, we're going to add it on soon enough, description's going to be updated at then

WE OFFER FREE CAPPUCCINO!! Join us and get your default cappuccino, if the owner liked you then you'll get a special role <3 We also provide V.I.P roles, And we're currently looking for staff.
Hello! This is a server for people who like casual talk. Our purpose is to bring people together and make new friends. This server does not have a specific genre, so feel free to stop by and chat!
It's really just a place where I want everyone to get to know each other and have fun, Maybe watch my streams when they're bored. We have custom colours and also some fun people to talk to! we'll welcome every one of you if you follow the rules of the server.
This discord server loves Lolicons! We accept anyone who join our server and we don't have any strict rules. So you can do whatever you want in this server! ^-^ We already had 3 server recreations because the previous ones always goes wrong. Right now this server will last longer than the other 4 and will be the best server I have ever made!
We hope you enjoy your stay.
If u love to play OSU game join us and share your OSU gameplays, also if you love animes share your picture's!
Looking for **staff members** please DM Owner and wait your answer <3
We are small and new community with:
- Anime channel
- Music channel
- OSU channel
- other games channel
- ART channel
- Selfie's channel
- pokemon channel
- and a lot of role's!
U can share whatever u want with us! (Looking for YouTubers tho)
We're mostly made out of otakus who both enjoy playing games and watching anime together~~

List of what we have!

• Friendly Staff Members
• Active! (Sorta ... so pls help us regain this status :3 )
• Events (Anime Nights / Gaming Nights, Karaoke and more~)
• A single NSFW channel
• JSDF Ranks / Roles!
• Channels for you to share all kinds of things!
• Music~~
• Friendly members! (I think?)
A chillzone for everyone... Join to meet other player to play with or discover new games! Chat if you are bored or play with one of our bots. Monthy giveaways and much more to come!
-Приветствуем вас на сервере Ressa Server, Здесь вы можете хорошо провести время, пообщаться на разные темы (как вашей душе угодно), а также найти хорошего тиммейта по играм на любой вкус!

# Адекватное и приятное community;
# Уютный и необычный стиль сервера с отзывчивой и приятной в общении администрацией;
# А так же многое другое!

Мы постараемся создать для вас самую оптимальную, конфортную и уютную атмосферу!
Вы делаете нас! Без вас нас не будет существовать!
Если вы надумали, то ждём вас с нетерпением!
A group of people having a good time playing games. We play all sorts of games and aim to have a good chill and talk kind of time. We have color roles if that is your thing also. We are US Based server going off of pacific time zone, if anyone needs the owner or staff just ping them even on do not disturb.
Hello there! Me and a friend decided to open up an Osu! server so we did! Hope you enjoy your stay!

( bot list )
◽️ owo
◾️ Mee6
◽️ Dyno
◾️ Rythm
◽️ Groovy
◾️ Webdash
◽️ Nekobot
◾️ Miki
This server is where you can chill and relax with friends or maybe some other people. This server is quite unique because the owner is very active on the discord. Mostly Discord servers have a owner who isn't really active much like how the Owner on this discord server is.
A relaxed hangout server that's based around gaming but is occasionally a streamer's server. The staff is very nice and it's very welcoming. Most importantly, there's not too many pings. We mostly play osu!, Brawlhalla, League, R6, and Overwatch. A group of us play competitive Overwatch very often so you could find a stack to partner with or have fun quick play sessions. We host karaoke nights, Hunger Games, giveaways, and other fun events.
Hello, welcome to the osu! dungeon. This is a server primarily based around the rhythm game osu! (but not gamemode specific). However, even if you don't play the game, or know what it is, you are welcome here. This is aimed to be a nice community. If you do not know what the game is, and wish to join, we can teach you about the game. But, again, playing it is completely optional. Feel free to join us and start chatting.
Welcome to Kowa's Kommunity. This is a community server for people who play any genre of video game. We have a friendly environment and are looking for active members who can play the key role of keeping the server alive.
This server is essentially just for a place to hang out and talk. It isn't large and the moderation isn't strict at all. You'll definitely find your own voice and place here and won't be drowned out by others. You're allowed to say just about anything you want, aside from a few things that most people don't actively talk about anyway. We do also have a democratic system in place for big issues and do a lot of polls, whether they decide certain features of the server or just for fun. And no, you don't have to know Russian. (people ask that a lot when they join)