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JoJo's Bizarre Server

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure server. Nice community, No NSFW, JoJo episode releases, and more!
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joshua. joshua.
much server
I can't exactly remember how I joined this server, but I definitely don't regret it. The members are all amazing and fun to talk to. Being in VC with these people is a treat because they're all understanding. The staff are just as equally reliable. They're all proficient in handling trollers and raiders. This is a great server, you won't regret joining. If you do decide to join, we look forward to seeing you there.
42 days ago
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Soren Soren
10/10 I recommend!
I joined this server April 3rd, cause of the Pandemic, I lost all contact with my IRL friends so it was tough for me. When joined I was pretty shy at first because it was pretty active and a big community. So I never really talked, but the members and staff of this community we're Welcoming and understood that, and helped me break out of my shell. The community is kinda like having a second family for me. I spend more of my time with these guys then I do in other Servers. This has been the best Server I've ever joined, and I definitely don't plan on leaving.
43 days ago
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ValentineisFunny ValentineisFunny
It feels like home, amazing moderators and lively place. I could've never been to anywhere more mood about Jojo's and even other animes or just conversation in general. This is the best server I have ever been to!!!
44 days ago
twelve twelve
My experience in Jojo's Bizarre Server
Jojo's Bizarre Server is a nice place to hang out and make friends. You can go into VC at night (Because that's when the most people are there) and watch people play games or draw art. It's a nice community where few talk, but it's better that way because it makes it easier to get to know everyone and for you to be known as well. The only downsides of this server is the age group of the server members are mostly 13-18. (A lot of younger kids) So staff has to keep it strict on what you say and post so the kids in the server don't go around seeing stuff they don't want to see. There can also be a lot of trolls which sucks too but usually staff has it under control. Other than that, we're a small community that loves making friends and would appreciate it if you joined this server as well. Grazie mille!
46 days ago