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orbit was created for and is maintained by k-pop fans with an interest in gaming. all fandoms are welcome but if you stan loona or nct, this is definitely the place for you! [16+ only]
Welcome, to my server we will love for you to come on! This could be our adventure!
Croissant croissant,

This is just like a store, but with K-POP and LOONA!

stan me ok thx
On our server, we try to give you a "k-pop company" experience!
It is a kpop rp, you will start off as trainees and then if you want to rank up we will rank your role up!
Its aimed to make new friends in the K-Pop community while having a twist to it, by making you into a group, duo, trio or solo, you can choose the concept of your albums.
You can also discuss your kpop opinions, and share links to comebacks of your favourite groups/solo/etc artists
Please be respectful to other everyone else on our server.
And we hope you enjoy our server!
-Chu and Buffy
(And we hope this makes sense)
✿❀Hii! welcome this is a fun server to talk about loona and to hangout with orbits✿❀


we have:
- assignable roles of the members and sub units
- a memes,editing,fanfic,nsfw,music,dance cover,edits,song recommendations,spam,gaming and other groups channel
- karaoke events
- a channel for each member

we would be really happy if you joined! <3
Finally introducing ...
- - -♡
⋆。˚. ੈ —Hanahaki -»

🍱 Welcome to Hanahaki ! We are a fun filled Kpop server with many channels to socialize in and play games !

✨ We highly encourage you to come join and find some friends and play games with us ! We have very welcoming and nice staff here at Hanahaki. Don’t be shy to join !

───────── ·  ·  ·  · ♡ ‪✧~‬

͙ ‪what we offer ;; ‬

‪```🍜 ~ Fun and nice people ‬
‪🍢 ~ lots of self assignable roles ( more to come)‬
‪🥞 ~ Fun games to play :)))‬
‪✨- Karaoke !!! ```‬

We're a new kpop server for orbits and/or insomnias called :hearts:InSomniac's orbit
We're a very chill server looking for people who just want to make new friends and laugh together
Even when our community is small, we hope you have a good time and that you can support our amazing girls
Make sure to read the rules they are important than ever.
Make sure to leave a check mark.
𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬

A server for entertainment.




stan weki meki and loona

This server is my baby heartues 🍊

There are rules..



This Is A Fan Loona Server For Their Debut This Month
This Server Has Many Great Qualities To It

-Good Admins That Are Active :grinning:

-Partnerships are taken free :thumbsup:

-Bias Role Selection Easy To Use:flag_kr:

-Loona Infomation If Need :computer:

-Music To Listen To(the owner is multifandom af):headphones:

-And Great Bots Including Robyul :robot:

Lastly Have Fun In This Server This Is A Fan Loona Server So Come Join For Some Fun And Disscusion
A server dedicated to Malaysian Orbits but not limited to fans in the region!
LOOΠΔ | 이달의 소녀 is a community dedicated to Blockberry Creative’s first ever girl group. Our purpose is to grow the love for our dear twelve members to all the corners of the world. Come on in and become an Orbit today!
Welcome to LOONA ACADEMY! Here you can chat and learn everything about LOONA. We host activites and events, too. Enroll Roday! ✧
LOOΠΔ Café Is a café inspired kpop discord server dedicated to LOOΠΔ (이달의 소녀)
orbit or not LOOΠΔ Café Is generally for all kpop fans to build friendships with each other !
a server for orbits that love loona !! to meet each other and become friends we provide updates of loona and custom loona emojis !!
Welcome to kpophies~ A small friendly community for people who's interested in k-pop, kdrama and korean culture. Join us now and discuss about kpop.♡
A server where Orbits can join and love our girls from Loona!
We share theories, our creations and geek out about their music :3
This server is all inclusive <3