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Hi! And Welcome to 'The K-Pop Café'!

This is an SFW K-Pop/Chill server.

What do we have to offer?

✧ Over 200 K-pop group roles, solo artist and company rolea to choose from!
✧ Fun events and channels to talk in like spam and meme channels
✧ Company update channels
✧ LGBTQ+ friendly as well as sexual, romantic orientation and pronoun roles.
✧ A Mee6 level system up to 50 as well as an uno bot
✧ Even an idol dump channel for you to share your bias pics in!

...And much, much more!

✨ Pull up a chair, and have a nice cup of tea at The K-Pop Café!✨
orbit was created for and is maintained by k-pop fans with an interest in gaming. all fandoms are welcome but if you stan loona or nct, this is definitely the place for you! [16+ only]
A Server about our fluffy wannie ! (PLEASE JOIN ! ) uwu
this is a new server dedicated to red velvet, the south korean girl group formed under sm entertainment! reveluvs and those who want to know the group better are welcomed
✨This is a server dedicated to Red Velvet! We allow multi-fandomed fans and we allow you to talk about other groups other than red velvet in the off-topic channel. And we hope you have a good time here if you choose to join! ✨
This is a general kpop server for any fans ! We have stans of every group so join and talk with some new people !
Kpop Kuties is a server for all fandoms who listen to kpop or not. Feel free to join! Updates coming up.
Hello and welcome to Forever Young! We're a beginning server attempting to get our first few members and would love for you to join! Our server focuses on Red Velvet and Blackpink, complete with self assignable roles to let others know your bias and main group. We have bot games, events, and fun in general, even if you decide not to stay, please come check us out!
Welcome to the kpop siblings society!

We strive to be a welcoming community for you, whether you like KPOP or you don't!

Friendly members
Self-applicable roles
All fandoms welcome!
Tons of channels for you to socialize with other fans!
Fandom wars not welcomed
Tolerance for everyone
Family style community!
Owned by @i think the desk is just a desk#3335
Hello! This server is for kpop lovers who want to talk to us! hope you want to join us!