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hii! yes you reading this im sorry if this sounds weird but it would be really nice if you joined my server 😳 you dont have to tho! 😊
Howdy hey @everyone! Welcome to 🌺♥ArtCafé♥🌺

Heres what we have to offer!
❥ - Friendly Staff
❥ - Kind members
❥ - Fun bots/events
❥ - Not extreamly stricted
❥ - LGBTQ+ friendly (Owner is lesbian-)
❥ - Pokecord
❥ - Giveaways :tada::tada:
❥ - Huge art community
❥ - Extreamly friendly members all around ♥♥♥♥
**Glad your in the server, Or hope you join!
Hiya! In this server you can meet a lot of new people, and maybe you could also find your significant one! Have fun! We accept everyone!
we are a small little server and kind.
we dont judge
we support all
1: Dont be rude
2: If your depressed please come and vent
3: Dont say many bad words
4: Be a kind bean
5: Stay safe
6: keep nsfw in the nsfw chat please

Hello, and welcome to Utter Chaos! we are a new server with a kind owner and co-owner, and an anti-judgmental policy. if youd like a safe place to go with kind people, this is your place <3 you may come to a smal server, as we are fairly new, but please dont hold that against us, as we intend to grow and be a great server <3
We are raising roleplay community. You can make your own faction here and ask staff to occupy any planets that your gang / squad would like! You can have rich government of Naboo for example and have own mines !

what we have:

→ kind members
→ nice staff
→ gacha youtubers
→ partnerships open, join to partner
→ friendly owner


╚»★«╝ ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ → ʙʟᴀᴄᴋᴏᴜᴛ ← ╚»★«╝
hi there im Ace im the owner of Aces Bluecord im here to give you a few reasons to check out my server ^w^ first of all were hoping to be a non-toxic furry discord we dont like drama in our chats we play games like siege destiny 2 and sometimes overwatch among many others we have a few nsfw channels for furs and soon non fur nsfw to come i hope to meet you all very soon!
Hello Everyone!
Are you looking for a server that is a world roleplay? If so, then you’re in luck! We here at Whole World Roleplay have lots of features, here are the main ones:
🐍Choose whatever country you want!
🎯Have wars
🥨Form Alliances with others
💰Politics (not irl)
✅Kind staff
💠Looking for Staff
❤️So why don’t you join?
Hello and welcome to Save Heaven! This is a pretty small community attempting to seek out new members. Our current Owner is Eli and the Admins are Darl (Dark) and Aria. This server has fun bots that you can mess around and some giveaways for cool things! This server has strict rules but other than that, the server admins are usually nice. Enjoy your time in Safe Heaven! (Be sure to read the story in #new-members then type %apply in #placement THEN type -agree and !remove in #agree)
Rule #1 - Please try to be active and have as much fun as you can!
Rule #2 - No Racism/Sexism is allowed in this server.
Rule #3 - Don't ping for stupid reasons.
Rule #4 - No godmodding.
Rule #5 - No accepting your character without a staff.
Rule #6 - No Auto-hitting/dodging. Make the roleplay as realistic as you can.
Rule #7 - Try to invite as many people as you can!
Rule #8 - Be a loyal server member!
We are a new BETA Community looking for people to help us make this server grow.
If you are interested on helping, join us today!
We are so forward and excited to see you!

This role-play is based on a popular University, in which werewolves and humans co-exist. To this day, werewolves and human's seem to get along well in the happy town that they call home. Of course, there are those who believe that werewolves should not be allowed to exist, and thus conflict is a occasional occurrence, if it be a small fight or something worse. Join the story now and create your own path, as human or werewolf.


This server has friendly staff who're online almost 24/7 for your benefits to always improve the server in order to make you happy. This server is always improving and growing. As well as role-play, we have chat's for people to hang out in or have a little fun using the bots we have. We also have a recommendation channel, so you can recommend bots or other ways to help us make you happy.
Enchanted Oasis is a slowly but surely growing community server! We welcome respectful users and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. If you happen to join, I hope you enjoy it here!
Welcome to The All-Nighter

Hello! Looking for a new server? We are a [14+] server with friendly members, we are just starting out
What we offer:
**Verified roles**, to keep out bots/spammers!
Large variety of people!
Friendly server
We are mainly a 14+ server, but we accept everyone
We are an LGBT friendly community
multiple self assignable roles.

| Server Members: 100+
Uhh this server is still a W.I.P. so uhmm…

Hiya~! I'm Jake, and currently the only admin/owner whatever of the server! This server is very accepting, men only, and gay bois! If we discover you are a female, we can kindly discuss it in DM's. This server IS NOT READY!!! I'm working on everything still, as I only made the server around 11/16/2019 around 1pm CST. Anyways, this server has NSFW and many roles that are yet to be added! Alright, join, you won't regret it!