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Set in Ostastria, an island on the planet Oria, the Outpost Campaign will be a short roleplay story with an early medieval fantasy theme.
Join our fun, anime/manga-based, family friendly server! Here, we have: approximately 20 bots (more are added often!), a gender ratio of 1-1, dumb but fun role plays, cool role rewards, snazzy storytellers that tell their own or already made stories, and some pretty chill people. Although the server is pretty small, we hope you'll join it and help it grow!
A place to advertise your servers if you'd like! Help make this server boom with life and advertise and search for servers here!
Welcome to Crystal Wishes. An Undertale server made to house any and all types of Undertale fans. This isn't just for people who want to role play. We also take AU enthusiast, Artists, Musicians, And even Undertale fans who just want a place to chill out. Crystal Wishes is a place where Undertale fans can feel respected, appreciated and accepted. Come join in the fun!
A warrior cats roleplay that takes place during the industrial revolution.
This server is dedicated to small groups and one on one roleplays, No to channels will have the same plot or feature the exact same thing, One maybe warrior cats while another could be pokemon. We are here to encourage each other creativeness and not bash each other. Our roles are based on your roleplays skill ranging from Beginner to Liturate. If our admins catch you breaking our rules you will be kicked. Other wise have fun and we hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Welcome to my roleplay server! The server is extremely small right now, but there are many roleplays to choose from, and, you can also suggest some roleplays for me to add! We're currently looking for staff so check out the server and DM me if you want to be a staff member! I look forward to seeing you in my roleplays! -Dakota <3
JOIN THE ROYAL MANSION RP NOW! Everyone is welcome to my Grand Mansion and offer your services to it. Act as your OCs and impress the Master, there are plots and stories along the way so get ready! :D