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**Wolfie’s Island™️**

__Hey You__
*You should come check out this server. We need new members and are open to all ages. I do recommend to join because who doesn't like wolfies.*

__What we provide__
*We provide a server that is open for all ages. We dont judge about race nor gender. We are open to suggestions and are still growing. But with a little help. We can make it big!*

__What you can expect__
*You can expect great staff at the sens of a ping and a family friendly server. We offer events and games to keep the server alive too!*

**Great Staff**
**Looking for activity**

So come check us out and stay awhile
40+ member server with an active community and funny community talks going and a great server for hanging out in. Please support if you want #love.
Among Us Community is a friendly active communuity of people from all over the world with tons of perks like:

- Plenty of voice channels for different needs;
- Active and kind staff;
- Help for new people starting off on the game;
- Music bots to listen to your favorite tunes;
- And much, much more.

Feel free to join to just say hello and check out the server with some well monitored feedback.
Good Luck saving and sabotaging!

this is a new Among Us community. please join us if you wanna have a great time. we are looking for nice people to build a community with. we add more channels so every lobby can talk according to the amount of players we have. We like everyone and everyone is welcome. We hope that this community wil grow fast so everybody has people to play with. For more information you can send me a msg on my discord: Troapes-YT#9895

See you soon!!!
This server is a vibe and very chill. The community is welcoming and very helpful. You can make friends quick here and have fun and enjoy the server.
come here to chat if anything is wrong then dm me so i can send you the rules or anything else. also we will welcome furries and gay lesbian, etc, etc EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE!!!!
A fun server for you to have fun in! 3 music bots, dank memer, and other!! Come join the fun now!
We are Dank Heist, a growing community of people that have fun all day around Dank Memer! Rob is disabled but we do daily heists. (incase the invite is invalid).

Hey, looking for a great RP Server! Well you’ve found it. We are currently in construction on the server, but it’s gonna be up and running in no time! Here are the departments:








US Army

We have active staff [email protected] willing to host sessions almost everyday. You are allowed to double clan, so all is welcome here. It’s just a fun place so you can rp!

Come check out the discord server and get notified when I go live. I’m a small streamer wanting to join! Hope to see y’all soon!
Do you like magical creatures? Do you like to roleplay? If so, you should consider moving to Mistiko! Mistiko is the home to many creatures, and possibly you! You can make new friends here and roleplay as beautiful creatures. Feel free to pack your bags and join the free flight to Mistiko!!
Welcome to Euphoria!

In this server we offer:

➺ A premium dank memer server (which will earn you 15,000 coins weekly!)

➺ The best staff members who will always be willing to help you!

➺ More than 15 bots which which will provide ultimate moderation and a lot of fun!

➺ A automatic meme channel incase you ever get bored! You will be able to enjoy unlimited memes!

➺ A good and caring community who will help you out if you ever need advice or anything of that sort

➺ We value our members more than anything and will make sure you have a pleasant experience

➺ We offer nitro giveaways and Much more currency system giveaways!

We hope you enjoy your stay!
If you like our lovely couple or want to chat about your everyday life, join us! (don't be fooled by the name we are the ogs)
A 𝘎𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵 Server to join in case you want to participate in giveaways (we have them everyday! 🥳), watch movies, movie night every week! 🎞️. Staff that are on everday and all around just a great community! 🎉 Join the Swamp today 🏞️!
You know the lore of cobra kai. Two rival karate dojo’s with high school age students (and stingray) these dojo’s compete to be the best in all valley, they are..... Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do. All your favourite canons exist on the server and you can even make oc’s but beware of sensei krease and the cobra Mai’s they will fight with no mercy or honour. Be wise in your choice of dojo and fight the good fight. COBRA KAI NEVER DIE’S (p.s none of the canon relationships exist on this server and it’s based a bit before the end of season two)
We are Team Wonder. An upcoming Fortnite Team growing at an exponential rate. We are a great, friendly community and would love to have you here. We are open for anyone to join. Thank you.
We are a small community, this server is for a great guy named Roy. He has a YouTube channel. We will help you to get sub, join us and have a wonder time😊