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Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?

Amshire rose from the ashes of an ancient school. When a dark plague rose over the land, our most powerful magicians and Royals, including the last of the lesser gods, put the entire city to sleep. Thousands of years went by, while residents sauntered around vague dreams of nostalgia and yellow. The city eventually rebuilt itself, with the help of angels, and people were rustled awake to be greeted by Amshire, the neighbouring city and school. Approximately 200 years after the founding of Amshire, we find ourselves in a rich land of diversity and culture. However old and dark secrets lie on the old yellow bricks of this island.

How will you live out your life in Amshire?

Blinded by Nostalgia...
Welcome to Elite Stargaze, a space roleplay server that's fresh out of the galaxy. A new timeline has begun on the year 2300 AD, with several species and factions. No one to roleplay with? Don't worry, there will also be fun bots to use while everyone's offline.
It really is possible to become whatever you want as a role, hero, villain, some guy that works, etc. You could do anything and see what happens within the roleplay!
So far, time has played out normally. Ravier, an extremely chaotic leader, controls the Voration Federation, which continues to expand in their own sub-galaxy called the Voration Sub-Galaxy. Many bounty hunters dream of getting Ravier's head, but know the consequence.
Aflion Stargaze, a dumb guy, has managed to get into a highly guarded prison, while Mari, his sister, has started a small revolution on Earth, ever since the supercomputer AI Oasis.os took it over to use the resource, to create more ships for his army. She failed, but has planned to get stronger.
Currently, Ravier is creating a large war fleet against the ever growing army of Oasis.

New people are joining, so soon the news will be added on to!



Make sure to make and submit a character when you join!


134 Channels so far!

And 13 real people so far!
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We are a welcoming, nice and chill community.

What we offer:

- Nice Members

- Friendly Staff

- Interesting Space Facts

- Selfie Channel

- Art Channel

- Writing Channel

- Multifandom Channels

- Roleplay Channel
- Fun and chill server.
- Friendly staff members who are always willing to help you.
- Many bots.
- Slightly toxic server.
Enjoy your time at Liberation!
Flower Garden is a server that is filled with over 100+ people. We have a friendly community watched over by friendly staff as well. this is a place meant to make new friends and really just chill. We also have a minecraft server to go along with the discord. Join this server if your looking for new friends or just a friendly place to chill out :D.
📖Faith Fellowship📖 is a family-friendly Christian server focused on Worshiping God!! We love God more than anything and our mission is to bring more people to Christ, if you are seeking help with anything, or seeking more knowledge of God, please join as our staff team is very kind and always willing to help you out! :D
Sunucu, birlikte vakit geçirip eğlenebileceğiniz insanlardan oluşan tamamen eğlence amaçlı bir sunucudur, herkesi bekleriz.
Hello I'm me.

Take my server, and look at it. What do you see?

Trust me, everything possible nice here, we have em.
Join if you love de memes and for give-aways that we make for alot of stuff like dank memer coins and we got music bots and fun bots with nice staff also there is no NSFW here its illegal
We are a server dedicated to Games all kinds of games Bots,video games Xbox Playstation Nintendo Switch PC GameCube we support everything so what are you waiting for join and come have some fun with us
I am 💜Gothy💙 (the server's owner) and would like to welcome you to my newest Sanctuary! I apologize for my last The Sanctuary, it was nuked and I couldn't salvage the few things that remained. Please consider joining, as I'm trying my best to be professional. If not, thank you for your time.
A new community in a new game. We are a very PG community we are looking for members and more. Love to all. BTW : we are a ENGLISH SERVER.
Hello and welcome to the Abstract Gaming Server, after a while i managed with my friends to make a server, its fun and we have friendly staff and easy applications, come on through to the server check it out please if you don't like the server don't hate just simply leave and message the owner or co-owner why you left and what made you we do not comply with a staff member forcing someone out, but with that all said. enjoy you stay :)
Hey you, yea you, come here...
**Have you ever wanted to join a server with a friendly community? **

Well, I'll tell you something, **__you have my word__**, you won't regret joining.

**We are an __Account Generator & a Rewards Server__**

**What more do we have?**

- A friendly community
- Account Generator
-More perks with Lord Rank
- Giveaways
-Basically anything you could want!
- Comforters!! (So when you're feeling down, you can hit em up)
-The best of people!
- Helpful Mods and Admins
- Game Nights!!
- A Well-Maintained Server
-We have a website :3
- Friendly and Wonderful Owners
-Fun Q&As
-Good Roasts channel ;)
-Also the toxicity channel
-Self Roles
-Plenty of stuff to win
__**Basically anything you could ask for,**__

And so much more, so join up, **and LIVE LIFE** while having a GREAT time!
Because living life means to fullfill it, which means you gotta make some friends!
__Even if you dont join I'll still love ya <a:heartuwu:671937030787432448> __
Hello, Im the Founder of Hectic Gaming, and Im here to make sure you have a great time here, me and the staff are highly trained, up to the most elite we can be, if our staff are not doing their job as elite as we train them to they will get instant consequence. The Community Members are the people we make sure we look after. If someone is not obeying the rules they will have extreme consequence's. We do not allow people being racist at ALL, racism is 0 tolerance. All staff hope you have a great time in this server. This server includes: Over 25+ gaming VC's you may go in to play with people on their own, active channels, great staff and nice Community Members! Hope you have a great time in the server, cya there!
Hello! Welcome to Epic Gamers! We have a nice staff, were LGBTQ+ friendly, and were epicly chill! Have fun!
Hey there!
you new here? because we love new people around!
(Quick Note! this server was transformed form a scambaiting server into a standard server, so there should be at least nothing about it now

we include
-NSFW chats
-Friendly staff and Members
and much more to come!

i have had this server since 12/19/2019 so i hope i can reach a decent amount of people on the server!