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Welcome to the CHAT, we have a pretty chill community here. Come join! You won't regret it! We have amazing bots and a advertising channel to help your OWN server. Anyways if you decide to join, Thank you! (Note: You must follow the rules at all times.)
To keep it simple, this server is a multipurpose server that can appeal to:

-Average Joes

Although this server is primarily for The Runerunner's Youtube channel, there are countless features present that can appeal to anyone. On top of being well moderated and organised, anyone can find solace knowing that this server is home to them, no matter who they are or what they do
We are a new 317 eco server with loooooads of content and a friendly community :) Hope you stop by to check us out and have a good time.
Welcome to SkyLands!
We are a server with a great community with great staff. We are a server mainly based around our Minecraft server, We have plenty of things to offer such as; skyblock and minigames
Come join! You won’t be dissapointed.
A fun server everyone who likes nation rp can Enjoy, we pride ourselves on a good community, expert and Experienced staff and a realistic and well thought out rp world. The year is 1930 and new nations created from the player are popping up everywhere. Will you be the south that has succeeded or maybe the Chinese empire or possibly the super Nepal mountain nation. The choice is yours to make in CCRP: Alt 1930!
We have more than 20 worlds for you to roleplay on, up to 12 different battalions/legions and a very friendly community! We also have realistic roles.
Hellosztok emberek.
Itt nagy részben ugymond ... mindent megtalálsz, de tényleg Roleplay,Gaming,Mémek,Streamerek, stb. (ha feljössz a szervere meglátod)
Reméljük mi ketten a barátomal jó közösségre találunk.
Találkozunk a szerveren ^^
Welcome to Drift RP™ We are an active community with active LEO, Developers and Staff. We are hiring LEO and EMS!
We're a friendly & diverse community mostly from EST. We have every bot under the sun. If you're looking for a fun place to hang out, this is the place for you :)))
This is the Highschool Roleplay Server!
We are welcoming and happy. We used to greet new people like they are our family. And we appreciate each other. We are all very helpful and kind. We allow anyone! This server is kind of kid friendly also. So don't worry about NSFW.

𝓞𝓞𝓒 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼:

❃ Chat in the correct chats.
❃ Don't spam anywhere in the server.
❃ Keep swearing to a minimum.
❃ No NSFW pictures/gifs in #pictures-and-gifs
❃ Don't @ the owner/admins/mods please, only if emergency.
❃ No racial slurs.

𝓡𝓟 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼:
❃No magic or magical characters whatsoever!
❃No ERP in the server, take it to DMs, but either way, none in the server.
❃No killing anyone's character, unless you have permission.
❃You can have up to 6 characters, I understand that's a lot but that's my choice.
❃If you would like an apartment for your character, please ask in #questions-and-support.
❃Use the template we have given you, unless I can see the one you are choosing to use.
❃Please be patient if you have posted your character, the staff can be busy.
❃Swearing in the RP is allowed, just keep it to a minimum.
❃Pets are optional, just no magical or mythical pets.
❃RP locks can only last for 48 hours, after that you will have to have your character leave.
❃Before you RP with a character, please check out their information in #ocs.
❃#owners-ocs are for the owners ocs only!

And I hope you will have an amazing time here!

\Black Clover:Final Hope.// ---------------------------------

This is our server Black Clover:Final Hope! If you joined the server you probably are interested in black clover. This server is in an alternate universe so none of the main cast are involved with the story. Most of the events will follow the events of the show but with a different cast. But not everything will be the same there will be other things to do with the story that aren't in the show. This makes it so there is a sense of suprise and stuff to look forward to. Before making an oc please look at the rp rules and chat rules first. After doing all of that make your oc and have fun rping in our up and coming server Black Clover: Final Hope!
Kedves közösség,jófej adminok,épülő közösség
Gyere lépj be te is és vegyél részt egy jó roleplay szerver alakításában
Welcome to Dogi’s Hangout Palace
We’ve named it Dogi’s Hangout Palace to keep it a simple name on!
We have
-New bots!
-New fun channels!
-Voice channels to play games with friends!
-Helpful staff members!
hey check out my lit Minecraft sever and come play with the bois we have lots of fun and we all get along we have a great community and lit Minecraft servers
Yo this shit is TIGHT! Nah jk, it's chill af. Come chill with us with some... chili. Idk, just join man.
Here in Gold Winter you could either apply to be an Admin or you could just chat and have fun!
Our server is made for making new frends and communicate with people around the world. If you want to have fun and meet kind and nice people this is place for you!
The Pit is a server where you can roleplay, meet nice people, and just chill while talking with your friends. Feel free to join in for fun times and a good community!
AY mate how's it goin? this is server is the combination of 3 bigger servers. we are a good community (I guess ) with some decent members. we have positions available and are lookin for new people everyday. hope to see ya there mate!
Our server is made for making new frends and communicate with people around the world. If you want to have fun and meet kind and nice people this is place for you!
Hello, we are Pkers (Player Killer) we are interested in anybody who likes gaming or just people who like to relax and talk to other people. We offer many options to fortnite, csgo, minecraft, and other large games. As soon as you join you will be prompt with the @Member rank and have access to all chats. Hope you enjoy your stay and happy gaming :)