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Blue Lava • Healing Network


Distance Energy Healing & Emotional Support

• 24/7 ambient radio
• Community chat with translator for assistance
• Media (and music) with listening capabilities for the group or alone
(YouTube and Spotify)
• The Daily Tao - to find your peaces to the puzzle
• The Flow - bluelava's personal healing picture and quote database

Practitioners are welcome to hold their own distance sessions or classes for a one time fee of 31$.

Also now featuring Kali Holistic Healing, a female only theta healing service

+Dalai lama twitter feed and bots

thank you <3
Come join our growing positive community of beautiful people. We chat and share and learn together. Main Server Topics are Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. Channels are diversified into many different types of each, such as western, vedic, synastry, tarot readings, numerology, lightworkers etc., with main lounge channels as a hub and general chatting and socializing.
There is 4 roles to choose from. Visitor, Member, VIP Member and Moderator.
All server data is posted in clean channels for members to view and use anytime.
You have a choice of 6 topic related info bots to trigger all server info. One is a member custom command bot to have fun with anytime.
Live voice chat and Music Streaming.
Members have a media dump and don't forget to check out the Shitpost Palace for a daily laugh. But most of all have FUN and enjoy the community 💜
We are a server dedicated to being a hub for natural medicine enthusiasts. From reiki practitioners to nutrition buffs.