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Maple Ridge Academy may sound and look like a fancy school, but that couldn't be farther from the truth, as quoted by the district the Maple Ridge Academy is for the "unworthy" "unintelligent" and "unimportant." The kids who go to the other boarding school across the road "Board Ridge Estate" believe that Maple Ridge is nothing more than a school for rebels, rioters, and ruffians and they're not wrong, but underneath the hard outer shell the school puts up you can find some really cool people
In the world of Saki. There lives a race called Ilken. Ilken are humans with animal parts on them like cattails and rabbit ears to make a example. These beings are able to inherit the traits of the animal they represent and a low amount of them can conjure magic. The human race feared the Ilken and couldn't control them, so they started to hunt them and make them their slaves. The Ilken escaped to a world in the forest called the bubble which had three guardian spirits called the Kitsune. The bubble can push back big human threats but humans can still enter at ease, this is why the Kitsune are there. The push them back into their world. (Imagine the bubble as a halo bubble shield and with halo active camo).

- We are also a community and we are happy to have you in the square of serial killer and other funny little creatures that we meet.
- Must be 16 or over to get the NSFW pass
- We accept Partnerships and you can become apart of the Blobs of the round table

This is a Slice of Life modern day roleplay server, with a semi-suburban city setting, populated with hybrids! Hybrids are part animal and part human! Most hybrids have a human base with some animal features added on, some with more and some with less!


🌟 LGBT Rights!
⭐ Self-assignable roles!
🌟 Friendly staff!
⭐ Organized layout!
🌟 Many types of hybrids to play as!
⭐ Lots of locations to explore!
🌟 Loads of OCs and NPCs to interact with!
⭐ No NSFW or ERP, Completely SFW RP!

We are a growing server looking for more roleplayers! We'd love to have you stop by! See you soon!

Do you like Haikyu? Roleplaying? Then this place is for you, to set out on the whimsical fun locale of the schools, make lots of friends with your fellow hybrids. (OCs are allowed)
We are in the year 2020! All of a sudden hybrids started popping up out of nowhere all over the world! There was hate between the races but later on they soon learned to accept each other and they did it by forming the College Of Life! A college where both hybrids and humans can go side by side and learn in equality. You have been chosen to enroll here for both prestige and a fun time!
Hybrids range from animals-mythical or even supernatural!
Now come on over and see whats happening! It'd be great to have ya
welcome to Kami High School! we offer:
a personalized sign in and roles
tupperbox bot
a big rping space
and more!
Hei Hei!
This is a welcoming server and exempting of everyone!!
Its mostly rp!
But it includes ddlg ,ddlb ,mdlg, mdlb!
This community includes a lot of topics its a safe place for everyone feel free to talk and say anything you wish if if it Doesn’t hurt anyone!
I’d be very happy for you to join! Everyone is welcomed!!
Couvere are a mix of rabbit and lion like creatures with front paws that are drastically larger than their back ones. They have lean bodies, long tails with long fur at the end, and mane looking fur around their necks. Overseer Couvere have longer fur at the tip of their ears and are respected by other Couvere. All Couvere are known for their many patterns and colors, their longer fur duller than their shorter fur. Overseer - The Couvere with last say on disputes and tries their best to keep the Couvere of Coulivira at bay. Council -
The mate and family of the Overseer, seconds in charge. Medic - Experts in everything medical and often follow soldiers to Wild Run to keep them healthy and the helpers of the clinically insane that can be helped. Soldier - The strongest Couvere that volunteer to fight for the wellness of Coulivira. Civilian - The hodgepodge of Couvere who live their lives in Coulivira and are not a soldier or of higher power. Exiled - The Couvere who are criminally insane or do inexplicably terrible things and cannot be helped.
Hi i’m Harper and this is my server! All are welcome here from hybrids to cats. We love all breeds, species and even original species. Join now and make friends!
A human and hybrid academy rp, we are a small server hoping to grow.
What we offer:
-Helpful members
-LGBTQ+ accepting
-Tons of rp channels
-Out of character channels

Yukuyani City is home to the most hytech systems around the nation. These systems are known as Androids. Androids were created to assist human kind with day to day tasks. When an Android is made from the science labs they are sent off to what they know as school. The android school teaches the automative bots how to help in the daily life for humans. Once they have achieved 'graduation' the bots are set off to the auction house to be bought by humans.
Some of the scientists declare the inhumane act and place some of their DNA into the androids and make Hybrids. Hybrids are considered to an unclean version of the android line. To have parctial human DNA is incorrect and wrong in the society of Yukuyani City. So if a hybrid is discovered they are sadly discarded from the world.
Along the way a resistance made of all types of people have rose to create a more subtancial way of life where all creations can walk the Earth without feeling they are inferior to each other. But with a resistance there is also an enemy. At the head of Yukuyani City sits a prince whom doesn't want any changes made to the customs that have been placed for generations.
Which side will you choose in this world? Will you be a human who owns an android? An android who serves the humans? A hybrid who must hide their idenity? Will you serve the prince in his deeds? Or will you be apart of the resistance and grant peace across the naiton of Yukuyani?
Welcome to Yukuyani City!

We are a growing server wanting to get out of that rut and become fun as an amazing hangout. Please come and join us!

* Fun Roleplay Server
* Friendly Staff
* Open/Loving For All
* Growing Server
Welcome to the Hybrid AU (alternate universe) server! It’s been over 100 years since the last human went extinct, and have been replaced by hybrid humans, that humans that have evolved and now have the abilities to change into any animal, such as a cat or dog.

They also have the ears and tail of that animal! I hope you enjoy this server, just as much as I had fun making it!
The year is 2053 and a new technology has been discovered. Not very popular at first, the power of Zooepistimi, or 'Animal Science', has proven itself to be very very useful. Using genetically created animals that follow human command, human culture has been able to advance greatly. Farmwork, travel, war, you name it, there's probably a creature for that. Whether it be land, sea, or sky, these hybrids are everywhere.

Though be wary, as some of these creatures are capable of escape. Be careful what you create, as sometimes creation can go haywire. The wilder your creations are, the more likely it'll bust free. And you don't want to be releasing a monster, now would you?
On a slightly happier note, not all is chaos and slavery, as there are some people who still understand that these are living creatures. Smaller creatures are often kept as housepets and some even form powerful bonds with their owners. Though none more so than the Links.

It is unknown where the Links came from or how they originated, as only one being on the entire planet knows the secret. They're considerably uncommon, study showing that there's roughly one in every 10,000 people. Some have stronger connections than others. The stronger the connection, the more power they gain.

There are also the creature masters. People who have mastered the art of genetic creation. Law requires that they only have a maximum of 5 signature creatures, as any more would be too chaotic (Though this may be extended to 9 if the server becomes popular enough). Good thing too, as those in the past who have attempted at more than 5 were quickly overwhelmed, not being able to pay equal attention to all of then at the same time. We don't speak of those who went over 9...

Anyways, that's about it! Not much else to the plot. There's fancy technology, but nothing overly-futuristic like flying cars or anything like that. It pretty much looks like modern day but with hybrid animals running around and with a few cool new gadgets. Have fun running around!


-A New and Small Community
-Friendly and Understanding Admins
-Tiny 'Impossible Creatures' Community
-A Jojo Reference
-A Safe Environment
-Open to Partnerships (Though you must remain in the server)

NOTE: This is just a rough draft of an ad. This may be updated in the future.
In the past, humans used the rule the entire land. Then, they began to capture innocent animals, doing everything from taking the smallest house pet to the largest wild animal, and kept them in labs for testing. They would combine animals together, making seemingly horrific creatures.

Then, something catastrophic happened. One of the animals captured, a wolf now known as The Savior, attacked one of the scientists. She helped the rest of the animals, hybrids or not, escape. They ran to the homes of humans, killing them in their rage.

Humans have now long gone. The only survivors are animals that were kept in labs or somehow were hidden off from the scientists while the others were being captured. Hybrids are the norm, with normal animals popping up here and there.

Can the hybrids survive in the new land? Or will the eventually die out like the humans?

We are:
♤ Friendly and welcoming!
♤ Accepting of all communities!
♤ LGBT friendly!
♤ A brand new server, looking for all members!
♤ Open to partnerships and staff!
Popping in from other dimensions and such you find yourself in a room with a single person. This little boy will ask you a question. You have one answer. Will you help fight off the monsters of this land? Or will you help take the land over?

With exciting lore, kind owner and staff, multiple rp, ERP and OOC channels this server has got it all. Is it missing something? If so tell us, we can add things if you request. We accept everyone, so why not stop by and check us out? We're pretty new so we are hiring staff~! Join and DM the owner for more info.
They could be your neighbor, your classmate, a stranger walking by you on the street, the hybrids. The kids that were taken by the Mellek Genetic Institute, made into creatures against their will. They will have to do anything to survive against the world.
Welcome to Hybrid Academy!

We are a highschool roleplay server with:

Kind staff

GrEaT bOtS

Plenty of channels

A drama-free community

An animal pictures channel-

And plenty more!

So feel free to join Hybrid Academy today!
Welcome, read the rules, and be sure to be respectful.

A server to roleplay along with our characters, whether human, hybrid, or even a mutant, the possibilities will chain themselves for momentum.
A basic and non-lore based roleplay server, you may rp as whatever you want. This type of server has been around for almost two years!
This server welcomes all forms of RP.
We don't discriminate. Drop in and say hi. Come to challenge, RP, or hang. We are a relaxed community and all are welcome.
Welcome to Hybrid Hideout! The world has turned against the various half human/half animal people that reside on Earth.. So, what could you possibly do? Join our camp, of course! Here, we shall provide you with a (mostly) safe living space and an area to hone your power in. We have many camp leaders that are willing to help out their own kind! So, come on in and become the animal you were meant to be!