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Welcome to the Legion! We’re an active Geese flock with 50+ roles, 121 Geese, and more

Every person, and goose, is welcome in our lands, so come on; find out why geese are the superior species in the universe Hyonk
This is a new server I made after I began streaming but also decided to make it into a fun community server for both. As long as it's appropriate then feel free to discuss and make new friends :)
Just your original community server... BUT... WAYYYY BETTER! With expansive channels that suit EVERYTHING you need, to a small but rising AMAZING community server with amazing members and owners! Do you wanna miss out on that? NO! Ofc not! Join in on it now! Don't miss it! Now, at Goose World!
Honk boys.We are peaceful gooses and we are a community of gooses and we wish for you to join
we are a growing community that's in desperate need of members and new goslings, please join the army of honkers and help us honk
Welcome to kaz's pond, also known as the Church of Honk! We have a wide variety of channels to chat in! From memes to Honks to art and even NSFH for our bad eggs. (Of age of course!) We have a safe environment for people to share their love for goose and ducks! We have humor of all kinds! Rules must be follow at all times or get the Bonk! Make sure to Honk when you join, so we know you're not a threat. Please enjoy your stay
Are You A goose searching for a place to honk then go and honk here
This server was made out of boredom, honestly. But join if u wanna talk about geese, untitled goose game, or just honk. :)
Hello my fellow people of discord, we have made a discord server to please the Goose King. We are asking you all to join us to praise the Goose King. Honk honk
The place where like-minded birds come and Honk till the sun goes down. (No Ducks Allowed. Bring Your Own Bread.)
A new server dedicated to Politics, Political Debate and Discussion. Self-Roles to identify your Ideology and other stuff drop in and say Hey