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This non-canon fan persona server takes place in a place called Siwang. There is a popular school, where all the students in the roleplay go to. Some students discover they have the power to awaken their own personas. They form a group called Acceptancy and try to stop a bandit who caused 132 people to die in a desert. Along the way, they meet a quirky fox and a quirky robot. Join us here, and you will be in an extremely active roleplay server with kind members.
The story will take place after Haru joins the team. Instead of going forward with Shido, something caught the phantom thieves attention. Something in Mementos changed, and Akechi still lingers around the phantom thieves team. Something isn’t right in Mementos, cognitions are messed up, shadows are messed up. On top of that, all the phantom theives past targets are starting to band together and become evil once more and create more treachery for the phantom thieves and recruiting more to help them. The former targets of the phantom theives have gained their distorted desires back to take down the phantom thieves, and to end them once and for all. Things are looking tight, and grim for the phantom theives and their future. These new obstacles will only haunt the phantom thieves objectives, and cloud up the justice that the phantom thieves are providing. Mysterious crystals have appeared in Mementos that look like treasures, and people throughout Japan are starting to go missing.... The Phantom Thieves must confront all of these problems and make the situation not grim anymore and serve their justice to the public.
“Persona 5: Alternate, a newly made Persona roleplay server with welcoming members and excellent writers! Explore Tokyo, fight in the Metaverse and steal hearts! Experience this magical story built by you with us!”
♡ Welcome to Leblanc Cafe a fun friendly community server with a bunch of active members (。’▽’。) ♡

• What we have to offer

• Self assignable roles

• Bot fun!

• Active Community

• Spicy memes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

• Music bots

• 30+ Unique emojis

• Give aways & fun games

♡ Join us now! ♡ (not a dating site)
The Depths or Baron is a role playing server for the Persona/SMT series. We focus mainly on the casts of P3-P5, but P1 + P2 are welcome as well! Check out our tumblr for rules before you join! —>
This is a Server about persona 5's plotline. We rp about the plotline and we are open for some persona fans to become a persona character. We will even add backup characters for the main plot characters when not roleplaying.
Greetings, The Persona 5 - Phantom Thieves Roleplay server is a new, incredibly active roleplay server for Persona 5. We are an accepting community and we appreciate and welcome new members. We are still needing lots of major roles. We hope you will join and stand with us.
It is the year 2020, 4 years after the events of Persona 5. The Phantom Thieves have changed the hearts of many corrupt adults around the world. But no matter how hard you try corruption runs deep in the hearts and minds of everyone. Hajimari is one of these places, and it seems everyone here corrupt. Whether it be in the news, rumors at school, Work. You'll find no matter where you go, it's hard to have a good time. Luckily those who have remained truthful and have good spirits are the saviors.
In a world that can only be visited by going to sleep, some will unlock a hidden power inside them to defeat this corruption. Will you be one of those people, or will you fight for the dark side. The choice is yours in
P E R S O N A 6: D R E A M S C A P E
Now with the intro out of the way some stuff.
- We are a relativity new roleplay server
- We allow people of all kinds and all backgrounds
- We have many places for you to visit and more on the way
- A helpful handpicked staff team
- A great plot and great story we hope you will enjoy
I really hope to see you in the server. Have a great day!
A Persona 5 Hangout server! It has colorful members and we hope we can get along!
Psst Hey Hey it’s me Admin Makoto Join us please, I’ll get Ren to make you guys Curry when you get in!
If you ever wanted to be a part of the Phantom Thieves or make your own guild, just wanted to have a Persona and be able to do anything you wanted, this server is for you.

This RP takes place during Persona 5.

[Society has always been.. something. It typically has an impact on someone's mindset in their everyday lives. From choosing to what you should love and what you should hate, it sets a norm for people to follow, always changing.
Certain people in the streets of Shibuya have begun to resent it, especially when it ignores or belittles people's problems, or allow injustice to pass.
Will you join in and group up with these people to help reshape society? Grow bonds with them and discover your true self within you? Or will you allow society to silence you beneath their feet?]
(We also happen to be looking for an artist! Come on down!)
Welcome to the Persona RP Server! Here we have a role play following the aspects of Persona 5. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to be a part in the role play, or spectate it!
Though we will warn you that this will have mature themes.
A good place for Persona and really any type of fans to hang out and discuss their hearts out. We are a pretty new server and we are open to all. "Welcome To The Depths"
Welcome to the Persona 5 Rp! We’re brand new, and are a welcoming community! In this server, you make your own oc, and rp in the world of Persona 5! All of the memorable locations from the game are here! Including Shujin Academy, Cafe Leblanc, and of course, the Metaverse! Our server has our own lore here, and it develops as the rps go on! We have a set of rules that we expect everyone to follow though. But if you stick to the rules, then everyone will have a great time! If you aren’t a fan of rping, you can just join to chat with other persona fans in general. We hope you consider reading this and joining our server!
Hi, This server is server based around Persona 5 with Ranks like Phantom Thieves, Persona, Shadows, Velvet Room Attendant.
It's also just a server from where anyone with huge experience of persona to a normie could just have fun.
The server starts you off as a Bystander. When reading the rules and the latest Announcements. You can work up credit called hearts and earn ranks!.
Have Fun and Keep on thieving :p
A Shin Megami Tensei and Persona focused discord created by the YouTuber Nyarly.

If you're a fan of the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series, come join us! Whether you've been here from the beginning or are new to the series, you're welcome to join in on the discussion. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Acadubia! We are a voice acting project run by a community of fans with the intention of creating and dubbing community content. You don't have to like voice acting to join, in fact, if you are even interested in BNHA and/or Persona we highly encourage you to join as we are eager to gain new members and friends! We are centered around creating a community for voice actors and BNHA/Persona fans, formed around the diffusion of positivity! Hope to see you soon, have fun and plus ultra!
••Welcome to Our Server••
This is a persona 5 server. We have characters from (best girl) Futaba to Mishima. Just choose a character to rp as. And if your not interested in that then you could always spectate. We have a nice little growning community, I'm sure you'll end up liking it there! Everyone's nice and respectful towards each other, and that's what makes this server so welcoming.
We just have some simple rules:

1) Be kind and courteous
Everyone deserves a certain amount of respect, even mods and admins.

2) No spam
A bit of spam is okay if it's a joke, but stop before it gets annoying.

3) No advertising
To advertise, you need to DM the owner or someone from the staff team. Then, they'll post the link on the right channel if they accept the partnership.

4) Obey channel topics
Don't use bot commands on general, for example. Just stay on topic.

5) Don't ask for admin or mod, if we need more people for our staff team, we'll let you know.

6) Don't ask for changing characters constantly
It's fine once or twice, but please make up your mind. We can't be updating the character list so many times.

7) Remember, Futaba is best girl
In this world powers exist in the cognition, their powers based on how the enemy perceives it....a simple air soft pistol, which could sting the skin can become a true gun if the enemy perceives it that way. need a navigator to get there.....a dark smile beckons

This is the world of Persona! Specifically Persona 5 where Phantom Thieves are the heroes of humanity! I will be your Navigator! My name is Morgana, Navigator and member of the Phantom Thieves. I only come here to tell you about this world though. I've got a job to do!

P5 Esque RP server, no canon OCs, no wildcard BS.

Come take a look around.
For roleplaying Persona 5 canon characters and ocs. Fill free to pop in and say hello!
Enter our server, for your heart to be stolen!

We’re a Persona 5 roleplay server with no overarching plot (right now). Sort of a slice of life for the moment with a small bit of action. Which isn’t as boring as you’d think! Lots of room for member plots and interaction/relationship building before anything major happens!


⊱ Play as both canon characters from the series and your own original characters!

⊱ Lots of cool events on their way! (More details of events in the server!)

⊱ Two character limit!

⊱ Any character can enter the velvet room and interact with the twins and Igor!

⊱ OC Persona users have the option to form groups with other OC Persona users to battle for popularity with the Phantom Thieves as well as go head to head with them in the Metaverse!
My stupid cat keeps telling me that I can't have a palace since I'm a persona user. Well joke's on him since I'm the owner of my own palace and persona! It has optional nsfw content if you're into that sort of thing (18+).
A SFW roleplay hub for Persona fans, focused primarily (but not exclusively) on Persona 5! We're currently looking for more members, so if you're interested, please join by all means.