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PERSONA: INTO THE DEPTHS is a role playing server for the Persona/SMT series. We focus mainly on the casts of P3-P5, but P1 + P2 are welcome as well. We’re OC friendly, LGBT+ friendly, and SFW. 15 and up only!
❤️ Original server created in September of 2018.
💙 Previously known as DEPTHS OF BARON.
💛 We’re looking for new, active members! Many characters are open.
💜 We’re centric on casual rp, but we have descriptive channels as well!
💚 Along with rp + spoiler roles, we have a spectator role for those who just want to come in to chat!
💗 We cater to LGBT+ members joining, as there have been issues with homophobic members in the past. All the mods are LGBT, and we have a lot of LGBT+ members as well! Allies are welcome :)
The Kirijo Group has uncovered a new enemy, one that is all too familiar to the Phantom Thieves- the Metaverse. With the help of the former SEES members and the Investigation Team, these Persona users tread into unfamiliar territory. Along the way they reconnect with lost friends, and meet many new ones. Will they all come together once again to eliminate the shadows? Help us continue this story and join our server– we’ll be glad to have you.

[Society has always been.. something. It typically has an impact on someone's mindset in their everyday lives. From choosing to what you should love and what you should hate, it sets a norm for people to follow, always changing.
Certain people in the streets of Shibuya have begun to resent it, especially when it ignores or belittles people's problems, or allow injustice to pass.
Will you join in and group up with these people to help reshape society? Grow bonds with them and discover your true self within you? Or will you allow society to silence you beneath their feet?]
(We also happen to be looking for an artist! Come on down!)
Hello there! Persona 5: Alternate is a fairly new literate roleplay server based off of the Persona series, the 5th installment in particular. Here you can connect and roleplay with other fans of the series. New forces are at play in this alternate timeline. Will you change distorted hearts, or will you join those corrupting them?

- New(ish) Server
- Open Applications
- Active Moderator(s) & Administrator(s)
- Community Free To Speak With
- Firm Rule System
welcome to lost stars!

just a chill new server where everyone is welcome!


- video games
- anime
- manga
- webcomics
- music
- and more

Welcome to ONEPOINTFIVE, a discord server that will make you want to die a very painful death.
A SFW roleplay hub for Persona fans, focused primarily (but not exclusively) on Persona 5! We're currently looking for more members, so if you're interested, please join by all means.
Welcome to the Variety Society! We're a friendly community of gamers who enjoy making friends to play with or just have a great time with! This is also a great place to recruit players on games like splatoon, smash, and many more! We hope to see you soon!
Persona 5 - Palace Wreckers is a brand new roleplay server for Persona 5! Come in and play as your favorite Persona 5 characters, interact with fans who share your interests, create OCs and so much more!
We are currently accepting canon characters including, but not limited to:
♛Goro Akechi
♛Haru Okumura

Drop on in and stay awhile! We look forward to having you!
Persona 5 RP: Velvet is a brand new roleplay server in the universe of Persona 5!
Welcome to Persona Roleplay: OC plot. Here you will find an extremely active persona roleplaying server. We are not just a server, but a community of persona fans. After Igor and the Phantom Thieves disbanded, in another location in Japan, a school was targeted to be home to many persona users. Igor cultivated these new persona users, and gave them the gift of making groups. 5 chosen leaders were chosen to lead their groups to victory, and fulfill Igor’s prophecy. In this roleplay, you can join the Moonlight Justice, the sneaky, yet quirky group who only enters the metaverse when the moonlight beams on the water. Or, you can go peaceful and join the Stardust Dawn. They are the pacifists of the groups. Don’t like peace? Join the Sunlight Saviors. They are the group who kill shadows without hesitation. Want to stay neutral? Join the Meteor Crusaders. If you want to be a protective person, join the Celestial vanguard. We have an extremely active staff team who makes sure everyone is having the best time in the server. Join us, and your life will be changed with this incredible roleplay!

Solstice is a place, with messed up cognitions and Solstice almost looks like a dreamscape, things are constantly changing in Solstice. There are areas with Electric, Fire, Jungle, Water and other areas. Something troublesome lurks deep in the depths of solstice, it is the very core of all the cognitions in Solstice. Solstice is like Mementos, but a lot different with certain themed areas for different types.

The Moonlight Justice is not alone, there are other persona users. Those who are not approved to be in Solstice, May be other persona users. They can either be enemies, or teammates with The Moonlight Justice. They can even form a smaller group.

Helper of either persona users, or Moonlight Justice members. Can be students at the school as well.
Welcome to the Persona RP Server! Here we have a role play following the aspects of Persona 5. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to be a part in the role play, or spectate it!
Though we will warn you that this will have mature themes.
A server dedicated to the Persona franchise, with a focus on P5R's character Yoshizawa Kasumi. We also have:
-fanart (SFW and NSFW)
-channels for discussing anime, games, serious talk, your art, pets, etc.
Random server to talk and just be a nerd in
Like the world of Persona 5? This server's just for you!
For roleplaying Persona 5 canon characters and ocs. Fill free to pop in and say hello!
Join our brand new server, created on April 18th 2019. We're an rp server that calls for and accepts both oc's and canon characters from persona 3, persona 4 and persona 5. We'd really appreciate it if you joined!


- A friendly community
- Brand new so you won't be lost in plots and many characters are up for grabs
- Hosting events occasionally
- Have and will add recommended bots as time goes on
- giving NSFW roles to those 18+
- Will create a plot.

So come join us! We don't bite!
IMPORTANT UPDATE: After the P5R trailer drop on 4/24, we welcome not only Ribbon-chan but other new characters. Furthermore, we especially encourage characters from NieR: Automata and Bayonetta.

Looking for a Haru Okumura and main characters from the P3 and P4 ensemble!

Take your fate by the chains and steer it to a path of rehabilitation - YOUR way.

We are an OC-friendly, PG-16 roleplay server dedicated to a rewriting of Persona 5 and an exploration of Persona 6, an arc set in 2017 with a NEW cognitive world and NEW characters. Don't want to roleplay? Observing is fine: we have OOC channels for you to interact in!

Please check for major role openings(, rules and FAQ, and weekly updates! Our askbox is open.

Yes, we allow ALL characters from ALL Persona and SMT games. We are also allowing characters from NIER: AUTOMATA and BAYONETTA provided they are adjusted to fit Persona lore.
This roleplay takes place during Persona 5!

Join and become a Phantom Thief or an adventurer within the Metaverse.
A all-inclusive Persona RP server!

~*~ Be anyone from the Persona series, including Social Links and canon characters! You could even be your own OC! ~*~
~*~ Go all over the maps from Persona 3-5! Run around in Memetos or climb Tartarus! ~*~
~*~ We're a small server, but we hope you still enjoy it! ~*~
~*~ There are obviously spoilers for the Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 series. Be cautious! ~*~
PERSONA 5 Club Theme Server

I bet You never Saw It Coming HOO BOY!

♦Anime/Gaming/Meme/PERSONA 5 Community🎎

♦Level up Roles As You Chat And Self Assiagnable Roles To Choose 📊

♦Many Activities and Channels to Explore in🎉

♦Bots With Helpful Tools, Stats, Profile, Levels, Music, Games, etc 🤖

♦Diverse Group Of People To Chat And Have Fun!💬