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Welcome to The Phantom Thieves Hideout! We are a new server that aims to be the ideal hangout server for Persona 5 fans.

Join today and start discussing the game with the phandom! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan. We also have channels dedicated to art, gaming, music and more!

Are you ready to begin your rehabilitation?
This is a server for all you persona and smash fans out there, but we aren't only about those games. This is a server for all gamers and all the games that you like to play. Hope you enjoy our server :)
Hai hai! We're a roleplay server dedicated to Persona 5, for both canon characters and original characters!

Multiple members can roleplay as one character so don't fret if the character you want is already assigned to another member!

We're pretty laid back and we have a wide range of members that roleplay in different lengths so feel free to join and rp as you'd like. :>
Lots of Emotes from the popular game Persona 5, use these to spice up your persona conversations. Hope you like them! (We ONLY have Persona 5 emotes) Overtime i want to gradually make this server a better place with more channels and more things to chat with, along with your persona 5 enthusiasts. Hope to see you.
In a scenario inspired by the Q series, the ever busy SEES, the adventurous Investigation Team, and the notorious Phantom Thieves are all mysteriously whisked away from their point in time to a mysterious, unknown location. When the three groups unite, they discover there is something the three of them must do in order to return to their place in time, all the while a mysterious entity watches. With each group having their own reasons to get back home as soon as possible, the 27 persona users combine their efforts to work together and get to know each other throughout their stay in this new realm.

This is a roleplay hosted by a good friend of mine. This project will involve 27 players in one big scenario. You will only need to know the character you wish to play, and will not need to know the lore or plot of the games. This means that we wish that you play your character in the mindset of your character, and take this semi-serious. We want you to have fun, but also follow a basic storyline. Further questions and explanations can be discussed in the temporary Discord server. We will welcome new roleplayers and people who are interested. We look forward to meeting you all!
It's a place where anyone can worship our goddess Kawakami as well as interact with others about life, gaming, and even anime. Come and join us~!
This is a persona 5 themed server for not only persona 5 fans but fans of all rpg’s and anime. We’re a fairly small server so anyone joining would help. So we hope you enjoy your stay. And remember Akechi sucks
A brand new discord server for fans of the Persona series. In this server, we appreciate all Persona games, yes even the 90s localization of Persona 1. We have friendly members and handy admins. We constantly try to improve the server so you have a place to call home :). we also have a mascot i think...

P.S: Maya Amano best girl
PP.S: Don't question the pfp lmao. It's only for the month
Please Join the Church of Ryuji! Talk about Persona 5 best boi Ryuji Sakamoto and discuss all matters of media here!
Please Join the ShuMako Altar server! Talk about the ShuMako ship, Persona 5, and other matters of media here!
Tartarus is a Persona based server, where you can discuss whatever you want with fellow fans of the series. Even tho it's coined a Persona server, we like to discuss any games at all - another common thing is Danganronpa. So, why not join, right?
Small, new server! A hangout for gaming and music! Raid bosses for ssbu players in the works! Gaming chats and music bots!
This is a holy place where we worship our God and Savior, Goro Akechi...May his beautiful tears grace our glowing souls...
This is a Roleplay 15 Years after the Phantom Thieves had did what they did, but 'Arsek' is corrupting peoples hearts again...
A server about the persona series where you can talk about the persona games, has bots for fun and music, a general chat, and a nice theme for the server. A fully realized server with the theme of persona
Welcome to the Persona 5 Roleplay server, Here you may roleplay as one of the phantom thieves, or confidants! Some more persona games may be included later, But just come along, Socialize, and have fun!
There is always a larger threat. The final boss is never a final boss. And sometimes, it is all your fault.

No one deserves to fight in more than one war. The Dark Hour. The Midnight Channel. Mementos. All their own wars. Heroes fought to protect humanity with the power of the Persona, led by the ones with the Wild Card.

Despite their past battles, wins, and losses, the job of the Wild Card and their followers can never be truly finished.
A server for all those who adore the protagonist of the latest installment of the Persona games. Although this server is mostly SFW, there are a few NSFW channels, hence it is marked as NSFW.
A lit server for 13-20 year olds to meme, play games, and chat.
If you need a friend or teammate, this is the server for you.
Nous avons besoin de ton aide! Les Phantoms recherchent des membres pour rejoindre la communauté de RP Discord dans l'univers de Persona 5, "Take Your Heart". Pourrons-nous compter sur vous pour réformer les êtres corrompus de ce monde, et voler leurs cœurs? Ou nous apporter votre soutien? Ou bien faîtes vous parti de ces personnes qui recevront un jour notre carte pour dévoiler vos sombres méfaits aux yeux de tous?

Choisissez d'incarner un personnage du jeu-vidéo ou un personnage de votre création dans ce serveur de roleplay au contexte se déroulant après l'histoire du célèbre RPG d'Atlus.

Le serveur en résumé:
•Une inscription simple et rapide
•Un staff actif à l'écoute
•Une ambiance posée et 100% safe
•Possibilité d'incarner les personnages de Persona 5 ou un OC
•Des événements à prévoir
•Une histoire globale qui s'adaptera aux actions de chacun

Alors, êtes-vous prêts à changer la face du monde?