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🐾 Welcome to Furry Escape! We are a friendly furry community looking to grow. We always strive to have people make new friends and have fun here, so we would love to see you join!
✨ LGBTQ+ Friendly (all sexualities are welcome here).
✨ Fun bots
✨ Warm welcomes <3
✨ Self-assignable roles
And so much more, come join us to see what we are about! <3
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the largest Furry Server on Discord with over 20k users!
9k+ Users. Rushy's Kingdom is designed with fun, freedom, and diversity in mind. Whoever and whatever you are, Rushy's Kingdom encourages you to show your true colors and be yourself! Enter the kingdom and become a part of this welcoming family of interesting characters. We strive to maintain an active community with thousands of fluffy friends to meet! With planned community events every week such as games, movies, and contests, we work hard to ensure every single member gets a chance to be involved and have fun. All of us at Rushy's Kingdom encourage you to join us and make some awesome and interesting memories along the way!

- Custom bots with fursona commands, interaction commands, currency systems and much more.
- NSFW and SFW channels.
- Lots of new furrs to make friends with.
- RP Channels.
- Self Assignable Roles.
- Media channels for geeks, anime lovers, gamers and much more!
What’s up people this server is for furries and persons who like furries come join us and joke around and find bfs or gfs and roleplay do whatever you feel like some nsfw weekly events maybe a few giveaways here and there but join and have fun
In need of a server that you can just chill out in? You've come to the right place!

We have:
✨ Art channels!
✨ A supportive and friendly community!
✨ SFW channels! Minors welcomed with open arms!
✨ A safe place!

Humans and hybrids are welcome!
If you wanna learn about the furry community, you're free to ask us questions as well!

Come consider joining and hanging out!
Welcome to Nova: The Furry Colony
A furry community server!

Roles for a variety of things! Colors, fursona, pings(Announcement, Events, and Giveaways), and specify the channels you want to hear/see.

Wanna RP? Covered.

Need to Vent? We got it.

Want to talk about anything tech-related? Guess what, we got it.

Video Games? Sure, why not, even got a Minecraft server.

Want to show off your art? Got a channel for that.

Don't see something you would like? Well come on in and drop it into suggestions, that does include more game servers if enough people would like it.
Welcome to The Floof Farm! (16+)

We're a friendly, judgement free, and safe community for furries, scalies, and role-players alike!

We are a 16+ server with a simple verification process. As well as a protected NSFW zone you will need to age verify to view.
LGBTQIA++ Friendly!
Friendly staff!
Great community!
Fun bots!
Roleplay channels!
NSFW channels for verified members!
Welcome to CYBERSPACE, a reality where yours is virtual! This server is a refuge for furries who dabble in multiple RP genres. Don’t RP? That’s fine! There are plenty of channels for those who just wish to chat and hangout. Come on and check it out, it may be small now but you may just meet your next best friend here!

⊛Choose from various reaction roles that include species, pronouns, hobbies, and even colors!

⊛Immerse in a small variety of genres such as medieval fantasy, modern, and sci-fi— with RP rooms to spare

⊛A place for artists, musicians, and writers to share their works

⊛Vent channel for those who need it

⊛An open suggestions room to further improve the server

⊛Monthly contests with fun prizes, such as custom roles, art, and Nitro subscriptions

⊛A growing, friendly community to hang out with!
A fairly new server so you can meet new furries and have fun, talk, and be chaotic together!
-Helper Applications Open
-NSFW Channels
-Art Channels
-And More!
Welcome to the world of BEASTARS!
⭐This is an unofficial server dedicated to the ongoing manga/anime "BEASTARS".
⭐Gaming, Creations, Anime/Manga discussions and other channels for your needs.
⭐ You can suggest ideas to improve the server.
⭐ Roles that you can give yourself to access hidden channels.
⭐ The server is still new and improving!
We welcome everyone as long as you don't bite.
Welcome to The Love Shack!
We are a new furry based server that provides our members with a safe space to Chat and Voice chat in! We are still growing so excpect us to add...
More channels!
More Voice Chats!
More roles!
More features!
More bots!

What does your server have?
We have...

NSFW content! [Age Verified only]

A Growing Roleplay Section!

Growing Fandom Channels!

Voice Chats!


SFW and NSFW artists chats!

And a growing place to chat, talk and have fun!

What do I get for nitro boosting?

When you nitro boost our server you get a special role, special channels and colour freedom!

So what are you waiting for? Come join The Love Shack! We will be waiting!
Come join a fantastic furry server to meet like-minded friendly people, equipped with music, fun bot(s), including a range of channels and custom commands featuring our own custom-made bot, Pup Bot!

Even if you're not a furry, we'd be happy to meet you!
AnthrOasis is intended to be an Art and Gaming based Furry and Scaley Community (or if you're someone with an open mind about the furry community, you are also welcome!) with some awesome perks! We are a new server looking for some active members to get our community started! These are some of the features that we have!

🌴 Storymode ⚔ - If you like RP, it's a little different than that. Storymode is set in a Sci - Fi Realistic timeline which includes things like space travel, interdimensional travel, and more! You could either use your sona or just use your human form, either are accepted! This is DND orientated, and sessions happen every week at a time that is worked out beforehand! Now with two storys!

🌴 Custom Roles! - Select a variety of different reactionary roles so we can get a better understanding of you and your personality!

🌴 Art/Writing Platforms! -Share your art or any other projects you are working, on, whatever they may be!

🌴 Gaming! -Discord is all about games, and this server is not an exception! Talk about and geek about your favorite game, Stream to vc lobbies, Hold multiplayer games, and more!

🌴 Vast amount of chat and voice lobbies!

We really hope you consider joining our community, We work on improving the server daily, and have specific rules in place to make sure everything goes smoothly! See you around, potential friend!
We're a small group of friends with a simple mission: building a furry-based server. If you're looking to meme around, game, or just chill with other furries- this is the place for you. (We're a fresh server, moderation positions are available.)
Relaxed, friendly, and fun server. Were always on-top of server mantinace to keep the community 100% Super fluffy.
Awwwooooooo :3
Do you like furries? WE TOO!
Furry World
We are small server that hopes to grow.
Why should you join us? Well we have:
-SFW and NSFW sections
-Many chatrooms
-Over 200 roles [( ._.) why?]
-And more

We are community hoping to raise and get known! Why won't you join us? I think you may like this place UwU
Join an accepting gaming community of furries!
Meet new people!
Make new friends!
Hello and welcome to FuzzerNet! We're a small community of furries who like to hang out and have some fun! We have events, bots, NSFW channels, art channels, and much more! Come and join the fun!!
Hey! What’s up? We’re here at Furries Unite, which is a great server with lots of potential. If you enjoy fun staff and lots of memes, and çøügh çøügh naughty things. You’ll love our server!

🤪 We’re silly!

🎲 We host events every so often

🤖 We have plenty of bots, you won’t get bored

🐺 We’re furries!!!

🥰 We’re loving to everyone, except raiders 😡

😇 Our staff is amazing and kind

What more could you ask for!?(Dm Ren it you do happen to thing of more) It’s a great place, we’re just lacking the members part. Help us grow bigger and better than before.

~ Ren, Co-Owner
Hiya everyone! We furries are on the rise, and so are the amount of Furry-based servers. There's ALOT of cool stuff to check out on our server. We're a Small community with open arms to anybody willing to join. Hop in whenever you want 😄
New upcoming furry community with amazing people and friendly enviroment,

verification needed and is safe for all furries worldwide.

- Self Assignable roles including unique ones
- ART and MUSIC channels to share your passion.
- Compare fursonas with each other

Amazing community overall!

Hope you join us!
Welcome to Furry Sanctuary, a place where furries, and supporters, can hang out and chat! It can be about anything, ranging from hobbies all the way to your life!

What is there all to do?
There are many things that you can do. You can hang out and chat with your friends, meet new people, talk about your hobbies, share your art, and more! The list would get boring if I were able to name off all of the things that you can do.

Will I be prone to raids?
No, when you join you have to go through our Gatekeeper system, which keeps raiders from entering the main server, as well as bots and spam.

Is there Nsfw content? OwO
Yes, there is. To get access to the NSFW content, you need to get age verified through our system. To get age verified, you will need to send a photo of your ID with EVERYTHING BLURRED except your birthdate and your photo, and a photo of you holding the ID where the image is visible. We do not need anything else except that for you to get age verified.

What if I feel like there is something that can help the server?
We have multiple suggestion channels that you can suggest things in! We take all suggestions into account and we make sure to check those channels daily, so your suggestion won’t go unseen. It can range from adding a channel to changing a rule, as long as it will benefit the server in some way, shape, or form.
Are you an 18+ furry looking for a furry community that's not full of underage people? Are you looking for people that are your age or older? Well look no further than Furhaven!

We are a new community created for people 18 years old or older. This server was made in response to the growing problem surrounding most dating/furry dating/furry community servers. Most servers you find now are accepting people from 13-17 years old. While this is fine for people of those ages, you still have people 18 or older in those servers, which looks VERY bad and has actually resulted in really bad situations.

Well, I decided that people in the furry community who are 18 or older need to have more places to be around their peers. As such, Furhaven was created! You can look for roleplay here, find a mate, find new friends and even more!

Here's what we got:

🌺 - Pokecord
🌺 - Paisley Park (JoJo Bot)
🌺 - Good Vibes
🌺 - After-Dark Area (NSFW)
🌺 - Groovy Bot
🌺 - Roleplay Request Area
🌺 - Dating Request Area
🌺 - and much more!

This server is brand new and will be worked on as more people populate it. Invite your friends! Meet new people and enjoy your stay here at Furhaven.