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A roleplay group based around RoosterTeeth's RWBY animated series. Read the #rules-and-information channel to learn how to get started!
A SFW RWBY roleplay server. Takes place between volumes 2 and 3.
Are you a fan of the web series RWBY? Do you like to ERP with others? Come join a RWBY ERP Roleplay server where you can get together and ERP with other RWBY fans!

This is a new server, but looking to build up a friendly community! Some of the things the server includes are:
-Channels for ERPing.
-When a team is formed, members of that team get their own dorm room!
-Both multiple OCs and canon characters are allowed!
-Pyrrha and Penny will live!
-Open to member feedback!
-Bots for your amusement!

Be warned though, this server is 18+.
Hey there boys, girls, and nonbinary friends! Welcome to Camp Campbell server! Here we have tons of activities that'll fit everyone's amazing talents and abilities!
We have Arts and Crafts to show off your amazing creations, writing to let amazing authors show their talent, even down to Cosplay! It's always fun to see fan dress up as these beloved characters!
And even if you aren't the most creative type around, that's A-okay! We have general chats and conversation, show off your headcanons and other theories you might have!
And there's more! Swing on over to the Behavioral Recreational Camp for any spoilers or just need to vent things out! Its okay, we don't judge!
We hope to see you be a Brand new camper in our neck of the woods!
☆ A RWBY OC RP to make friends and roleplay with fellow RWBY fans in the midst of the Volume 6 Season ☆
Come join a brand new RWBY Roleplay Server on Discord! We'll be starting at Volume 1, but we won't necessarily be following the canon storyline!

The actions that the roleplayers take will definitely have an effect, so you could end up saving particular characters from their canon demise.

If you want to bring in any OC characters, or just want to play as one of the canon characters, you'll be welcome in the server either way.

Server Features:
Friendly Server Owner!
OC Teams!
Ships! So many ships! OCxOC! CanonxCanon! CanonxOC!

Link to the Server:
Basically a place where you can indulge yourself in Camp Camp shit. There’s a wide variety of all things CC! Art, writing, shipping, role-play, head-canons, AUs and more. Not only that but we've got memes, streams, and nsfw channels too. Who knows? Maybe you'll make some new friends. So come and be trash with us and fellow members of this glorious fandom
Become a badass Freelancer just like in the hit series RED VS BLUE
This is a small server where you can get together and ERP with fellow RWBY fans!

We’re a new server, but we’re looking to build up a friendly community! Some of the things our server includes are:

-A discussion channel for new episodes of RWBY! Don’t worry, you can only see the chat if you’re given the roll.
-Channels for ERPing
-When a team is formed, members of that team get their own chat!
-We allow multiple OCs!
-We do take member feedback and consider them!
-Several bots for your amusement!

However, keep in mind, this Amino *is* 18+.
hello! my name is brendan, i own this server, its for people who want to talk about red vs blue, share their art, rp with other people on the server, ect ect, i noticed there arent a lot of RVB servers so i thought id make my own