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Dubhan - A RWBY RP Group
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Dubhan - A RWBY RP Group

A roleplay group based around RoosterTeeth's RWBY animated series. Read the #rules-and-information channel to learn how to get started!
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Augur Augur
Probably Worth It.
Though initially stand-offish the Owner and I had a cordial conversation, putting my concerns regarding not being able to see the RP quality before completing the application process to rest.

They have their reasons for running things in the way they do and I encourage anyone who is both a fan of RWBY and non-paragraph roleplay to give them a chance.

Be warned, joining and leaving repeatedly will earn you a ban- and rightfully so. It's annoying.
6 5
Camotose Crow Camotose Crow
Good Roleplay but Rude High Command
The roleplay has potential but the high command led me away from wanting to rp there. (I stayed more than a day or 2) Very obnoxious high command and there is no rhyme or reason to it just very hateful and anything you say that they don't agree with they will attack you from all angles and if you are winning what ever the convo might be they have the last say so it is done. So basically good roleplay bad high command.
4 4
Quoth Quoth
Welcoming, high quality rp with rich lore
The server follows a very relaxed format: there are no stat blocks; all fights are done on the honor system. Things are encouraged to happen organically and it is encouraged for people to join scenes on their own in addition to arranging scenes with players ahead of time. Coming with this, of course, is a certain expectation of initiative on the part of new players. If you just post starters when no one knows you, you won't find yourself interacting with too many people.

The plot of the server takes place in a town in Grimm country entirely separate from the narrative of RWBY. The mod team makes sure to include frequent events, many of which include antagonists attacking the town, all of which are separated from the main plot of RWBY. Additionally, players are encouraged to work with the mod team to create their own player run events. As a result, the rp has a rich lore that feels very much its own, and rp'ers with initiative can feel their personal touch resound throughout the world of the universe, which is a great feeling.

The server has the mood of a relaxed friend group, with the mods interacting with the other players as equals until they need to start enforcing the rules. I have been in this server for a long time, and part of it is because the rules have cultivated an incredibly enjoyable environment. It's welcoming to newcomers but also holds people to reasonable standards of grammar and logic in rp'ing. It doesn't go hard on policing speech but it also makes sure no one ever feels unsafe about mental illness, sexual identity, or any other insecurities they come to the team with. Every user is given a chance, but when a user is a consistent problem the mod team is not afraid to take disciplinary action, and all of it is incredibly transparent to the other users.

I think it's fair to say I am a friend of the admin and, while I was not always on the mod team, I did join several months after I entered the server. But I was also had not rp'd in a while before this because I never really felt like it ever lived up to the fantasy of playing out your own stories with your oc's. This was the first time in my life I ever felt like rp'ing worked as intended. There is a reason I, someone who wasn't an active rp'er, became one of its most active and longstanding users.
4 5
VSTerminator7 VSTerminator7
Actually a Good Roleplay
Contrary to the person who wrote a one-star review, who was only in the server for an hour and tried fuck-all in trying to interact with others, I have spent nearly half a year in the server. During my time in it, I've been way happier than I ever was in any other roleplay prior. If this reviewer thinks Dubhan is cliquey, they probably haven't seen much roleplay beyond Twitter.

Despite only knowing one of them prior, I have formed close friendships with many people and have never felt like an outsider while I was there. Sure, you can't shitpost, but it's made up with quality roleplay that no system of rolls, character stats, or lore changes can replace. The admin team is nothing but respectful, and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to guide this roleplay.

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