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True Metal Underground (TMU) is a highly active nitro-boosted metal server with a fantastic bot + lastfm integration, 250+ members, weekly album events and a place to collaborate with fellow musicians.

We are an adults-only server (21+) and we welcome everybody who's passionate about metal music and its vast genre pool.

We do not permit any kind of hateful, racist, sexist, incel, or otherwise negative behaviour and try our best to keep this one of the friendliest music servers on Discord.

Must have a verified Discord account to enter.
just a community server full of people with good music taste, share your favorite bands, share your merch, have a friendly chat about anything you want! Original Content/self promotion is also welcome!
P.S. This server is strictly 18+
⚠️ Achtung! This is NOT a fukking Sabaton fandom server, do not join if you're not into extreme war metal/bestial black metal!

We're a dedicated underground bestial black metal / war metal / death metal community but any extreme genre of metal is welcome so long as you also listen to war metal! (PS: We don't recommend joining unless you're into actual extreme metal and of course war metal)

We seek to create a community of metalheads with mutual interests and to hopefully share some underground bands to each other. We have a "subscription" role that gives you notifications of new staff recommendations which we plan to update regularly.

If you are a false, don't entry!!
2. Free speech is permitted, there is also a channel for debates if you're interested.
3. Be nice to people, if you want.
4. If you're not active in this server, expect a warning. If it gets worse, expect a kick. You can ask for another invite, but only two chances.
5. If you're easily offended, fuck off.
6. This server isn't for actual neo-Nazis, we don't care if you are or are not. We simply like the music.
7. Despite the previous rule, antifa and Communists are not welcome here.
8. Have fun. Share music.
We are a gathering of metalheads with a love for death metal in particular, trying to build a community based around our favorite gore and blood filled genre.
This server is just a server for anything relating to death metal, and for generally chilling. Currently we are small but the community we have is fun and alive. If you want recommendations for death metal, are new to it, or are a veteran and just want to chat about it, this is the place to do so.
Black Battalion

Black Metal
Death Metal
Depressive Black (DSBM)
War Metal
Maybe Deathcore

This server is not for the weak. If offensive humor and offensive words scare you then you should not join. Server currently growing, rules channel established, good community. Welcome to the Black Battalion.
If you’re a Metalhead like us, you are invited to join. This is a 18+ server. No nudes, just adults talking at an adult level.
We are a community of metalheads. That's the easiest way to describe us. We are here for the love of metal.
Welcome to Metal Paradise, the single most brutal metal server out there. Join and we'll probably stay up all night headbanging until we get whiplash!!!!!!!
This is Black Metal discord server
You can post your memes [metal memes]
You can play Black Metla
We have special rooms for other metal genres