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Young Trans Peeps is our server for transgender or gender questioning teenagers to just talk, hang out and make friends! We have channels where you can discuss your specific interests with other people, as well as channels where you can vent and get advice :smiley:

Please note: This server is only for those aged 13-20 and is not meant for dating. The server is also uncompromising towards transmedicalist/truscum opinions and mindsets and you will be kicked if you cause animosity within the server.
Validation Station is a established safe space and friendly community for transgender teenagers to talk, have fun, and meet new people! The server is currently only open to trans (or questioning) people under the age of 20. Come join, if you can! :D
Trans community (allies welcome). A small server where you can talk to others, discuss your c̶r̶i̶p̶p̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶d̶y̶s̶p̶h̶o̶r̶i̶a̶ beautiful lives and meet new people. We welcome anyone who wants to join and we have many channels to discuss different trans topics.
Primarily Transgender & LGBT+ Gaming Server! We work hard to make a fun & loving community! A safe space to talk and be comfortable. Be respectful and kind to each other. Time is the one thing we don't get more of, use it to build long-lasting connections in quality people! We're so thankful to have you with us!
All our love!
<3 Kahlan
lil server i made to chill with new peeps if you wanna
pretty censor free i dont care much for pc stuff
drop in and say hi :)
This is a community server for trans women only! THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVER! (If you find someone here though thats ok)
We're not many in numbers right now but we're hoping to give people a safe place on the internet where they can make good friends and get questions answered!
We have a few rules but they shouldn't be a problem!
Have fun and hope to see you soon!


1. Please be kind. This is meant to be a safe space. Getting nasty with other members is a big no-no here. This includes vague-posting about other members here, purposefully starting arguments, and so on and so forth. Playfighting is permitted, but if someone asks you to stop, please listen.

2. No hateful language of any type. Sort of an add-on to rule #1, but this is its own thing just in case. No slurs, no threats to harm other members, none of it. This includes, but is not limited to:

3. Certain types of people aren't allowed here. Mostly violent hate groups (radical feminists/"TERFS", white supremacists, Nazis, etc.) and actual creeps. (pedophiles/"minor attracted people", etc.)

4. Please keep things in their respective channels. (Triggering) Vents in (triggering) vent channels, serious discussion in serious channels, casual discussion in casual channels, you get the deal. If topics shift mid-conversation in a channel and it's better suited for somewhere else, please move to the channel it belongs in.

5. Nobody under 13 being that Discord is 13+. We apologize, but it's for the better.

6. Please only list things you absolutely cannot handle in #triggers . While we DO want to keep people safe from upsetting things, we don't want to have to watch out for little things that barely hurt anyone here. It's difficult to keep up with so many things, so please take that into consideration before posting there.

7. Do not spam the server. Placing blocks of texts or repeated phrases is not permitted in any other chat than #spam. Do not ping spam. There is no tolerance for ping-spamming at ALL, and doing so will result in an insta-ban.
If you are reading this, then congratulations. You have been selected, by invitation or otherwise, to the most top secret government foundation in the history of mankind, The SCP Foundation.

We are a Minecraft community that's creating an SCP world in Minecraft, but we need your help! We have different roles for different jobs, and are still in progress of building the base. If you're in the building department, come help us with the building!
This is a server for trans people who feel they have the wrong sex. People who want to live average lives and do not like being or having to deal with being trans. It is a server for those who understand it is not a choice and not something fun. This is a place for those who dislike and or hate being trans to find understanding and maybe support. We want people to relate to our pain not pretend its a good thing, i personally find it offensive if you say being trans is a good thing. It has terrorized and hurt me through my entire life. It is not a club and it is not a place where we think trans is good or fun.
We are a trans-only server looking to grow into a big community! Join us and make friends and be surrounded by supportive people!
General and inclusive support for everyone who falls under the transgender label and at any stage in their transition. Help with social integration and real life issues. Being trans doesn't mean you can't achieve!
MTF PAPA-22 "Show Stoppers."

A multi-plot S.C.P. Role-play server, currently hosting two Chat-RP's :

Dream a little dream of me :
Take charge against the opposing German force through No Mans Land, but they seem rather quiet?

M.T.F. go into Arizona's Anomalous Desert :
Enlist in M.T.F. PAPA-22's Operations out in the Anomalous Arizona Desert, what can be found out there?

I'm active in discord and will be able to moderate a small number of people, for the time being.
My time-zone is (GMT+1).
I don't really sleep so people from other places are just as welcome.

The only requirements for both of the Chat-RP's are that it needs 4 people, which is also the max amount of people, PAPA-22 being 14.

You will more than likely die more than once if you decide to join so be 13+

More Chat-RP's will come in the future.
Hangout for the trans peeps to get know each other. Now with over 3 members!
We're just another trans server where we chat and play games
a server for trans people to chill! pretty much no moderation. there really aren't many (or any) members, so everyone is appreciated.
In TransgirlsUnited findet ihr andere leute die sich bestimmt genauso fühlen wie du

P.s. Nsfw nur wegen HRTresults
TransUK is a transgender discord server. The server is not just a UK server. We are excited to have everyone here

The server is a space for the LGBT+ community to come and talk about what you want.
The name speaks for itself. A trans community mostly hetero. We are a fresh server so join quickly to become an og! Notify the owner or admin for your roles if we dont oblige through intros fast!
Welcome to Be Unique:Transgender/Intersex lounge the place where you can be yourself. Protected from trolls.
No Drama here Have fun and join the family!

Server is for 16 and up
With 18 and up only areas
Music and gaming channel
A new SCP roleplay server based around Omicron-13, an MTF with a special nature to it.
Transgenres Francophones est un salon de discussion Discord pour les transgenres francophones. C'est un lieu de communications, de discussions, et aussi un lieu pour faire des rencontres.

Ftm mtf trans transgenre transgenres transsexuels transsexuelles non-binaires non-binaire gay lesbienne straigth LGBT lgbtq+ arc-en-ciel transition hormones
Welcome to Trannosaurus, a server for all trans teens and allies. Our server is for those under 20 only! We accept people of all views and beliefs. We are very chill and hope to see you on the server! Dino out-
One of the few bullshit free trans servers.
laid-back, relaxed, welcoming server for the trans community. Everyone is welcome to come here to talk, listen and learn!