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Hi everyone! Welcome to - !~Come Chat~! - !
The friendly Discord server where you can come and chat about anything your heart desires! \[-'w'-]/

We offer some of the following in our server:

- A friendly community to chat and share your thoughts with!
- Some great Pokemon Bots set up in their own channel such as Pokéverse - Dusty Waters, Pokecord, Mewbot etc
- Some helpful mods to help you such as @Vintage-Quinntage #4139, @Squid Ghost #8144, @- LiptonIceTea - #6371 and @Uncle Sheldon with the Agency #6634-(AKA Pap's - forever changing his name! ovo)
- Decent daily activity (Memes are never low!)
+ more!!

We hope you have a great time here!!
Bonsoir cher croyant(e), moi et les autres membres de notre église sectaire vous invitons à rejoindre notre combat, lequel me diriez vous ? La lutte contre la pizza à l'ananas... Les personnes appréciant ce plat douteux sont nommés les hérétiques... J'espère qu'en rejoignant cette église vous ne serez pas l'un des leurs...
Hello! Welcome to dis pizza place! Mostly this place is about pizza and some memes. So, hope ya enjoy your stay!
Hey! We’re a small group of people looking to chat.
We have so much things that we can have to add a video instead . Here is our ad!:
If you have ever played work at a pizza place on Roblox, you would know that it's filled with 8 year old's that don't know what they are doing and are just making it harder for everyone else to work. They jump inside the ovens, party at the rich kids house, while there are little to no other people genuinely working together and doing their jobs in the game. This server was made to change all of that. We are a community that wants efficient workers that will actually do more than spray fire extinguishers whilst jumping inside of the ovens. So stay a while, have fun, and enjoy your stay!
The Pizza Clan of CPO! We are a growing army and we are aiminh to acheive new goals! :D join our discord and have fun in our community!
I have cheap pizza for sale. More details in the server. I officially open 8/9/19 but early people get a discount.
Welcome to the pizza joint.This is a place just to chill and talk. Although we do have rule they aren’t hardly pushed
We have a Level & Pizza Economy System on this Server that really explains itself and gives you a lot of opportunities on our Server.

By climbing the Leaderboard and Leveling Up you will gain new Ranks and Roles, which will give you access to special features and hidden channels.
Hey fellow Penguins I created this server so I could create a community which has the same love for the game as I do and the pizza Cult idea I really liked we could take over 😂 but please do join it would mean the world make new friends and together as a team we shall takeover
Hello, fellow admin speaking. (If you see me my current username is Walter,)

This was forced labor so just join if you want a leader who says It's a kid friendly server but uses the N word freely. Also you can use the n word. (Bruh he tells me to set up Disboard but like how you want me to set it up homie?)

Aight sorry for the informal(ness), but if you like pizza, Germans trying to take over the server for no reason(Don't worry, I'm one of them but I don't want the server. We're currently stopping that), memes, music, kid friendly channels, self assignable roles, reasonable staff, and other fun things, then join the Pizzeria!
A space server taking place over a multitude of dimensions the rest is for you to figure out
Welcome to our fun server of FNAF! here we have friendly staff and members, and not to mention tons of fnaf. Multiply channels full of fnaf content and more! Come join our party, you won't regret it! 🎉✨
Lang - Português:
✅ Server dedicado para você socializar e divertir, junte-se agora mesmo.
Lang - English:
✅ Dedicated server for you to socialize and have fun, join now.
Lang - Espanhõl:
✅ Servidor dedicado para que usted socializar y divertirse, únase ahora mismo.
A food related server!
Share and find recipes and food pictures!
Meet people who like to cook!
Learn some helpful tips!
The Pizzeria is a smallish (but growing!) server aimed at providing a snug place for all the denizens of the internet to discuss politics and current events and occasionally we play games with each other and have fun.

If you join us, you'll have*:
- Fun
- True happiness
- Eternal life
- A high self esteem.
- An understand of today's political climate from the most important people of all: 12 year olds.

* You cannot sue us if you don't. Also we don't have 12 year olds.
Want to be a part of a server that's entirely based on pizza? Join the newly-formed Pizza Cult today! (Disclaimer: this server does have an nsfw chat)
We're here just to make some friends and connect with people! We hope you have fun in your stay here if you decide to join us! ^^
**An Explosion Club you say?**
Look no more! Welcome to the Blacephalon Explosion Club!
We have many features!
- Fun bots!
- Pizza!
- Giveaways!
- Po Po's
- Good staff and an owner who uses most of his spare time working on the server!
- A Leveling System
- Rudeness doesn't exist