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This is simply a server for fun, to make friends, and be funny. If you like pizza, this is your ideal server!
The friendly Discord server where you can come and chat about anything your heart desires! \\[-'v'-]/

We offer some of the following in our server:

🌱A friendly community to chat and share your thoughts with
🌱Pokemon Bots set up such as Pokeverse, Pokecord, Mewbot etc
🌱Some great mods around to help you with whatever you may need
🌱Decent daily activity in a few channels
+ Much more!!

We hope you have a great time here~!!
Welcome to the Pizza Club!

Hello!! Pizza Club is a brand new community server, open to all ages! For people looking to chill, hang out and build long lasting friendships! Not to mention, rave about pizza!!

Our goal is to create a friendly community where everyone can feel comfortable. We welcome you all with open arms! ^-^

We have plenty of text & voice channels for just about anything you could want. Don't see something in our server? Suggest it using our suggestion bot!

> Levelling system
> Self assignable roles
> Text channels for different interests
> Giveaways (custom roles / nitro)
> Custom commands
> Custom emotes
> Anti spam system
> Reporting system
> Game nights
> Movie nights
> Plenty of topic-based channels

> Rythm & Groovy
> Giveaway Bot
> IdleRPG
> Senpai
> Yggdrasil
> Suggestion Bot
> MarriageBot
> OwO
> Pokécord
> Dank Memer
> AmariBot

! Partner friendly !
Bonsoir cher croyant(e), moi et les autres membres de notre église sectaire vous invitons à rejoindre notre combat, lequel me diriez vous ? La lutte contre la pizza à l'ananas... Les personnes appréciant ce plat douteux sont nommés les hérétiques... J'espère qu'en rejoignant cette église vous ne serez pas l'un des leurs...
Welcome! to papa johns pizza where we give you random calls through ygg bot and if you do takeout or delivery we will add you to our server!
__:pizza: Pizza Pub :pizza: est un serveur publicitaire avec peu de restrictions. Vous pourrez retrouver sur ce serveur des fonctions tels que :__

:arrow_forward: Un système de grade en lien avec votre expérience sur le serveur :arrow_backward:

:arrow_forward: L'organisation de give-aways pour gagner des pub avec mention :arrow_backward:

:arrow_forward: Plusieurs salons et thèmes pour y faire sa pub :arrow_backward:

:arrow_forward: Une sécurité dès plus totales grâce au bot Raid Protect :arrow_backward:
:warning: Alors n'hésitez pas à rejoindre ce serveur, si celui-ci vous en donne l'envie et si vous souhaitez faire la promotion de votre Discord ou de toute autre activité sur le Net :warning:
:tickets: _Votre ticket d'entrée_ :
Just a chill community to have a conversation with great people. Come relax, talk about games, consume pizza (you have to purchase it)
Mir is langweilig... also hab ich diesen Server gemacht :D Du kannst hier... Ja... Ach keine Ahnung ich kann sowas nicht schreiben XD
This server is for chatting with everyone in the server(i still have no one in my server so pls join this server thx.)i just have bots in there.pls join i will appriciate The OwOner of this server.thank you for reading the desc.
This is Steve's Pizza, The best pizza restaurant around!
Join us, we're a fun little community!
(definitely not associated with the mafia)
thank you for listening
If you have ever played work at a pizza place on Roblox, you would know that it's filled with 8 year old's that don't know what they are doing and are just making it harder for everyone else to work. They jump inside the ovens, party at the rich kids house, while there are little to no other people genuinely working together and doing their jobs in the game. This server was made to change all of that. We are a community that wants efficient workers that will actually do more than spray fire extinguishers whilst jumping inside of the ovens. So stay a while, have fun, and enjoy your stay!
I have cheap pizza and Chick fil a sandwich codes for sale and for cheap! Come and join our ever growing community!
Welcome to Jimmy John's a place where you can win prizes from challenges, talk about games, and just have fun! Hope you enjoy JIMMY JOHN'S PIZZA!!!
Welcome to my 5 star restaurant - Joe Mamma’s Pizza and Grill!

Here, you can order pizza and grilled food happily made by our chef, Swrtzo.

You can hang out and talk with your friends at the dining table and sing (if you want) at the karaoke bar.

We have plenty of employees to assist you.

I hope you have fun at Joe Mamma’s!
Note: if you didn’t get it, this server is a really fun restaurant role play.
we are the dickshit nightclub join if you like dick shit and if you like night club we talk and meme and yea fuck us we are stupid fucks
Dominos carryout and Delivery, discounted to 2.75 dollars per pizza for carryout! Join for delivery price. Also sell Netflix Hulu Disney plus espn nfl Sunday ticket nba league pass and more (1 year) guranteed
Mari's Pizzeria is a chill out zone. Post memes, and parts of your life you enjoy.

I really just made the server because I'm bored all the time. One day I'll end up making the most popular server ever.
Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Where fantasy and fun come to life!
(Fazbear ent. is not responsible for damage to property or person if so a report will be filled within 90 day's)