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Cool hangout server aka the best server ever also if you like persona there is a cool reference see you there bye byeee
The ultimate coronavirus survival kit is here.
✌️Memes and jokes
✌️Music with Octave
✌️NSFW Channels for your best friend
✌️Chess Puzzles and other games
✌️No racist bots
✌️Epic roles
What else do you need? (Nothing)
I know. So join this server Now.
this is a community where it has chatting about mostly video games and undertale and it also has roleplay and we play games and hangout and we allow any kind of person in this server || but not bullys and bad people ||
🍕 𝗪𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗶𝘇𝘇𝗮 𝗲𝗺𝗽𝗶𝗿𝗲!🍕
Do you like pizza? Ok now let’s go from 0 to 100 now, do you like strong empires? Well this is the place to be for we have rivalled the strongest foes and pizza empire shall never fall!

We have
•actually valuable currency
•the strongest military
•a tight nit community
•the best pizza bloodline
•epical channels

What are you waiting for! March on to the pizza empire now!
Siamo una piccola community italiana.
Nel server potrete creare la vostra pizza personalizzata !
Ci sono in oltre: eventi, giveaways e un economia interna!

ingrediente del giorno:
le fettine di culo di gianni che ti fanno pescare l'asso a briscola

Come on down to Domino's Pizza! You can order you favorite treats! Make sure to have fun and be nice! Talk, share, roleplay, send images, employee applications, suggestions, and way more!

Disclaimer: This is all role play and you wont get actual pizza.
oh hey there,
Retards Mansion is a server that has many retarded/autistic people!
hope you find interest on the server.
also, we have free pizzas on sunday.
Ay this is my spot we got sum fun things to do on this server
Like we got vc
A poll channel
Channel's for many hobbies and interests
And a friendly community
Open Partnerships
Are you looking for a cool and chill server?
This is the place! We have everything you could imagine
-We accept every single request of a new channel
-Staff applications coming soon...
-Custom commands incoming...
-And we are doing roles!
We got nuked from another server so please join and chill!
This is an amazing totally not suspicious server to fill your pizza needs. Join Freddy and his pals on this amazing server where you can sing and dance and every week 5 lucky winners will get to go into the fun pizza filled backroom. ;)
Welcome to Viva La Pizza. This discord server has just been opened. Our game isn't open yet but feel free to hang out in our discord server. We will be hiring for LR ranks ready for grand opening!
Ihr habt hunger auf eine Pizza könnt aber keine Bestellen?
Dann Bestellt eine bei uns!

Wir bieten:
Kurze Wartezeiten
Gute Qualität
Nette Mitarbeiter

Und das ganze gratis!
Trete heute noch unserem server bei für spitzen Qualität!
Sowas kann man sich nicht entgehen lassen

See you soon😉
Mfg **Das Team**

Ps. Ihr könnt den bot auch auf euren server holen! 😀
Erotic pizzeria is where you can fulfill all of your erotic pizza needs.
We offer:

So make sure to come on by every once in a while and order YOUR own erotic pizza!
This server is full of a bunch of weird depressed and funny haha people that like to do things when there bored. Maybe find a friend group u like or something idk.
this is my server. I am Bush or TheBushDoger and i am an idiot :)
I made this server because i did. I was bored i guess and started it. It quickly got members from a popular youtuber’s server named memenade. I just hope for new members for my server to keep it alive. Help me out c:
come order discord pizza with us! We use pizza byte to order the discord pizza! It's really fun and amazing!

#mcyt #pizza
Welcome to Pizza Squad! This is a place where you can Chill out and Vibe with People. This server has quite a few things, so come see for yourself! BTW this is NOT a NSFW server.
This is a discord pizza service, you will not actually get real pizza or pay real money you just write commands and chill with others!
Be free to join and invite your friends!
Have fun!
The Pizza Rat Cult is a cult made by friends for friends. If you are reading this you have been gnomed.

Part 1: The beginning

The Pizza Rat Union is the fomer Pizza Rat Cult turned international. The cult started when I was in a substitute art class and the best sub to date put on some obscure anime movie instead of work. I got on my phone and messed with my friend. My friend @Refugee Crackhead made a server and I took his phone and transferred ownership to myself. We started with 9 irl friends and a few people from a Lapse: A Forgotten Future discord which died, those being @Follower RowanSkie, @Follower Anonguy and @Follower Enrico_Ssz. Over the span of a couple months I went inactive and forgot about this place, before I found out about other servers and got into some. We partnered and thats how I got my initial members. @Councilor Boneless, @Follower Hentai, and some @Real life friends which left helped me figure out the initial server. We got to 40 members and stayed there for a couple weeks.

Part 2: The rise and fall

I found out about Userphone, which I used to find more servers and ally with them, and we quickly got to 100, then 130 members! But something happened. Some people disagreed with my opinion that "Gachalife is cringe" and "Bronies are horrible" and we managed to lose 30 members through arguing and the battle between the loyalists and the invaders. I handled things badly and went inactive for another month before using userphone to get 30 members, and then messaged some rat servers to recruit from and ally.

Part 3: The Union

I had a thing for communists for a bit, and renamed the server from "The Pizza Rat Cult" to "Pizza Rat Union" and made it communist. After I messaged all those rat servers I met @Pretty Fat Emperor Rat who asked me to join him in his rise of unifying all the rat cults. I joined him in his crusade and turned my rat union server into a actual union of rat servers, it was glorious. And that's where we are now, welcome to the union Comrades! And remember, HAIL PIZZA RAT!
This is the Re-opening of Fredbear’s Family Diner.
I guess you guys know what this is all about.