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Welcome to LaniiVille
Its a server where you can be silly
Play games with each other
Host art contests
Post Memes everyday
Enjoy LaniiVille!~
We are a new beginning! We are a social, active server with a bunch of people willing to be your friends! We have all kinds of channels. Enjoy your stay!
We're a relatively small server for people who just wanna have fun.
You're free to talk about just about whatever the hell you want, because frankly dear, I don't give a damn.

That's really all there is to it for Veritas.
Yo, welcome to Dragon Ball Hyper! This is a fun DBZ RP server with a very chill community! Come join!
Venez on est sympa, en plus on a pas mal de bot, le serveur est actif, on parle de tous les sujets et on s'amuse !

PS: Soyez gentils et respectueux :3
Welcome to Moiscord! We're a constantly growing Community Server. WE HAVE THE BIGGEST COLOUR SELECTION IN ALL OF DISCORD! There's relaxed friendly rules and a very active chat. We have a big gaming section, an arts section (for drawings etc.), music bot, in-built Discord minigames, anime section, a nsfw section and custom server emojis! Join us now!
Nous sommes une petite communauté de Français et Québécois actif. Le thème du serveur c'est les Truites. Nous aimons les manga, la musique, les jeux vidéos, etc. Le serveur est nouveau et recherche des membres actifs.
Hello and welcome to Legends of Britannia !
Our server is based on the popular anime/manga Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu No Taizai and we are trying to re-create it in Vanilla Minecraft, by using completely CUSTOM plugins and such !
We are all hard working and we all welcome you with open hands !
The server will be RPG style based and you will be able to both RolePlay and PvP/PvE !
For more information and Sneak-Peaks join the discord and explore all of our channels !
Hope you have fun !

NOTE: The server is still in development meaning it is not out yet but stay tuned as we are all working hard on it !
Merhaba sayın discord vatandaşları ben sizin valiniz ya da başkanınız değilim o yüzden bu girişi iptal edip sizinle dostça yakınlaşacağım 1 2 3 4... Anime Vision and Discussion sunucumuz daha yeni açılan ve büyümekte olan bir tartışma paylaşım ve anime grubudur. Burada iyi vakit geçireceğinizin garantisini vermiyoruz. Bu, sizin o anki ruh ve tavırlarınıza bağla ama emin olunki burada dertlerinizi paylaşabilir birbirlerine şakalar yapabilir ve gerçek bir arkadaşlık kurabilirsiniz. Üstelik her cumartesi günü benim (SOO) tarafından hazırlanan "Bu gün ne tartışsak ? " programına da dahil olabilir burada tartışmak istediğiniz konuları sırası ile dile getirir ardından tartışarak bağımsız oylamaya sürülür ve kimin haklı olup olmadığı çıkar. Bir ek (çoğu insan kendine göre haklıdır ama biz sunucuda zevk ve renkleride tartışırız.) ama yineden saygı çerçevesinden bu grubu yönettiğimizi unutmayınız. desteklerinizi büyük bir heves ile beklemekteyim sizin sayenizde büyüyeceğimize inanıyorum. Dünya da 8 milyara yakın insan var biraz daha tanımak istemez miydin ? dip not: bu yazı benim ve patenti bana aittir sevgilerle SOO
Welcome to the Ichiban Bar! We are an Izakaya themed server. We mainly cater to anime and video games but our doors are open to everyone! Come in for a drink or two and perhaps meet some new companions.
Hello! Welcome to "The Candy Box"
We're a friendly server hoping to grow and get even better!
We're really small right now, but we're ready to let new people join!
|| Manheltai's ||
|| Español-English Server ||

- Memes
- Canal de Cine
* (Cinema Channel)
- Gaming
- Canales de Arte y Musica
* (Art and music channels)
- Promoción
* (Self promotion channel)

Instagram acc
The Ravioli Empire is an all-round balanced server for all types of people!
We have nice people here.
Caring and helpful moderators.
A great owner.
And an overall great community!

On this server you could:
Talk about your favourite games.
Discuss anime or any tv show you like.
Spread your creativity across various channels.
And just generaly have a good time.
Probably the most offensive server you could join. Not for the lighthearted XD

Trying to build an active member base

Looking for PC players as well

✦ Active and Welcoming members
✧ Drama Free [Good Vibes Only]
✦ Gaming, Music, Anime, Etc.
✧ A ranking system and self assignable roles
✦ Tons of bots to keep you entertained

And So Much More!

Come on, give it a try. Join us today!
Are you looking for a server that includes anime and friendly people to socialise with? Then this is the server you would want to join! You are welcome to talk to anyone in the server! This is a friendly community so don't get offended too easily, everything we say shouldn't be taken seriously! This is a small community who likes to meet new people!
only one rule! multiple rules are stupid.
free gamer grub for new members

women instantly message spoopdude
Charlotte Roleplay ist ein bisher wirklich kleiner Server, der die Aufbauphase mehr oder weniger gerade überstanden hat. Nun fehlen nur noch Mitglieder (bzw. Roleplayer). Wenn *DU* Charlotte kennst (und magst ^^) und bei Rp's gerne mitmachst, ist das der perfekte Server für dich! ^^ Also schau vorbei und hab Spaß!
Sakurasu University is a Freshly Baked server! Sorry for the pun, but here you can create your Character and use it to interact with other people! So basically role-playing. We offer NSFW channels and SFW channels and Yes ERP is allowed here so why not come and join the fun.
Welcome to my garden!
My goal when creating A.G. was to make my own little art community where people can socialize, trade art, and even promote themselves and grow as a creator. It isn’t just drawing, we try to include and encourage any type of art! You don't need to draw either, just have fun.

What We Offer:
Nsfw Art Channel
Many Art Subject Channels
And More!

Hope to see you around! Take Care.
Hello I'm Mai Fujikawa,

I am the principal of Yueei high academy for gifted students who want to be heroes

You have been selected to attend the school because of your skills and capabilities, we can't wait to welcome you in open arms.
Je vous invite sur mon petit serveur pour ceux qui main katarina et ceux qui joue simplement à LoL.
Vous pourrez vocal avec d'autres membres pour vos games, discuter ou même partager votre expérience sur le jeu..
Amusez vous bien et passer un agréable moment en notre compagnie.
(les trolls n'ont pas leurs place.)

Looking for social and welcoming discord community to chill and talk about anime and games? Come join us!
Do note that we are an 18+ community with nsfw sections and mature language.
Bienvenue sur DreamUrLand ^^
Le "layout" de mon serveur Discord est basés sur Undertale 😁
Sur mon serveur, vous pouvez parler de tas de choses 😅:
- Des sujets définis comme ceux d'Undertale, Minecraft ainsi que osu!
- D'autres sujets plus variés tels que Jeu vidéo, Création, Musique ou encore Animé/Manga
- Des grades basés sur votre niveau de parole
- Des grades récompensés par le partage de vos créations au grand public
Si vous voulez rajouter plus de choses, dites votre remarque dans le salon de suggestion.
Si vous voulez plus parlez de message à caractère sexuel, un salon est didié pour toutes les personnes "pervers" 😁
Le dernier point à mentionné, c'est juste rejoignez pour découvrir le serveur par vous même. ^^