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Fallschirmjagers is a community for gamers and memers to enjoy the true German fallschirmjager experience.
Добро пожаловать на сервер Королевства Югославия, это сервер, на котором вы можете слушать музыку и изучать русский и сербский языки.
Добродошли на сервер Краљевине Југославије ово је сервер где се слуша музика и уче руски и србски језик.
The Greater Italian Empire is a Fascist nation that also has a Military for people to join and fight for the empire, we also have a few bots that you can use and feel free to suggest some, we hope you enjoy the server.
This server has four missions: End Mapping, End Gopnik culture/hardbass, End Communism, and prove Jackson is Innocent
A server for Anti-Communists and all people of the Right to Unite. We will tolerate Leftists as long as they obey the rules and are willing to learn. We also participate in marches.
We are a holy country.The kingdom is roleplay server that is keeping peace and order also running the country the right way P.S Right now looking for Also when you join do this command /apply and i will review it.
Welcome to the official military of the T.F.F.U we are currently looking for officers and soldiers DM me at President Emmanuel Macron#8074 if you want a high rank or just a normal rank.