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Hello, and welcome to Football United!
Hundreds of users join us in a community dedicated mainly to the debate of all Football and Gaming related topics, with great off-topic conversations too.
The biggest and best FIFA Pro Clubs server on Discord. Join to advertise your club or player and connect with other players.
TheBulTrader's Community is a FIFA 20 Discord server mainly for trading and investing. There are also discussions about - squad buildings, player reviews, SBC solutions, TOTW & MM predictions and others. The owner of the server is an experienced FUT Trader and also gives trading & investing tips.

The server is currently populated with 600+ members and we are looking for more friendly and active people to join and help each others!

● Instagram:
● Twitter:
● Discord:
● Streamlabs:
What makes us better than all the boring football servers around us? Active football server with a lot of unique channels/bots that you won't find anywhere else! We discuss mainly about football (obviously) but non-football related chats are also allowed.

We got a customised FIFA 20 Pack opening discord bot, a custom player career mode discord bot, a bot that simulates football games with real life players from any teams you want and many more.

Come and join! : )
🔥 Yoł! 🔥

Co oferujemy?

🔥 Społeczność 15+.
🔥 Administrację 18+, na dodatek bez kołków w dupie.
🔥 Ludzi z dystansem do siebie.
🔥 Możliwość wygadania się i rozmów na każdy możliwy temat.
🔥 Tolerancję i szacunek- nie wyśmiewamy bliźnich, inność to nie jest nic złego.
🔥 Wiele opcji na spędzanie czasu na serwerze (eventy, aktywny voice chat).
🔥 Rozmowy na poziomie, albo śmieszkowanie, jeżeli tego potrzebujesz lub chcesz odreagować.
🔥 Miejsce dla memiarzy, trollów i martwych płodów (ale bez możliwości niszczenia serwera, rakowania i trucia innym życia- ban hammer exists).
🔥 Stały porządek utrzymywany przez administrację- pamiętajmy o przeznaczeniu kanałów.
🔥 Nie bycie pominiętym- tutaj każdy może mieć swoje 5 minut!
🔥 Możliwość dzielenia się swoimi zainteresowaniami i twórczością.
🔥 Kącik dla życiowych przegrywów.
🔥 Oraz wiele innych!

🔥 Sprawdź, a na pewno znajdziesz coś dla siebie! 🔥
wir sind der LEGARE Server, eine Community, die Zocken geil findet. Hier kannst du ganz einfach Leute zum Zocken finden. Wir haben ein kompetentes Team, das immer für Fragen offen ist.
Was wir anbieten:
- Spielersuche für Spiele(CoD, Fortnite, GTA, Forza, Fifa, R6)
- Voicechannels zum Reden
- Rythm zum Musikhören in den Channels
- ein kompetentes Supportteam
- ein kompetentes Moderatorenteam
- regelmäßige Giveaways

Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß auf unserem Server :D
Come and join for trading channels, giveaways, tournaments, SBC solutions and just general tips! Feel free to just come and chill too!
This is a server for pacybits card trading, it is fairly new and as such has few members, stay a while and help us make it active, in the near future we will be hosting give-aways in it.
Hello and welcome to World Football Discord! Here you can discuss all things football including your favourite players, teams, leagues etc. We will keep you up do date with the latest football news from around the world, including the latest transfer news, and scores from all the big games around the world. We also have events such as trivia, which player is better, qotd and even our own sim league. (optional roles if you would like to participate in the events.) If you have a question, suggestion, or anything like that, please DM an owner, admin, or moderator, or post it in the suggestions channel. We are also open to partnership.


The World Football Discord staff team.
We are a FIFA Pro Clubs League based in the United States welcoming all new players, and team owners. Sign up as a player or register a team and be entered to win league Prizes & Cash Payouts! We also have a working App to go with the league that will help you track player & team stats as well as league table, league news and more.
Biggest Pacybits server! Join the unofficial Pacybits Trading discord! Nearly 5000 members active community and staff. Trade rooms for both iOS and Android, SBC solutions, Minigames(SBC Challenges and more) and daily giveaways!
Arsenal FC Hub welcomes all fans of football, but especially Arsenal fans. We’re a fast growing server with plenty of discussion around Arsenal, the Premier League, European football, and all kinds of other topics. We have a pub style atmosphere so almost anything goes! Join us today!

• English speaking
• 500 members!
• Live matchday chat
• Links to live match streaming
• Levelling system
• Unlockable channels
• Regular polls
• Active and friendly staff team
• Music bot
You have been invited to join the HOUSE OF GODS DISCORD SERVER
We have:
=> Our own custom bot
=> Over 50+ color roles at your disposal
=> About 50+ personality roles for you!
=> 400+ active users on every day
=> Chill server staff
=> A leveling system that gives you better perks as you level up
=> Fun events almost on every day
=> Our own server economy where you can buy over 10+ roles!
=>Our own star board and a server exclusive L Board
=> Many server bots to fill your every need
=> New things being added every week!
=> We have free speech.
Server invite:
We will not be excepting anyone once we have hit 100 members and first month is free why not come and check it out for some trading tips.
hello and welcome to fifa 20 free tournaments this is a discord where we play tournaments for free and win prizes. you can play mini games to win fifa coins. this is great to improve your fifa skills and to meet new awesome people from all platforms
                                       Møz E-sport | Clan



En tant que Structure nous sommes là pour encadrer des joueurs avec de vrais objectifs qui ont les capacités à être encadrés . Ce que nous voulons c'est vous apporter des connaissances dans le monde de l'E-sport afin de vous permettre de vous développer en tant que joueur .


Nous cherchons des joueurs matures , capables de recevoir des conseils et capables de se remettre en question . Mais pas que nous avons aussi besoin de :

🍀 Modérateurs
🎫 Gérants publicitaires
🎨 Graphistes
🎬 Monteurs vidéos
🔴 Coach


♦️ Être mature
♦️ Joueur PC ,manette
♦️ Etre seul ou en binôme
♦️ Etre Motivé
♦️ Très bonne expérience et mécanique du jeu
♦️ Savoir se remettre en question
♦️ Avoir des objectifs précis


Bien sûr le haut niveaux à un prix , plus vous voudrez allez loin plus nous serons exigeant . Si vous êtes encore à vos débuts entraînés vous et persévérez avant de faire votre candidature .




Lien du Serveur Discord :

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Jetez un coup d'œil à MØz eSport | Clan (@Moz_eSport) :

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Hey leute ich habe einen discord server eröffnet wo ihr euren lieblingsclub managen könnt wie z.B transfers machen mit echten leuten im echtzeit ist genau so wie fifa kariere modus nur besser weils real ist am ende wirds im fifa 20 turniermodus simuliert. Wer mitmachen will soll mir schreiben