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` ` even in a room full of art, i would still stare at you ` `

letters is a brand new server for people who want to grow their social media, chat, get tips from other people with similar interests and listen to music whenever you want! we are open for staff so if you are interested, do pm me!

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what will server provide and give to the user?

⭐️ | letter themed aesthetic | ⭐️
🌊 | a fresh and brand new server | 🌊
🌿 | monthly trivia, competition and giveaways | 🌿
🌙 | share your creative ideas | 🌙
☕️ | useful + helpful bots | ☕️
🍑 | a 24/7 radio (both pop and lo-fi) | 🍑

hope to see you there!

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Come on our discord server!

What we have to offer?

-Free Instagram Follower

-Free Instagram Likes


- Custom language Support (French, German and English)


-And more !
Hey my name is Kayla but people call me Kay anyway let me tell you about a little bit about the server this is a community server we have Bots we have applications we have anime stuff we have voice chat I hope you guys will join my server because this is my first time actually doing a server and the first person that joins actually the five people that joined get to be the staff so let's see who gets here first Hey there, wanna join a cool discord server who is trying to grow? Here we meme, advertise our social media, make friends, we have lots of channels and bots, we voicechat and meme to have fun together.
Welcome 》 To Discord Listing!

Discord Listing is an advertisement discord servers for members all across the globe to come together to advertise discord servers & social media's alike. With a wide range of places to be able to advertise, you will absolutely love discord listing and will gain loads of new members!

〉 Aesthetic Vibes
〉 Level Up Roles
〉 Events!
〉 Advertise your server!
〉 Looking for Staff & Partnership Managers
〉 Looking for your own staff
〉Look for your own Partnership managers
〉 Chat with new friends
〉 Bi-Weekly Giveaways! (Nitro, Netflix, free @everyone ping)

Join now!
Welcome to Gamers Central where gamers can come promote their product. For example, promoting your YouTube, twitch and if you are a designer your designs and prices.

Server Includes:
! - Verification
! - Active Staff
! - Promotion Channels Dedicated To Category (YouTube, Twitch, Designing)
! - Toptier Discord Bots
! - Member Reporting
We are a Social Media Boosting service! We offer Followers, Views, and Likes for various different platforms. We have the cheapest prices in the market.
Teeny Tiny Puff's server. A place for artists and commissioners to gather!
This is connected to Teeny Tiny Puffs dA, FA, and Patreon. Despite this, it is a place for people to gather as friends, and maybe get to see a bunch of art from a variety of people. This server is 16+.
The community is chill and just for hanging around and making friends. You can send your social media pages in the ‘flex’ chat to get more followers/friends. You can even just send pictures of yourself, art, or literature skills. It’s a mix of everything.
Hello, I am Raze and this is my Discord server for my small amount of fans to chat with others and I.
What's better then been able to post game content you love? Talented brains behind EXY have taken the hearts content and have wrapped into a social network for Gamers. At EXY.ZONE, we strive into building the next big think. If you have something to share, you can do so at an instant. EXY.ZONE is a social media website. Embed, upload and interact the way you want. It all starts here, with EXY. (BETA THIS WEEK)
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @exyapp