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O Servidor de Cacau é uma comunidade de jogos, música e diversos, criada em 2018, com o único objetivo de oferecer um local para socialização e entreterimento.

Venha fazer parte da nossa comunidade!
This server is mainly for CS:GO trading between users.
- price checking
- trading rooms for trade posts
- giveaways
- you have chance to meet big traders/youtubers/streamers

Every day up to 300 online people.
This server is all about trying new things. Do you like Fortnite but want to try Rainbow Six Siege, you can do that. And as we grow in numbers you will always have someone in a voice channel to play with! All ages are welcome. Feeling bored of playing. Sit back relax and listen to Rythm bot! Want a place to meet new people. This server is for you with a variety of different types of people. Such as Gamer Girls, Gamers, Memers, Youtubers, and even Streamers.
**Welcome to Butter Gaming!**

We are looking to make a friendly gaming community where you can meet new friends!

We offer...

**Minecraft survival servers for both JAVA and BEDROCK**
**Self roles**
**Different game roles** and we are open to request to add whatever game you would like to see
**Friendly staff that is involved in the community**
**Active members that play a wide variety of games including R6 Siege, 7 days to die, Escape from Tarkov, and many more!**

If this sounds interesting feel free to check us out and become part of our family!
This is still a WIP, so many games have not been added to the roles.
We are the church of future and we send thots to the streets where they belong and preach daily ni**alations.
This server is based on our currently existing gaming community, which is "counter strike 1.6". If you are looking for some engaging FPS server, consider trying some of the servers out! However, this community isn't only about the game, we have numerous discussions about anything, including many inside or inappropriate jokes. The server is intended for fun, chatting, chilling and generally just having a good time.
💖 Feel free to join friendly community discord server ! 💖

I also do CS:GO coaching in my discord server. In my coaching you will experience : Live game coaching , demo replay coaching , pro's game analysis, my gameplay live game coaching , rank boosting , elo boosting , different maps explanation videos, tactic explanation). The coaching is valued at 15 Euros. I will coach you first , and if you aren't satisfied with the results, you do not have to pay me. You can directly message me for a free week trial.
------------------------------------------- ✩ 2077 ✩ --------------------------------------------

¡Los invitamos a ✩ 2077 ✩ un server donde mayormente jugamos al Mudae Premium (Tenemos menos tiempo de claim y más rolls por hora) (Colección de personajes de anime, manga, juegos, películas, etc.), CS:GO y League of Legends, entre otros muchos juegos en general.

También contamos Pokémon hunting, mediante un comando vas a poder obtener Pokémons al azar, desde el más básico hasta uno legendario, solo es cuestión de suerte.

El servidor cuenta con más de 15 bots, ya sea de música, ranking de actividad, Chocolat, Mudae, entre otros.

Contamos con rangos farmeables por experiencia, mientras más activo seas mejor será tu rango.

También tenemos un canal NSFW dónde, si se quiere, pueden entrar sólo reaccionan a un emoji.

¡Los esperamos!
Hello, we are Trapped. and we are starting a gaming discord server. Trapped is a team & community. We are currently looking for 3 players to our team in CS:GO, but we play more games like Fortnite or GTA, etc.
Our discord is open for everyone you can play games with friends, just talk with them in a private room or you can find different people to play with!
Приглашаю в наше игровое сообщество для совместных игр. Здесь вы сможете найти товарищей по духу и великолепно провести время.
CS:GO SuperStars is just the place!
Our server is designed for CS:GO traders of all levels, for traders to upgrade their inventories through the fair trading with others. It can also be a platform for chatting and chilling out.
Our team here at CS:GO SuperStars are passionate about bringing this server into the spotlight, so we are currently working to make it one of the largest and best CS:GO trading servers out there!
We are continuously improving out server in what way we can, so don’t forget to leave a comment below!
Join today to discover so much more, we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here!
Začínající CZ/SK server. Majitelem jsem já Mates a je mi 15 let. Najdeš zde nové spoluhráče a taky zde můžeš dobře pokecat. hrajeme různé hry např. League of legends, CS:GO a Valorant. Tak doufám že příjdeš.
😃if you like gaming or other stuff like giveaways or hanging out with people this is the server for you😃|
Server sa aktivnim staffom i odlicnim izgledom!
Cesti giveawayovi, ekonomija na serveru i jos puno nacina da se zabavite i nadjete nove prijatelje!
We here at Rogues Nation are centered on providing a good, healthy, environment where everyone can join without feeling unsafe.

We offer:
➡️ Active community.
➡️ Dedicated staff team.
➡️ Organized server.
➡️ Fun for everyone.
➡️ We offer a wide variety of games!
✨Regular events!
✨Self-Promotion Area!
✨Streamer Friendly!
➡️Rust Community/Servers
➡️Flashing Lights Community/Servers
➡️FiveM Community/Servers
➡️Battlefield Community/Servers
➡️Battlefield V Community
➡️Rainbow 6 Community
➡️GTA Community
➡️CS:GO Community
➡️A Division 2 Clan/Community

Join us today to be part of a fun and friendly server!
Всем привет people! Залетайте к нам на сервер на каждые 100 участников проводиться розыгрышь ролей, так же ты можешь предлагать свои идеи как нам улучшить сервер,ну а подробности о сервере ты можешь узнать на нашем канале на Ютубе или зайди к нам на сервер.
🗣Zapraszamy na server!
🗣Są kanały dla graczy.
🗣Wiele unikatowych rang.
🗣Kanały prywatne i chaty na życzenie.
🗣Dużo botów muzycznych.
🗣Kanał NSFW.
🗣Unikalny bot Jezus chrystus można włączyć mszę :)
🗣Giveway skinów do cs go :)
Aceasta este comunitatea ce reprezinta CS:GO-ul din Romania. Merita sa ni te alaturi pentru a gasi o multime de oameni, cu care te poti juca. De asemenea, aici se organizeaza frecvent turnee. Daca ai o echipa si doresti sa iti gasesti niste membrii capabili, aici este locul perfect. Staff-ul este capabil, si orice problema ai, mereu gasesti pe cineva care sa te ajute.

Poznasz tu osoby grające w CS:GO i League of Legends! <33

- miłą atmosferę
- dopracowany serwer
- graczy CS:GO i League of Legends
- giveaway'e
- ekonomię
- rangi z CS:GO
- grupę na Steam
- pomocną administrację
- wiele więcej!

👋 **__Hello my Friends and Members , Here is the description about our Discord Server__**...

.::First of all who am I and why I made this server::.

My name is "**Ghazanfar Akram**" I live in Pakistan so the reason behind the making of this Discord Server is Just for Chilling with our Friends and Members like Playing gamez with the using fun bots to have fun...

Make sure to react to get yourself a role from #📌self-roles so we would know a little bit about you and also Read our Server rules and you will be good to go!

Our Discord Server Team will try their best to provide you all facilities here and we will do whatever will be in our hands . If you need any kind of help fell free to Ping any Administrative Person which you find online , he will try his best to solve your issue out.

__**^Our Discord Server will provide you the following things...^**__

🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹

🔳 Supportive Staff
🔸 Separate channels for bot uses
🔳 Alotz of "React to give yourself a role"
🔸 Many cool roles
🔳 Channels and Voice chat for many gamez
🔸Usage of Fun Bots
🔳 Staff will be always with you
🔸 Unique Channels Category
🔳 Many funy emotes and emojis

🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹

**[ ^As I mentioned above , I live in Pakistan so in our Discord Server Most of them belong to our country but we also will be speaking English for our Foreign Members^ ]**

»«**Lets join our Discord Server Community and fun around here**»«
┍━─────────── ⋆⋅୨୧⋅⋆ ────────────┑
₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Trading Server.
┕━─────────── ⋆⋅୨୧⋅⋆ ────────────┙

★ Do you want to trade your accounts and items? Here's the perfect place where you can do that. We certify that our server is safe so that online users are able to do their business, of course without scamming!

╚═══ ・┈┈┈┈°⋆꒰≋꒱⋆°┈┈┈┈・ ═══╝

══╡𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦𝘴 ╞══
.⋅ εïз ⋅ Middle-man features
.⋅ εïз ⋅ Scammers list
.⋅ εïз ⋅ Fun events
.⋅ εïз ⋅ Special roles
──────── ⋆⋅୨୧⋅⋆ ──────── •°”˜.•°”˜
начинающий игровой сервер, заходите к нам, общайтесь и пополняйте наш большой коллектив!