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Un serveur où tu peux enfin trouver des français de ton niveau qui jouent à CS:GO.
Tu peux choisir ton rank, et tes maps en peut-être tomber sur les personnes qui te correspondent !
Fini les croisements de doigts en lançant une game, priant de ne pas tomber sur des cancers.
Nous t'attendons afin d'étendre ce petit discord convivial avec un staff adorable et une communauté merveilleuse !
Sixteen - O is a Stockholm-based street fashion brand with roots deep within the online fellowship. Founded with the single idea of creating great contemporary clothes and a brand that we actually want to be associated with. Two of our keywords when it comes to design is Comfort and Functionality. Modern design and the best possible fabrics combined through experience from both worlds is something that defines us. The rolling collections cover ready to wear unisex pieces aswell as occasional drops, always limited in amount.

Everyone that is involved with the brand has been active in the community ever since we can remember. We’ve been working, building, creating within it and we have seen what others have tried to do, though we never really got a taste for it. Simply put we decided to take the matter into our own hands, to create something that we truly love.

Salutations, Sixteen - O
Играем в игры хорошие тимейты в играх и крутое оформления дс не дает заскучать подробнее о играх CS:GO И ТД.Заходи тут поиграем проведем хорошо время.
The game has good timelines, in the game and in a cool design, it doesn’t get bored in more detail about the CS: GO game and TD. Come in here and play and have a good time.
Welcome to my CSGO Community,
We talk about HvH here, we have source leaks, good configs and a lot of other useful tools for the HvH Servers
On this server there are 2 languages, a bot with music, a ranking system, typesetting administration. Let's go to the server and raise activity on it!
We here at Rogues Network are centered on providing a good, healthy, environment where everyone can join without feeling unsafe.

We offer:
Battlefield V community
CS:GO community
Flashing Lights community
GTA community
FiveM community
A Division 2 clan

Join us today to be part of a fun and friendly server!
Gamer District
--welcome @everyone! we're a growing server for guys and girls to talk and hang out, play games, join events, win prizes, and more!

!! what we offer !!

*Music bots !
*Selfie channel, for all of your beautiful faces
*Gaming channels, for you to talk and hang out with other gamers !
*Colour roles, along with a plethora of other achievable ones
*Active staff who are here to help
*Anime channels
*Nsfw channel for your 18+ whims
*Server partnering
*Movie Nights !
This is a csgo community, not any csgo community though, a community that brings together hvh players and cheaters, learn how to config, chat with the community, create cheat ideas, and even share configs with our config sharing channel.

Our server is designed to look like a country, it is under disguise to keep discord moderators from deleting. Please read #laws and keep to the rulebook. Don't use red words, use green words, thanks!
Привет, мы с радостью увидим тебя на сервере Людишки! Ты можешь найти там новый друзей, партнёров по игре, или просто пообщаться, а также тут добрый создатель и очень добрая администрация сервера! На сервере уже есть 150+ человек. Заходи и ты!

⌜Server About ⌟
Hello 👋, my server is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & I’m looking to grow it by asking for chill & active players to come play, chat, & join the community! All are welcome to join, hope to see you in the community soon!

⌜ Server Link ⌟

⌜ Server Owner ⌟

⌜ Server Features ⌟
🙌 Overall neat/fun server interface! (Well organized for easy access to all channels, with a nice look and feel.)

🥇 Rank up roles for active users! (As active users on the server rank up, new fun roles will get assigned.)

💬 Community text/voice channels! (Chill & chat with others from the community via text or voice.)

🎮 Gaming text/voice channels! (Find teammates to queue up with & play competitive CS: GO.)

👥 Trading text/voice channels! (You can send trade offers, post your items up for trade, etc.)

🎵 Music text/voice channels! (You want to listen to music & play at same time? I got you.)

🐸 Meme’s text channel! (Text channel for all the memers, post all kinds of memes here.)

🎬 Clips text channel! (Advertise Twitch stream clips, YouTube videos, etc. here.)

🖥 Screen share text/voice channels! (Easily share your screen with two clicks)

🤖 Server consists of multiple bots! (Music, updates, ranks, etc.)

➕ Server is still in the works! (More features coming soon.)

At Glory Gaming, we embrace the casual fun, the challenge and the competitiveness of multiplayer gaming. Be it survival games, sports games, shooters or button bashers; we aim to build a powerful community of like-minded gamers and gaming enthusiasts around the world - bringing together casual players and eSports competitors to represent a wider community to be proud of.

We will be holding monthly giveaways, competitions, fun events, hosting dedicated game servers and helping competitors burst into the eSports scene.

We hope you have fun, find new pals to enjoy your favourite titles with and enjoy being a part of the Glory Gaming community!
We are an including community of mainly gamers, but also memers, shitposters and absulte autists.
We accept all genders (; nationalitys and ages ( not at all die in hell )

You need to be able to take a few jokes no matter how racist and insulting.

We are the monkeyserver ;). Pick up some giveaways, play events and meet new friends here in the server! You are welcome whatever you wanna play! See ya. Cheers.

Official invite: Do you want to play CS:GO, other games or just talk? Then join the discord! :D

We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! We have our own custom bot running in the server called 'Elite Bot'. It offers a wide range of commands and features no other servers offer! To add onto that, we offer a wide range of selection between roles, events, giveaways, emotes and much more! Choose Us! Choose Elite Gaming.
Hello, vous cherchez un serveur gaming accès CSGO ? Ou juste un serveur communautaire ! la FloZon est faites pour toi ?
ici on va etre bref ;)
vous vennez pour geeker parler les gens seront au rendez vous ,
DES RECOMPENCES ? biensur , plus vous invitez des gens plus votre grade sera élevé et votre impacte au GIVEWAY sera élevé ,
un STAFF a l écoute et actif
des membres non toxic
alors qu attends tu ? RUSH B !
3 lata na discordzie
serwer SaneteX - 300 osób
serwer New SaneteX - ? Pomóż nam pobić rekord!
Serwer na którym możesz do woli reklamować swoje serwery discord oraz znaleźć swoją wymarzoną drużynę Esportową lub graczy do tej drużyny.
<< ♔ noble eSports® >>
| -- upcoming E-Sports Clan -- |
| -- Fortnite / CS:GO / -- |
<< Beschreibung >>
Ihr sucht einen professionellen E-Sports Clan 🛡️ mit Erfahrung und regelmäßigen Turnieren ⚔️ oder wollt einfach nur Mates zum zocken 🖥️ traden ✉️ oder chillen🛏️ dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Wir bieten euch organisierte✏️ und leicht zu bedienende Channel und einen gut strukturierten Discord. Wir freuen uns auf dich🎉 Euer ♔ noble eSports® Team
<< Trete noch heute bei und werde ein Stück nobler >>
Отличный сервер с уровнями, поддержкой и множеством ролей.
P.S Серверу уже год!
На данном сервере, вы сможете найти тиммейтов для разных игр, найти собеседников, новых друзей, послушать музыку, пообщаться и просто пофаниться. GL
FR : Serveur de discussion pour trouver des partenaires de jeux ou pour acheter des services et un peu tout quoi ou tout simplement pour bien se marrer :)

En : Discussion server to find partners of games or to buy services and a little everything or just to have fun :)