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The "United Gaming Network" also known as "UGN" is an online non-profit gaming community founded by Ali Vongsathian, a former professional esports athlete in 2015. He dedicated a large majority of his childhood into creating a community for all players around the world.

2017 Ranked #45 of 50,000 Public Discord Servers by

2018 Ranked #20 of 50,000 Public Discord Servers by

- We have an active and helpful administrative team, constant new non-members, and existing members.
- We have all the latest and popular Discord Bots installed
- Steamers, Membership and Ranking System
- Spam Secured Verification Process
Hey Everyone Welcome To The Official Overse Clan Discord Server! If You Want To Chat With Others Go To #chat! #announcements Is Where All The New Updates To The Discord Server Are Posted And More! Remember To Read The #rules To Not Get Banned, Kicked, Or Muted! We Have Some @Content Creator s Check Out There Latest Videos Or Watch Them Live When They Stream In #videos-and-streams! Now To Gaming Overse Clan Has There Own Zone Wars, Where You Fight Each Other With A Moving Zone On Your Tail, The Zone Wars Is Ran By Me @Tipo , Which Once In While Ill Invite Some People To Play! You Can Check Fortnite Daily Item Shops And Fortnite Updates In #fn-shop-and-updates . More Ideas For This Discord Server Are Being Made Soon Like Scrims And More!
This discord is for all fortnite players looking for a good time and looking to find new people with a lot of very active admins, we all know the struggle of playing solos so why not come along and play some SQUADS!!
Wir bieten:
➔ eine aktive Community
➔ aktives und kompetentes Team
➔ einen gut strukturierten Discord
➔ freundliche & respektvolle Community
➔ Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten
➔ 550+ Mitglieder

Wir suchen:
➔ Loyalität & Zusammenhalt
➔ Respektvoller Umgang
➔ Sinn für Humor
➔ eine gewisse Reife vorzugsweise 16+
➔ Spaß am Spielen
We are a growing and friendly Apex Legends Community that support all platforms. All kinds of players are welcome, both casual and hardcore. We have active voice-channels that you quickly can jump in to, LFG channels for all platforms and region EU and NA. Join Us!!
Hello If You Like Zombs Battle Royale You Are Sure To Love This Server! Come On Down And Check Us Out!
▬〖Omen's Realm (Battle Royal) 〗▬

A cozy, safe, chill, and friendly server for people looking to make great friends & discuss Fortnite: Battle Royale
Omen's Realm (Battle Royal) is the most secure & professional fortnite community out there, with multiple systems designed to protect YOU.
We have an army of professional staff.
100+ members choose to be apart of our community. What are you waiting for?



Rank Progression 🕵
Reporting System ⛔
General Discussion 💬
Fast Support 📝

▬〖📢JOIN NOW!📢〗▬
Any questions or concerns? Give our staff a shout!
Spellbreak Philippines Official Discord Server. Come and join us and be a part of the hype!
-== This is probably the dumbest idea/experiment ever! ==-

Everyone in this server has almost all rights. You can ban everyone, remove channels, edit each other usernames. How long will it takes before this server gets destroyed?
This is a Fortnite based discord where you can find people to play with and get better. This is a place where you can overall improve your skill within fortnite. We post guides, videos, and even watch your videos to help improve you.
Here we are a public server where you can communicate and chat! You can talk all topics of Fortnite, Save The World (STW), or even Battle royale! We are mainly for Save The World, but all topics are welcome!
🔥🔥 Welcome To Our Free Fire Team We Will Make History Throughout Our Comp Team If You Want To Join Me Your Stats And We Will Test Your Skills! We Are Also A Social Server, So If You Want To Just Chill And Chat, We Also Have That!🔥🔥
Hi, I am a youtuber and this is my official discord, In here it isn't just battle royale, but also save the world where you can trade and do SSDs.
1400+ Members

• Fortnite Based Discord
• Fortnite Stats Tracker
• Fortnite Item Shop
• Find Players Easily
• Fun to interact with

Official Discord Server for:
We offer a bunch of things in the discord like, finding people to play with, item shop, stat tracker and everything else you can dream of.
"You look like you're ready for this. Just sign up, anndddd.. boom!"

Hello! This is a rp server where players scavenge for their items, or buy it from a shop. In 2019, a rebellion started in an area of Turkey, with it getting so bad the government had to close down the area, allowing no one in, and no one out. Now, 10 years later, some cruel, twisted people are using it as an arena- pitting all sorts of people against each other? Do you have what it takes to win?

Small Server - still growing!
Fun bots, such as Mee6 and Unbelievaboat!
A cool shop and work system!
Great staff! (And opportunities to become one!)
Tons of custom items!
Realism- by scavenging for most items!
A new survival aspect- where people can scavenge for food, harvest herbs, and other fun things!
A fun RP!

RP Mechanics
A player will join the server, and will be led to a channel where they will fill out a short character form and make their OC, or perhaps another character from another fandom. They will set out into the virtual world, having different channels for different areas in the world. Using a d20 or d100 dice, they will get loot, which they can use. However, to reduce abuse of the system, game masters will help them through their journey, setting up events for them, and giving them the loot when they roll. Combat will work with rolls too, though it will be semi-realistic, with custom items such as new weapons, armor, or misc. items that can be used for rp. If they decide to, players may also use commands like 'work,' along with others to earn money, which can buy items from the shop, rather than searching. d100 roles generally bring better gear, though can only be used twice per day.

We hope you join!

Central Gaming is a Discord server for all, we accept anyone and
everyone, the point of our discord is to help everyone communicate
with friends, you can play many different games and join our different
channels so you can talk with your friends, we look forward to seeing you!
Join our discord server for interesting PUBG Mobile online tournaments! So join fast and win Money and interesting gifts.
The official Discord server for Tank Royale Development. Tank Royale is a tank shooter with different variations of game mode styles. From battle royale, to deathmatch.
We are the Gaming forums we're basically everything steam discussions isn't we have Fortnite Save the world trading along with Battle royale trading we have team chats where you can create a team with other players and just gaming groups in general like CSGO, Overwatch, Fortnite (stw and br). Thanks for your time heres a link
all the information:
Comunidad no oficial más grande de Fortnite España