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We're a friendly, active gaming community-based in the United States.

Don't worry we're just minor trolls, don't take what we say too cereal.
6 hours ago
Central Gaming is a Discord server for all, we accept anyone and
everyone, the point of our discord is to help everyone communicate
with friends, you can play many different games and join our different
channels so you can talk with your friends, we look forward to seeing you!
11 hours ago
This is a Fortnite based discord where you can find people to play with and get those dubs.
29 days ago
A chill place for Fortnite players to hang out, talk, and play Fortnite together. You can also share your Own Screenshots and Clips and More! (Server Founded and Owned by Hexiro#8250 on Discord)
79 days ago
Welcome to the Community FortniteNews DiscordApp Server!

We bring regular news about Fortnite!

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89 days ago