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A server dedicated to League of Legends: Wild Rift. We got a friendly environment and staff that is always ready to help you with any kind of matters. What are you waiting? Come and join us! We are looking forward for you.
Bienvenidos a mi servidor, donde podeis conocer gente nueva, jugamos a mucha variedad de juegos por lo que sientete libre de venir y comentar tus esperiencias.

Por ahora el servidor esta empezando por lo que te animo a que le des una oportunidad, todos sois bienvenidos siempre y cuando os mantengais positivos y seais buenos con los demas.

Welcome to my server, we play a lot of games and we want you to come here and share your experiences as well.

For now the server is starting so I encourage you to give it a try, you are all welcome as long as you stay positive and be good to others.
Aceasta este o comunitate dedicata clanului RoZMX si jocului SMITE. Toti jucatorii de SMITE sunt bineveniti si ne dorim sa creem un mediu cat mai prietenos pentru toata lumea. Apartenenta la clan nu este obligatorie dar e recomandata. Suntem o comunitate de SMITE si acceptam pe oricine joaca acest joc atata timp cat stie ce e bunul simt si respecta regulile impuse de noi.
Somos novos e queremos crescer nosso servidor, temos um time, chame qualquer um que esteja on para jogar com você, temos opções de lanes, e vários cargos, queremos ser o maior servidor de LOL do Brasil, contamos com vocês para realizarmos esse sonho.
Your place to discuss smite and improve your skills! We craft theories and friendships that will carry you on the Battlefield of the Gods. A great community regardless of your gaming platform. It doesn't matter if you're new to SMITE or have been playing since Beta Testing, this server is for you! We hold nightly in house scrims at 8pm eastern EVERY NIGHT! Come join the fun!!
This is a community ran discord server for the game Overdox by Haegin.

We have:
• Various chat channels (including language specific)
• Voice channels for better team play
• Up to date news about Overdox
• Tournaments!
• Community specific channels
• Various fun server bots for off time
• Feedback channels to let the devs know anything helpful

Come join us and grow as we help each other become the best at OVERDOX!


An active and mature gaming and social server aiming to have a unified place to hang out and chill with each other. It consists of 1800+ members. We cover some of the high profile games like Destiny, Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft. Come join us
Questa è la community italiana dedicata ai giocatori del titolo League Of Legends nella piattaforma mobile.

La nostra intenzione è quella di cominciare già da ora a guidare la community verso il competitive e il raduno dei players nei clan.

Certamente in un futuro prossimo gestiremo i primi tornei italiani di questo titolo.
We are a small community discord.
Game-wise we play mainly Smite and Minecraft.
But if you're not a game person, you can join just to chat with us. We're completely accepting and chill. As long as you are too, then we'd be glad to have you. <3

Always looking for more bad memes to be added to our collection.
*We just went through a remodel, come see our brand new server!*
Extraordinary Ones Global community!
Join the subreddit:
New server dedicated to Twitch streamer "Vorth". If you like raging, Vorth is your guy.
Come say Hello.
This is a server for 'Arcane Legends' players.
Arcane Legends is a FREE MMO-MOBA game available for Android, iOS, and PC.
Please download and join our Discord server.
**En Construcción; Nombre Provisorio**

Estamos buscando másters y testers. Se necesita gente dispuesta a participar al menos unos minutos al día para pruebas de concepto y balanceo de personajes.

- Juego en equipo de estrategia por turnos símil-moba. Forma un equipo y usa el chat para coordinarte y enviar comandos a tu personaje.
- Descubre a los héroes y villanos de un complejo Multiverso donde coexisten la ciencia ficción y la fantasía. Héroes legendarios, Seres de otros mundos, Androides, Dragones y más.
- **Estamos trabajando para añadir más cosas, estén atentos.**
The community server for the upcoming Tencent game, League of Legends: Wild Rift! Join now and discuss about what will the game have in the release!
Masters of Conquest is a real time competitive experience, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game set in a very far corner of the Universe. We call it a Deep Space MOBA.

Three ancient races, mastering the interstellar travels using the Portals powered by dark energies. Caught in an endless war, defending their ancient homeworld or trying to conquer their enemy’s world.

This is a game that requires skills in combat and strategy, with the ultimate goal of conquering all the worlds by a faction.
A growing community with passion for games such as League of Legends and Rocket League. Come socialize and play some games! Head over to the rules channel and when your done there, head over to the roles channel and get yourself a role! We welcome all games and everyone is here to have a good time.
This is a server that exists for the sole purpose of finding new players to group with in Smite.
King of Glory is a 5v5 moba game and is the highest grossing mobile game currently in the world. We have a starting server with a great community of players on various skill levels. Most players are between diamond and challenger and we offer free help and translations from our team of pros. We a beginning server with 25 or so people and are looking for pros to help with the construction of tutorials that have already begun. Any beginner is also welcome, even if you are just here to find out more about the game! Join for help and quick updates on a google drive that we are making, on different heroes & items and their use!
professional coaching for league of legends, friendly tutors on league of legends, active growing servers, find friends to dual and rank up with in league of legends, hot girls
Oyunlarda ekip kurabileceğiniz, oyun dışında muhabbet edebileceğiniz sade bir mekan kimseye biz şöyleyiz böyleyiz demiyoruz olursak hep birlikteyiz diyebiliriz.