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Hello Lovely People! I am Holy.
Im here to invite you awesome people to my community!
Meet friendly friends! Fun bots! Also funny emotes! And we also have awesome roles! Such as chances for admins and even...Co-Owner!
We play music mostly everyday and have fun together! Come join us! <3
Suntem o comunitate de Arena of Valor pentru românii. Avem comenzi pentru informații despre eroi si multe altele , vă așteptăm!!
Welcome to League of Beginners!
⚔️ We are a LoL server dedicated to players who are new to league or looking to improve their skills! This server is made to create a friendly and safe environment for new players to learn how to improve their skills. Pros and Veterans to League are also welcome! We'd love to have experienced players also help out our newer players! ⚔️
Our server offers:

🛡 Looking For Group (LFG) channels created for users to find and meet new players to team up and play together!

🛡 Voice Channels sorted by squad size to have a convenient and easy way to communicate without using league voice!

🛡 Bots dedicated to helping out with useful tips for different champions and builds to help improve your skills!

🛡 Advertising channels for clans to recruit new members and to grow their communities!

⚔️ If you're interested in finding a new place to improve and discuss League of Legends, please check us out! ⚔️

If you join you can!:

-❀Get ranked tips!
-❀Make friends!
-❀Find Girls or Boys ;)
-❀Drop ELO!!! WOO!
-❀Get cool colorful roles! 🌈🌈🌈
-❀Level up and be cool! 😎😎😎

♥ Share our link!:
A mature server with 600+ members dedicated for Heroes of the Storm. We do QuickMatch , Ranked, Unranked and host our own in-house tournaments where we do 5v5s. Join us and start having fun.
🌱About us:🌱
Celestial Nature Palace is a server where family and friends gather and have fun together. Anyone is welcome to our family, so there's no need to be shy. Join in this server and chill under the tree with us.

🌷This server includes:🌷
-An international server, that allows all languages using (English is our main international language, others are fine).
-Friendly and Funny Community.
-A chilling server.
-Racist, Homophobic and more are not tolerated here.
-Many cool fun roles to assign.
-Many unique bots which can help you from being bored.
-A channel for youtuber to post videos to entertain members.
-Many chat channels for different games like: Elemental Knight Online, Mobile Legends,...
-NSFW channels? No worries, only someone with a spectific role will able to access those channels.
-Giveaways for everyone.♡
-And much much more...
This is the League of Legends Discord server run by community volunteers for the community.
une communauté de Gaming basée sur des jeux en multijoueur en ligne en tout genre. Il y a donc plusieurs communautés spécifiques potentiels dans une seule et même grande famille !!! On prépare actuellement un tournoi sur League of Legends et dans le futur quand les communautés des autres jeux évolueront nous créerons d’autres tournois. De plus des events nocturnes auront lieu par rapport à un thème ou bien à un petit jeu en multijoueur (ex : loup garou et Brawlhalla etc…).
•A family willing to grow!
•Come play and watch stuff with us!
•Tournaments coming. Soonish.
We love active members!
(90 members)
League of Legends server For everyone! We are atm small and new but we hope to bring you all the best time you had in a league related server.Feel free to join us and say hey ^^
Eine deutsche Organisationen die sich über die eSports-Szene diverser Spiele streckt und stets weiterentwickelt. Streamer, Content Creator und Pro Players werden unterstützt. Jeder ist willkommen, ob competitive oder casual!
Spiele: LoL, CS:GO, Arena of Valor, Paladins, Realm Royale, Fortnite, PUBG, Monster Hunter: World und viele mehr.
We are an active group of players who seek to grow and allow for a place for us to get together!
Hey guys we want a good community. We have lots of voice chat and text chat, you can get private voice and text chat for free. Its a moderate server so you can talk with the admins. Come and enjoy.
✨12+✨ Hue is a new gaming community looking for active members. We have a custom bot and custom level up roles, self assignable roles, custom coloured roles. LoL Statistics and builds bot. NSFW section (can be disabled). Interactive bots! we're also looking for staff!
New. Legit only 41 members and 20 of them are only active ; -; pls jOin.

Vast Network is a place to discover friends with the same interests as yourself! Providing the perfect gaming, music, and chillaxation experience from discord.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Official Discord Server

We are a Official Discord Server.

These are the perks you can get by joining Official Discord Server

1. You can use the server to find other team members for your party within your region.
2. You can get Free Skins and Diamonds by participating on Discord-exclusive events.
3. Easily find squads on your region.
4. Hangout with players and talk about heroes, current meta, builds, and more!
5. Promote your MLBB videos.
6. Sending suggestions to improve the game.
7. Ask Moderators your In-Game questions or report bugs.
This a 16+ gaming server dedicated to the Twisted Treeline game mode on League Of Legends. Of course, I allow Summoner's Rift & Howling Abyss players to participate in our shit. The age cap ends at 30 years old, so if you are older I suggest you find another server.
Hola, Amigos/as les dejo una invitación para que se unan a nuestra comunidad


Buscamos toda clase de jugadores!Jugamos por diversion,aunque tambien

**Somos un clan oficial competitivo :D**

¿A que esperas para unirte a nuestra comunidad?

Con otros jugadores que les ayudaran a subir a de categoria :D,siempre a vuestra disposicion.

1. Con entrenamientos diarios para los jugadores oficiales

2.Torneos Amistosos

3.Torneos de ESL

4.Ligas internas entre miembros

Si tienen Experiencia pueden compartir vídeos o guías sobre el uso del personaje con el cual ustedes se identifican y este trabajo lo subimos al canal :D así podemos compartir nuestra experiencia.

Si quieres formar parte de esto unete a :

Discord: PLataforma Manager del equipo:

Si tienen algun problema con la verificacion del server de Discord contacten conmigo !

Todos los user nuevos recibiran el rol de Visitante.
En el apartado #roles puedes poner tu liga dandole a los emojis
Para convertirse en jugador oficial vean el impreso de #formulario-jamoncitos y relleneno en #formularios
BLACK.EU is a gaming community(still growing) focused around having fun on whatever games you please! We do not care about language/racist jokes however we do not support discrimination or real hate for people who are "different". We want to allow people to have fun and express themselves in whatever way they want as this community can be for more than just video games and so we would like to invite you!
You play League of Legends, GTA5 or osu!? Come to this server as we are a thriving community with mainly lol players but also osu! and gta5 players! Join the server now!