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sweaty people looking to climb ranked
6 hours ago
MOBA Games 66
League of Legends based community.

Progressing at a consistent rate to becoming a larger server. Find others to play with, a new team, or participate in an inhouse and win awesome prizes. Join us on the server to find out more and get involved! Please feel welcome to invite your friends.
10 hours ago
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A community that hangouts and plays about all games
4 days ago
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Trials of Strength is a combat game, where you can make your own character, develop abilities for that character and duke it out against others. We have a visual battlefield, and an arena kit available if you'd like to create your own arena. We have an advanced but easy to learn combat system that let's you create and evolve your abilities. You can climb the ladder of contestants and one day become a gladiator. Join us and you can go through your Trials of Strength!
5 days ago
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You play League of Legends, GTA5 or osu!? Come to this server as we are a thriving community with mainly lol players but also osu! and gta5 players! Join the server now!
81 days ago
MOBA Games 17
Welcome to League of Salt! We are a roleplay group that focuses on the game League of Legends, and we aim to create a safe and entertaining space for people to hangout, play games, and rp. Of course, you can always join just to hang out with us! Please read the rules before entering Runeterra :D
134 days ago
Small, friendly gaming community looking to grow in size.
149 days ago
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Join Mom's House, because your Dad doesn't love you enough to keep custody. As long as you respect mom then you should be fine.

This is mainly a server to chill and find like-minded people to talk or game with.
151 days ago