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A fun interactive server for all of you league of legends players.
WE also support all of you egirl lux mains <3
Masters of Conquest is a real time competitive experience, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game set in a very far corner of the Universe. We call it a Deep Space MOBA.

Three ancient races, mastering the interstellar travels using the Portals powered by dark energies. Caught in an endless war, defending their ancient homeworld or trying to conquer their enemy’s world.

This is a game that requires skills in combat and strategy, with the ultimate goal of conquering all the worlds by a faction.
A mature server with 1500+ members dedicated for Heroes of the Storm. We do QuickMatch , Ranked, Unranked and host our own in-house tournaments where we do 5v5s. Join us and start having fun.
Suntem un server classic la inceput cu grade amuzante,avem simtul umorului si suntem bazati pe gaming

If you join you can!:

-❀Get ranked tips!
-❀Make friends!
-❀Find Girls or Boys ;)
-❀Drop ELO!!! WOO!
-❀Get cool colorful roles! 🌈🌈🌈
-❀Level up and be cool! 😎😎😎

♥ Share our link!:
Hey this is a new server looking for members, the first couple of members will be rewarded with a special role :D, This is a excellent server for people to meet new people to play with in your favourite games and to keep up with the latest patch notes. Also participate in regular giveaways
Hey, do you need a Discord-Server to find mates for LoL? And you like feeding in plastic elo? Then this server could be the right place for you! We got the newest patchnotes in here all the times and we even got the bad memes you are searching for!
Trying to find a discord server that plays Smite and only Smite? This is the discord for you! So far we are a small group of people that play smite on the DAILY and we would like to meet more people. ANY RANK and ANY SKILL is welcome, whether you are in bronze or in masters, you can join. This server is promotion friendly as long as you keep it in the provided channels and ANTI SPAM! This channel does not have specific rules except Just don't be rude.

Aceasta este o comunitate dedicata clanului RoZMX si jocului SMITE. Toti jucatorii de SMITE sunt bineveniti si ne dorim sa creem un mediu cat mai prietenos pentru toata lumea. Apartenenta la clan nu este obligatorie dar e recomandata. Suntem o comunitate de SMITE si acceptam pe oricine joaca acest joc atata timp cat stie ce e bunul simt si respecta regulile impuse de noi.
We are the official discord of the Sinical Network. Come join us for talks about Anime/Games/Manga/VNs/Cute stuff! We have weekly giveaways, active text and voice channels, Color roles, a Global Leveling System, NSFW channels, SFW options for those who want to avoid NSFW content. Check our website out:
Division, a newly created server filled with Vainglory players from SEA and NA, Join us, and you would have a pleasent experience as we have roles,ranks and more! We hope to see you there!
A community where people make friends, play games together and support each other through whatever is happening in their lives. We usually have game giveaways almost daily. Anyone is welcome. If you need a place to call home then this is it.
A fun server where you can look for others to queue up with! Constantly growing and always changing, this is the server for you!

Here you can find others to play ranked with or even relax and play a couple games of norms or if you're too tired to this salty game, take a break and chillax in the server with others.
Hey GUYS~ Welcome to my Channel, in this server we're just like a family... gaming together, talking with each others~~ Welcome any country gamer to join us...
The games we usually play~
- League of Legends
- Dead by Daylight
- Monster Hunter
- Pubg
- CsGO
- Dota 2
-If you are looking for a tryhard server, here you have it
-If you are looking to make some friends, this is the right place
-be active and you might even get some rewards
-be kind and care for members
This is a server for 'Arcane Legends' players.
Arcane Legends is a FREE MMO-MOBA game available for Android, iOS, and PC.
Please download and join our Discord server.
Welcome to Hokkaido Paradise!
This is an anime, music, and gaming based server! We originally had 1k members but the server was shut down, so it’s a remake of it! Please join us and help us grow :3
We're just a casual little group trying to grow into a community. It's not the busiest, but not the slowest either. Drop by, say hello, shitpost with us, play with Pokecord, find the secret porn stash, integrate with our regulars, join our movie and anime nights, etc. Don't be shy!
While we do like to game, this server is more focused on socializing, so please don't expect us to instantly queue in with you.
Hello, this is a server where we mainly play Smite. We are a community who is looking to expand our circle. If you are looking for a good time in Smite or other games hit me up! Some players also play other games such as Ark and World of Warcraft if you are interested. There is also a growing community of Apex Legends players. Mature players please and as always no drama.
Vox Populi is a server that is very simple in nature and acts as a hangout spot for chill, down to earth, and open minded people who want to have fun.
Vainglory community free for all to join. Please state name and current clan when joining. Lots of fun and people hosting games. Please be mature, its a friendly community with players of all ages and back rounds.