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Welcome to Elysium! We are a gaming community that provides a safe and non-judgemental space for new and old players in NA, SEA and EU.

We mainly play Smite and Warframe but we're down for almost anything. However, if you feel like taking a break in between games, let’s chat about anime, manga and memes.

Sick of toxic players, unfair treatment by teammates and trolls that make the game worse for everyone? So are we.

Anyway, swing by and you just might find your next group of reliable teammates in Elysium.
Hey! We’re a new family friendly community still trying to get on it’s feet. We’ve had several years of experience with forming strong gaming communities, and we want to do it now with Discord! We are aiming to be an active gaming community with players from all different areas of skill and styles, as well as even different platforms. Join us to be part of a server as it grows! We’ll be needing to form a staff team at some point, so come now so you can be part of our core! If this community goes anything like the ones we used to run, we’ll be up and kicking in no time!
Greetings friends! This is MMORPG server with REAL players. If you are one of the many people facing bad match ups with no real useful teammates to back you up while you're carrying the team to victory, join us now! We conduct training and team comp' in-and-out regularly to stay in the META! Do you like Table Top Sims? Dungeons and Dragons? We have tons of space for you and your friends to conduct meetings and play-throughs! Are you a streamer looking an audience? Plug your stream on our designated channels and spread the word of our server! This is your server as much as it is ours, join now!
Hello, this is a server where we mainly play Smite. We are a community who is looking to expand our circle. If you are looking for a good time in Smite or other games hit me up! Some players also play other games such as Ark and World of Warcraft if you are interested. Mature players please and as always no drama.
Trying to find a discord server that plays Smite and only Smite? This is the discord for you! So far we are a small group of people that play smite on the DAILY and we would like to meet more people. ANY RANK and ANY SKILL is welcome, whether you are in bronze or in masters, you can join. This server is promotion friendly as long as you keep it in the provided channels and ANTI SPAM! This channel does not have specific rules except Just don't be rude.

I created the server with one clear intention, all the users to have a great time and calm gaming experience.

We have:
1. International rooms.
2. Team Voice Channels for different games.
3. Various Gaming Discussion Channels.
4. Chill and Music Rooms.
5. Private Voice Channels.
** Many more on the way.**
__ ςђค๓קเ๏ภ'ร гєรt ___
☼ Growing community
☼ SMITE Veterans and New Players
☼ Ranked and Custom matches
☼ Internal brackets
☼ Mini-Tournaments
☼ Friendly Server
For PC, PS4, Switch and XBox.
This SMITE Server is used for parties, inhouses and scrims. So if you want to improve and enjoy SMITE together, take a look. Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to Mantle of Discord. We welcome Pc, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch players. (Sorry Ps4, hopefully we can play with you guys soon) we are a fairly decently sized smite community and we just want to have fun. <3
A server created specifically for SMITE at first, but has extended its usability for others games like Paladins, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and more.
Brand new Discord Server for Smite. Come join, make friends and Chill! Help our new Server grow!
User friendly, Girl gamers welcome!
Be respectful :) Join us today! :D
a place where we can all play together without stupid rules.

*we have 2 different channels one for crossplay and another one waiting to be filled with ps4 players.
*self roles so you can tell all your friend you play mid

"I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to my death your right to say it"-Evelyn Beatrice Hall
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.
We are an very active smite players. We would love new ppl. We have no ps4 player yet but I have separate chats just for them.
A new smite server where we talk about current meta and stats, also to create teams of players. we are open to anyone, and can give a decent amount of information on most things
You can talk about anything really, mainly based on gaming and weeb shit, even a bit of nsfw things.
We mainly play Rainbow but i play warframe and smite also so if your looking for others to play with then this is the place!
We look to have fun and enjoy our gaming time.
Come here and make new friends, meet people, play as a premade, or just talk. We are waiting for you!
This is a server that exists for the sole purpose of finding new players to group with in Smite.
We are a channel that mainly houses smite players but also are enthusiastic to setting up channels for new games and already have a few for games such as; terraria , path of exile, minecraft, dungeon defenders and more per requests. feel free to join and become part of the community. stay salty
Just a small community looking for new people to play games and hang out with. Come out, chill, and meet new friends! :D
Stop by, shoot the breeze, play some games, watch some movies, and make some friends. We're a fun but brutal social server that guarantees a good laugh.
•Realm Royale.

•Private Support Tickets

•Nice and tidy build using role reactions to view or hide unwanted channels.

•Premium music feature.

•We also accept twitch links to add to the feed role which enables the twitch and mixer channel.


•Values Member Input

•Bot auto Posts Server Status and Hi rez media like twitter and reddits

•Mini-Games Role
•Cards Against Humanity