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Growing multigaming, international (EU, NA&SEA), English speaking community with huge amount of games we play together for fun. Mostly PC and a bit of PS games. Sorry, XBox players, we might not be able to play with you.
Some of the games that we play:
MapleStory 2, Closers, Smite, Paladins, Warframe, League of Legends, Terraria, Torchlight 2, Blacklight: Retribution, 7 Days to Die and many more.

Looking forward to meet YOU! Yes, you.
We also have variety of bots, nsfw channel available for mature members, self-assignable roles and lots of gaming (yes, gaming again).
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Bienvenido a la nación :3 / Welcome to the nation :3
Somos una pequeña comunidad que busca introducirse en este gran mundo buscando gamers / We are a small community that seeks to enter this great world looking for gamers
🙌 English - Español
💟Auto roles
🚫 Comunidad libre de toxicidad
🎮 Juegos nuevos se agregarán con pedido de la comunidad
🎧 Bots de música 24/7 para la comunidadl
💎Canal de sugerencias
🔥 Rangos
🔍Busqueda de anime
🍧 Minijuegos
📗 Completa la pokédex
🎁Dínos Tu Cumpleaños
📊Mira Tu Ping
🌮Empieza tu propia empresa de tacos
🙌 English - Spanish
🚫 Toxic-free community
🎮 New games will be added at the request of the members
🎧 Music Bots 24/7 for the community
💎 Suggestion channel
🔥 Ranks
🔍Anime Search
🍧 Minigames
📗 Complete The Pokédex
🎁Tell Us Your Birthday
📊See Your Ping
🌮Get your own taco bussiness
Juegos / Games :
🥇Smite Ranked / Casual
👾Pokécordnew )
🔫Brawl Stars
Welcome one and all to Mantle of Discord. We just remodeled our discord to make it look and function better. We are fairly sized but would love to see more people join us to play some smite <3
Hey everyone! We’re a small server looking for friendly people to join and play games with. Along with this, we are constantly looking for others to work together to gain followings on Twitch! Come on in and say hi!
⋆-˚。⋆୨୧˚Solemn Vigil of the Phoenix
♡ Created January 2019 growing Forever
♡ In-Depth ranking system
♡ Friendly community.
♡ Multiple text channels.
♡ Multiple voice channels.
♡ NSFW channels.
♡ Multi National Community
♡ Growing SMITE Community
♡ Avid Warframe Community
Join on his adventures as he finds all the best people in all the best games.
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.
a place where we can all play together without stupid rules./ un lugar en el que todos podamos jugar juntos sin reglas estúpidas.
Just want people to give my dead server some life, i'm bored and would like to talk to some true intellectuals.
A friendly community of gamers who also watch anime, looking for new friends to play with.
We are a small community discord.
Game-wise we are overall for free-to-play games, and a large percentage of us play Smite.
But if you're not a game person, you can join just to chat with us. We're completely accepting and chill. As long as you are too, then we'd be glad to have you.

We're all friends here, and if you're here to be chill, then we'd be happy to have you here <3
Здесь ты сможешь найти себе с кем пообщаться и поиграть вместе со своими друзьями!
Если ты ищешь адекватную компанию или же просто хочешь порофлить с друзьями, тогда тебе тут рады!
The SRM Gaming Discord server is a great way for you to meet new people to play your favorite games with! We host weekly and monthly giveaways! You can even connect with your favorite members from our organization on this server!
Soup is a wip server with many features:
•Self Color roles
•Unrelenting shitposts
•A few bots (Disboard, Mibro, Pancake, and Tatsumaki)
We are a small community looking for more people to play games with or text with, come hang out!
Here on Ehrenai, we are striving towards building a strong community, where all of our members can come together and feel accepted. We throw tournaments, events, monthly giveaways and more! Right now we are building a League of Legends and Smite team. Join us today!
We are just a group of mixed people playing Smite and some other games, we are all looking for a fun time. (Disclaimer - We can get offensive)
For PC, XBOX and PS4.
This Smite server is mostly used for custom, party, ranked and duel! So if you want to enjoy Smite together, take a look. Everyone is appreciated!
Hello!~ We are a growing community that stretches more than just gaming. We talk about gaming and anime/manga in general. Come join us for a friendly and fun time!~
Por favor respeten las normas y no falten el respeto, estáis todos invitados a entrar se cederá una sala a quienes lo deseen.
We're just some lads who decided to create a community / gaming / D&D type server. We do alot of things in this server including gaming, D&D and would you believe it ....human interaction.
So come over and introduce yourself to us and the other splending people we will hope will help expand this server.

(Don't forget the spoicy MEME)
The Smite Chat! We're a new discord mainly based around the MOBA Smite!
Come on in and find people to play with, share your builds, complain about the nerfs on your main, and share dank memes.