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Roleplay? OCs? Great People?
We got ALL those things here! Here you can submit your own MY HERO ACADEMIA OC! Cool right? We have more...
The server gets updated time to time to improve its quality for new comers, so please be wary of that!
This server had been modified to allow people to chat freely with fellow BNHA fans and/or Role-play!
The option to Role-play is up to you.
Canon Academy Students are second years/Sophomores. ORIGINAL CHARACTERS are first years and are the main focus. A New generation of Heros.
Its My cool server/Galaxy! you can invite all your friends we do giveaways and more!
This server takes place 20 years in the future. The kids of U.A have graduated, become pro heroes, got married, etc. You can be a child of a canon character or be a regular OC.
My hero academia a heroes legacy is a new roleplay server made recently we have alot of rp channels and nice people so come join!
My Hero Academia
Hello! Welcome to U.A. Anti-hero WAR! We are new and are happy to welcome new roleplayers and new staff!!!

In this roleplay server, it takes place in the future as the school system has changed! No Tests, No grades, No homework, and Fewer SCHOOL HOURS!? That seems crazy but it’s true! Not just that but ALL 4 years join in ONE SECTION! Everybody only passes each year by their performance and efforts, the reason why is from everything they were taught involves with only these two categories! However, Villians are beginning to start another War but, it involves with Anti-Heroes… Heroe’s and Villians there is just no side to stay, Anti-heroes just doesn’t suit up for either side but, they equal out the society there is now for the better of the future! So who side are you in now? Hero, Villian, or Anti? Come and join us to start your roleplay on Next Gen!

[ATTENTION!!!!] We need:
More will come, please come by and check our server out. We just started it and hope you all will enjoy it!
MY HERO ACADEMIA RP: (AGE OF NEW HEROES) Is a roleplaying server based on the popular anime and manga series: My hero academia, come quickly to reserve your character. It is a friendly and loving community of players that are searching for an amazing and fun roleplay experience. Hope to see you soon! <3
Oc's are now available!
__Welcome to **ℍ𝔼ℝ𝕆 勇者 **__

In this server, you will be able to do all of the following:

-Roleplay with flexible, non-overly sensitive, responsive, and active admin and staff.

-Roleplay using your favorite characters/quirks from the Manga and Anime.

-Roleplay in true-to-source-material environments.

-Roleplay and interact in a well bot’ed server, with fair rules.

-Create your own quirks.

We hope you enjoy your time in ℍ𝔼ℝ𝕆 勇者!
Hello and MY HERO ACADEMIA AGES PAST Roleplay! We're a small group right now, but we hope to expand and would love for more people to join! Whether you would like to rp one of your own character you're welcome to join in on the fun! We have a great staff that is willing to answer your questions and help you out. We hope to see you there!
Hello everyone I'm new to discord so the server may look a little crappy but with your support I can make this server great! 👍
A My Hero Academia RP/Chat server where you can also be your OC. It's full of wonerful people and we want to get more. Feel free to join if you want to have fun.
Hello and welcome to our My Hero Academia Roleplay! We're a small group right now, but we hope to expand and would love for more people to join! Whether you would like to rp as a canon charcater, or create one of your own you're welcome to join in on the fun! We have a great staff that is willing to answer your questions and help you out. We hope to see you there!
Heyo! Welcome to the My Hero Academy: London Roleplay! This is an alternate-universe RP, with nsfw themes. So beware children! You’ve been warned!

This is an OC server, meaning no canon characters are allowed!

A demo of the lore, maybe it will further your interest in our server:

The Covenant of Villains: A criminal organization headed and fronted in London. They want to spread fear far and wide to each corner of the city, and spread evil to every corner of the earth, each having their own reasons for setting out on such a painstakingly evil journey.

Extractors: A secret society with one goal in mind: Harness the power of quirks into consumable forms of energy. They want to corner a market of consumable quirks and profit off of it.

18K Triads, an ancient organization starts back in China, which took root during the 19th century in London after chinese immigrated there and managed to continue it's growth in racketeering and many other illicit activities regarding gambling and loansharking.

The Apocrita Society: A collection of demented scientists with a common goal of studying and continuing the teachings of Sir William the Great Esquire of 1869. Sir William was responsible for creating an almost invincible genetic enhancing antibody that causes the host to obtain augmented strength, not normally obtained by practical methods. He was later diminished by a rival scientist, and the notes were hidden away. After many generations, a fruition of new villainous scientists have found the notes Sir William made, and are replicating the serum on unlucky test subjects. They treat Sir William as a God, branding the failed experiments as "one step further to God's realm." They release these experiments into the city, to wreak havoc and show the world only a small portion of Sir William's ingeniousness.
The Hunters: A vigilante organization known as criminals to the general public, formed to do the duty of a hero while ignoring the restrictions of a pro hero and working outside the flawed system, they're goal is primarily to fight villains and save civilians.

OYA Org. Private Tech Institution: A group of scientists directly working under Koya Toshiro, the smartest man in the world. They engineer new tech for hero's ranging from vehicles, weapons, and armor suits. This is the most technologically advanced company in the world, they have tech superior to military grade weaponry.
In the beginning, there were strange powers that rose to the earth through puberty. Through time and countless incidents, they became known as quirks and people started using them for evil and criminal use. This led to the super villain status, as people's fantasies from long ago turned into reality with super-human abilities becoming the forefront of attention. With Villains terrorizing the world, justice would soon stand in its way. This resulted in the arise of the hero agency, and hero academies sprouted up all over the world.

This is the story of the villains rising, and the heroes stance against them. It will show the hard-lined path toward becoming a hero, while also showing the growth of young villains in the world. A world where hero and villain fight for justice and injustice, and a world where students aspire to follow in the footsteps of the heroes. The first heroes set the foundation many years ago, now the new generation rises in strength and number to combat the surging evil.
This RP is based off of the continuous manga/anime series Boku No Hero Academia. Instead, we are in a different world, where the canon characters from the anime/manga don't exist and the ocs YOU create replace them! If you don't know much about the series then don't worry, as the admins and hopefully everyone else will help you learn as well as the information channel! We hope you enjoy rping here!

P.S. There is no storyline, its free rp for all!
Quirks: Quirks are the supernatural abilities that a human has. 80% of the population of the human race has quirks, and each and every single quirk is unique and different.
I have to with a small group of people that are silly and wacky. We rp almost everyday. We just want to have fun. We are easy to get along with. We do random my hero academia rp but we we can do other anime.
BNHA RP. You are free to join. OCs will be available after all characters are taken. I will be Todoroki Shoto and will post who's who.