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Primitive Gaming Recruitment

[+] Primitive Gaming Is looking for skilled and active players to join our competitive team!
[+] NA team

We have 3 levels of play:
1. Casual
2. Competitve
3. Pro

What We Offer:
[+] Highlights and Publicity
[+] Opportunities to be apart of tournaments
[+] Experience in the competitive field
[+] Montages, edits and more
[+] Non-Toxic Environment
[+] Friendly and creative atmosphere
We are a procord that holds fortnite wc pros and are looking for more members everyday!
Join Team Truly's Fortnite Discord server to either play with some goated players or join the Team. FOR MORE INFO ON HOW TO JOIN, join the server and dm the leader or the co-leaders. Thank You your Captain, Roze
We need active players
We don't care about wins or kd
We care about skill and your attention span
Looking for admins and discord managers
To join just 1v1 the owner, tryout manager, or admins.
Players wanted
We support mobile, switch, ps4, xbox, mobile, and pc
LRD is now recruiting !
I have a lot of experience in team management and team leading.
LRD needs players that can find the perfect balance between being funny and being serious.
North america only.
Needs to speak fluently english.
I want mature people that can help the team to grow.
I want you to be active and play with other members and not to slack as soon as your in.
if your interested check the LRD discord !
(please don't be toxic)
Thanks and i'll see you soon !
Niveau Practice

Hey! This discord is made to let people play at their level,
this makes the game more fun to play because you only have to beat people who are for you, do you want to play?
then verify yourself and play with your level of pleasure!

We are looking for:
Chat Moderators,
Custom/Rotations Host

Welcome to N.S.A Which means you Never Stand Alone, we are a Fortnite clan based off of decent/average players. We are a new clan and we look forward to growing and playing with our members from practice scrims to pub-stomping. You choose.

We are Team Viper,
•We compete in tournaments e.g the World Cup
•We stay active with our socials posting often
•We around 15 talented players
•Good Community
•We give accounts to those who stay active and invite people
So make sure to join up
Welcome to our server!
If you want to join our team join our discord
Enjoy your stay ;)
This server is a Fortnite scrim/zone wars server which priorities in helping players get better and join teams.

Minecraft,Fortnite,UPlay,Spotify,Origin,Wish ,Netflix and NordVPN!!
Join now and get your account!
We are a fortnite team and we are looking for members...We have 150+ wins.
We have a very friendly team and we have many friends.
Grasz w Fortnite, szukasz teamu? Lubisz kruki? Ten serwer jest dla ciebie, oferujemy ci treningi i możliwość rekrutacji! Wbij do nas!
WE are a Esports gaming team looking for goated players to join
Team Optimal is a Fortnite Competitive team founded on 4/3/2019 by iNitsua. The team strives to bring the best gameplay, and work great together as a team!
Hello Everyone Welcome to the Mox Fam Official Discord, if you have questions about anything please ask me or in the future when i get trusted moderators please feel free to ask them as well... Also, be respectful to others please. Thank you everyone for supporting me. Love all of you
this discord is for one of the top clans (menace) we are dedicated to people that are willing to grind for this clan and have at least 100 to 200 wins to get in.. we love having people just join the server to chill and hangout. We also have people that are trying to get big as in "subCount", there is several rules as you do need to earn them which is fun its like a game am i right. hehe thanks for taking a look at this
When was Twilight gaming founded?
January 27, 2019

What is Twilight gaming?
Twilight Gaming is a newly formed gaming organization that plays competitively.

How can I join?
Go check out #how-to-join
The Legistix Lounge is a server that welcomes all Fortnite Content Creators out there trying to grow, and on the rise! Legistix, the owner, makes paid edits if you are looking for quality videos for your YouTube channel! Come Join the Lounge!
Hi, GnZ is new psr eSport team that need members, so i dont test 3 first members in server they will be automaticly in team.
You dont haveto change username or else.

We also have a 10(€/$) ps4 giftcard giveaway at start! You have 2 week to enter.

Clan Leader: GnZ Pete