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Sonic Sanctuary is a Sonic-focused Discord community with a plentiful of channels and content. Chat with members and share everything Sonic!
A place where all the shippers of Blaze The Cat x Sonic can join and interact with each other! (Sonaze)
Welcome to The Sonic Effect! In this roleplay server you can choose any hero or villan from the sonic franchise! You can own up to 3 characters (ex: 2 OCs and 1 canon). This server does not have any lore planned for it at the moment. We are a welcoming and friendly server,we hope you enjoy when you join this server! But make sure to read the rules first.
Hey there!
Welcome to my Discord server, hope you will like your journey here! This is a server were you can talk about sonic

- Don't spam posts.
- Post shitposts only on the #shitpost-zone.
- Be respectful to everyone. (obviously.)
- Don't post or talk about any pornographic/gore content.
- Don't promote other Discord servers, unless you get the permission.

If you break this rules several times, you will get banned from this server instantly.
Keep in mind that those rules can change at anytime.
A server for anyone to come and talk about sonic comics,cartoons and just general sonic lore and media!we are a very small but very chill comunity,don't be afraid to start a convo or just say hi!
A safe place for all Sonic fans to come and express their love for the famous blue blur! You can talk about the games, show off your art, and even chat to some of the other fans in the server!
Hello there! We're the official Discord server for Sonic News Network, the free online collaborative wiki! You can join here to talk all things Sonic and more!
This is a Hangout for Sonic The Hedgehog fans and Minecraft fans if your into Minecraft archiving you can join here if you want