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Join this Red Dead Redemption RP and become an outlaw yourself! Join a gang or start your own, go on heists, etc...
Listen ‘ere, cowpoke. You ever dream of being a wanderer of the Wild West? You ever wonder how a ruthless gunslinger can redeem himself? How outlaws live and die by their codes?

One of the best stories in video games answers these questions. It’s known as the Red Dead Redemption series. Arthur Morgan, John Marston, Red Harlow, they’re all outlaws ‘till the end.

Have you ever wanted to join them in their countless gunfights, their rides, their struggles? This is the server for you

We provide:

- Good Story Opportunities
- Chances To Be Both Canon And OC Characters
- Welcoming Staff
- A Vast RP World To Explore

And more!

Now the final question we have for you: Will you ride with us?
The basic premise...

The gang reached its demise all too soon, all those involved quickly becoming unwanted, as civilisation took over. However, something deeper was stirring someplace within, and the curse rune even deeper. The van der Linde gang and all associated may be apart, reincarnated, however unaware of a past life. They remember blurry details, but will they choose to unravel these secrets, or remain oblivious to their past lives? Will they forget their spirit animal, or embrace them?
A Danganronpa server that has a slight Red Dead Redemption twist to it.
Plot - And with that, the Amami family (and their friends) moved across the country, finding trouble for them in each little town they encountered. Finally they found a little land that wasn't plagued by police. Washington Estate. It was a medium sized house, on a lake. Soon after they chased out the previous owners, it became their estate. Amami Estate.
So, four (4) years before all that Blackwater business, when the gang were thrown into hiding and chaos and murder, things were a lot different.

The Van Der Linde Gang weren’t quite so wanted, and were fairly at peace in their little world. For now, at least.

In 1895, which road will the gang choose to take this time?

- X -

-Relaxed RP Community
-Drama Free
-Spoiler Free (to the best of our abilities!)
-Semi-Literate (3rd person, 2-3 sentences+)
-Canon Only

(NOTE: Some characters will be absent. Most regretably, Charles and Sadie.)
A server where fans of the Red Dead Redemption series can congregate and talk about their love for the series and characters!
We have:
- roles for spoilers and spoiler free channels
- plenty of art and theory channels
- a section dedicated to the online version
- memes
- nsfw chats
- a whole community of positive fans !
Please join the gang in this big server of friends <3!
We are a realistic role playing community in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Create your character and take on the west as a lawmen, outlaw, business man, or anything you can dream of.
Hosted by the Discord Gaming Network, our Red Dead Redemption 2 Discord is the follow-up of our great success with our GTA Online Discord, the largest GTA Discord Community, holding over 42,000+ total users.

We are a gaming and LFG community based off the biggest wild west game of 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 with our main focus being on creating and maintaining a healthy community, where players from everywhere can come together and have a great time playing and chatting about their favorite game.

We are proud to maintain such a wonderful community and to be partnered with Discord partners such as Silentc0re and more with the hopes to have this server become equally successful to our GTA Online Discord.

How the future looks, we genuinely cannot tell, but we certainly do plan on improving and providing you the best possible experience for you and the community. We hope that we can ride the sunset with you by our side.
Want to learn how to earn fast cash, or tips on tricks for Red Dead Redemption 2? This is the server for you! We are a new server where players can come together to play RDR, or find help and tips for the Red Dead Redemption Story Mode, like cheats and easter eggs.
a new server for fans of rockstar's red dead redemption 2 to meet, posse up, discuss the story, and cry with other people who enjoy the game!!
We've created this chat to make it easier for people to get to know other players, join posses, talk and much more.

Anyone is welcome but please do follow our rules to make this experience good for everyone.

Feel free to join!