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Once upon a time, a man had mastered all the Earths elements and was the most powerful being, the government feared him and they banned any sort of power like his, but as he grew old he grew week, and now he is in our fairy tails until this generation had unlocked his power. its illegal, dangerous and not for people wanting to give up. but what happens when they have a fight to win and dangerous choices to make, will you join them with your element powers?
15 hours ago
a magical place where you can find your personality, or if you already know you can hang out with your fellow people
19 hours ago
We're a small, but growing roleplay server and would appreciate it if you joined us. We have people ready to roleplay at any time and friendly, fun staff that can help you with whatever you need. Here's a brief, vague description of our lore!
Thousands of years ago, in a world full of darkness and hatred, humans were taken over. Taken over by a new species from a rift in the sky. People began being gifted with magical, mystifying powers to defend themselves, and the war that lasted several millenniums came to an end.
20 hours ago
Drulamore is a castle which resides hidden in Romania. Although its architecture shares that of a forefather Romanian castle, it has been modernized to well suit the times. The castle provides a nice central airing system for those long hot summer days and heating for when its cold although fireplaces are still well lit. There isn't too much technology upgrades around however due to school rulings but the Quidditch field is a site to see. Fully updated with a large stadium that held a digital score keeper that televised star plays within the match, as well as Hoops which were enchanted to hover on their own in place. The castle itself is placed in a clearing of a forest which stretched out like a sea. The forest itself is enchanted so that anyone who passes through it, not registered within the schools system, shall never be able to even come across Drulamore. It has many stairwells which lead up to tall towers, halls which stretched on beautifully with a rectangular shape, and its walls beautifully decorated with marble. The castle held 3 large main areas, The Grand Hall, where the students would meet regularly scheduled for feasting, the Diet Hall where ceremonies and meetings were held and the Circular Stairway which was a rather large and wide case of stairs that let off at each floor.
2 days ago
Humans have grown significantly in size of the population, easily outnumbering the other races. With their expansion came Kingdoms built into this magical fantasy world. But that expansion wasn't enough for them, the human's lust for power was not tamed and therefore left them to make one of the biggest mistakes mankind could do. They rekindled the dark, unsealing a Dark Deity and the Demons. The balance that was once created has now been destroyed.
We are a new roleplay server that had just opened in late June in 2018. At the current moment, we are a small roleplay community enjoying something we all love. We have managed other successful servers before. We are attempting to make this place as active and amazing as we possibly can. Here’s what we have to offer!

- Custom and detailed lore that is expected to expand.
- A friendly community that is small yet has much more room to grow. Majority of our rpers have roleplayed in other roleplays and know how to do it properly.
- ERP and NSFW channels(Must ask for the role)
- Various bots for music and pure fun for your own pleasure.
- Various different mythologies are accepted and allowed to be used to your own creativity.
- Any species that you wish to be may be accepted even if it's out of the major races.
- And many more things to discover! Come to join and have some fun!
4 days ago
We all have a purpose in this world. In their case it is to restore peace in the universe. Welcome to Mahou Academy! Here both boys and girls can train to become the greatest magical heroines in the world. You can either be a teacher, student, or villian. The choice is yours. Teachers you will teach your students the basics of being a magical girl/boy, you will teach them how to banish the soul of an evil-doer, students you are to listen. Villians. Just be villians. ((This server is a work in progress but im looking for some help/mods ❤))
21 days ago
In a modern world where everyday life continues onwards these three rival schools have a very different conflict. Maple Ridge being able to control mental magic, Waterford controling Elemental magic and Cross Valley controling physical magic has not reunited the schools but has furthered the chaos. Especially after the destruction of two schools caused by the rebels carrying the forbidden fourth magic.
Now the three rival schools have merged and must try to go through everday school life without completely destroying one another. Three new headmistresses overwatch them as fights break out. But the outside world knows not of these magical powers
Which school will you attend? Will you be able to win fights and attend classes while keeping your magical powers unknown to the outside world?
Join Triumvirate Academy today and see what mysteries you'll unfold~
(We're currently looking for some help to grow our server and some ideas on story ideas. Both would be appreciated so take a visit if you wish!)
26 days ago
Hey! This is a magical girl roleplay for anyone who wishes to join. We accept all genders, sexualities, anything. We hope you enjoy the server!
48 days ago
Welcome to the galaxy of roleplay! We are a friendly roleplay server with a welcoming community. We have roleplays such as magic schools and skyrim, and you can even post you're own suggestions! We're not overly strict, however, of course, we have rules, but everyone is equal here!
160 days ago