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••Welcome to 9 Spires a sci-fi, fantasy, magical world.••


Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join a organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.


••Open massive world with many areas.


••Unique RPG system

••Several races and backgrounds to choose from

••Now with 300% more rp fun! Additional expansion for faction groups and server world.

••Friendly members and experienced staff

••Lots of neat Robits to be friends with

••We are a friendly and open community. Non-toxic and intend to keep it that way


Join the 9 Spires, it’s not your world but you do live there.

**We now have Nitro Boost!**
Hey, everyone, it's me Mickey Mouse! Are you looking for a magical do server? Well, my friend look no further because I invite you to Disney World!!! Here we have active and friendly staff and many things to do and see. You can talk and Rp or request a house, no a mansion, no a Castle, better yet a PLANET all for you. We have daily events for roles and privileges

We are a new small server so we are looking for
More active role plays
And much more

So join now before all the characters are taken. Have a magical day haha
This is a server for furry /neko characters and it is based off of my friends magical dimension called haven its quite small tho
Set in Japan in a mysterious location, a small camp known as Camp Comet makes itself at home. It remains a safe haven for every wandering teenager who needs it, boasting a reputation for being a place where anybody who needs it may stay.

A long time ago, twelve comets struck the Earth and imbued the human occupants with magic. Named after the astrological elements of our skies, each cabin features its own unique powers. From Mercury's dark magic to Earth's elemental magic, from Sun's illusion magic to Moon's shadow magic, there is a magic for you and your wonderful OC.

There is never a lack of drama or romance, and we are consistent in keeping the server spicy and seasoned with plenty of active RP and fun plotlines for each individual! Join this camp for an opportunity to experience magic, drama, romance, and more. We boast cool lore and powers for you like Dark Magic, Healing Magic, Telekinesis, Mind Magic, Invisibility & Stealth, and much, much more. Have fun roleplaying with us!

-Extensive lore
-Very developed powers/magic that's both complex yet easy to RP with if you're new to the whole RP thing (whatever your speed is, we can support it)
-LGBT+ friendly romances
-Literate roleplay (but always down to teach newbies ;D)
-Active staff or discorders always down to RP!
-Plenty of channels for your creative smol hearts
-Constant plot and events to keep RP stimulated!
-A supportive community both in character and out of character

Freeform RP for everybody with a developed universe! Don't be worried though, if you join, you won't regret it! We promise. We've recently undergone a massive staff upheaval and we're ready to provide for your RP needs now for real with no OOC drama and all IC drama, just like we all like it.
Hey there! Welcome to The New Dawn. We are a medieval fantasy rp server that invites creative character creation. We also openly invite all rp styles and types. Maybe you arent a great roleplayer? This is a great place to start! Or maybe you are a roleplay veteran? We have many veteran roleplayers on this server! We also have strict rules and a very helpful staff team that is ready to help at any time! Please check it out if you have the time.
You’ve been invited to join the dazzling Crystal High! Will you be a malicious villain, a everyday civilian, a dedicated student, or maybe even a mysterious teacher? Here, we offer:

💠 A lovely, perpetually growing community!

💠A big, wide world of RP for you to put both your characters and time into!

💠The chance to meet wonderful individuals and form bonds!

💠Memes for the cultured folk out there.

💠 We include multiple bots,and events to ensure that none of you get bored.

💠 We hold events nearly every week to ensure that the rp never dies.

💠 we have various monsters for you to face off,will you fight or flee. Tame or shame?

💠We are kinky at times...

💠We include bots such as:
-Dank member
-Slot bot

💠Your character can become a hybrid with mystical and mysterious powers, got any plans yet UwU

💠Have fun!

Do you want to join this world and make a new path? Then don’t hesitate! We would love to see you here with us UwU-

Welcome to the unofficial Discord Server about the Anime & Manga Tejina-Senpai/Magical Senpai! We've also got lots of Tejina-Senpai themed emotes for you Nitro users.
This is a new original server.
A school hidden in the woods, for magical creatures.
Roleplay as:
We have classes for the different creatures and 100+ channels!
This is a new server called The ultimate universe, where you can be anyone, yes even a god, but there are 3 other gods that are even stronger then gods, the ultimate gods, you can be strong but not stronger then them, but you cant do godmoddling, and kill others without permission, so come and join if you got question just ask us and we'll see what we can do
Here in High school Magical we have..

《A fast growing community!》

《Friendly community and staff!》


So why not come down and meet us all in and out of roleplay?
«Hello there! I am Andie, the current owner of the server. The server is still in development at the moment as my alt owns it, this is a roleplay and community server where people can hang out and have fun! Once you join, please read the rules and pinned messages of the verification system so you can be verified. Trolling and being disrespectful is not allowed, thank you!»

I will though say that the lore hasnt been fully completed yet, but it takes place near the future in a different universe. Everybody must act positive and sweet/happy all the time. Any sign of negativity is instantly banished. There is always a King or Queen in charge to keep this as balanced as it could be even though it is completely unbalanced as it already is. Currently, the king of this universe has been abusing their powers and started forcing people to smile at least every minute and forcing them to laugh that people are slowly growing tired of it, and you are most likely one of them. Though, there is an organization known as the "CASTLE" organization. They are a secret organization planning to take down the king and his plans for the future, you will find out more once you join the server though, sorry if this is confusing!

WARNING: Cursing is allowed but no racial slurs or anything that can offend anybody. Please note that this server is in a HUGEE WIP and it is not reccomended to join until this warning is removed, but it is up to you.
This server is just a fun roleplay taking in the place of the world of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. With the cold war between the Magic and Science side in the world on the edge of heating up. Threats on the tiers from insane scientists to people ascending to the level of the divine, one would wonder how you'd find the way to solve these problems. Turns out all you need is a grumpy homeroom teacher with a strange power and a bit of forced motivation to turn a class into something more. A miracle. It is simply meant to be fun, nothing more to it I suppose.
The 1830s and 1840s is a hard year in the Wizarding world, 1847 began the night fall war. A war between the dark wizards of Nightingales and the people of the Wizarding world, their leader, Madam Corvina Onyx started a war to regain full power and control over each magical being but murder everything and everyone who tried to come in her way. The minister, Albert Boot is starting to get paranoid with everything in the ministry, the Aurors are at Hogwarts to keep everything under control. The heart off Hogwarts where a powerful object is being held is what Madam Onyx is wanting but it’s the school’s responsibility to take care off it as well as the ministry. Will you be apart of the war or will you step back?
𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕 𝕎𝕒𝕣 𝕀𝕍: 𝔸 𝔹𝕒𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝔽𝕠𝕣 ℙ𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣

Hey there fellow roleplayers! Are you looking for a new roleplay server to join? Well, this is what my server has to offer!

✦ A Friendly & Accepting Community

✦ 140+ Channels

✦ Freedom With Your Roleplay Style

✦ Completely Original Plot

✦ And More!

✦ Basic Lore: It's the year 3095 and the tension between the 5 countries, Techola, Everica, Xeminin, Aratsgre, and Fethernna, is higher than ever. Even though World War III just ended 30 years ago, the 5 countries have gone to war again. But this time, there will be no peace treaty. There can only be 1 winner. Who will it be?
Things have gotten so desperate in the 5 countries that they have begun to draft people for war. They have also created a new Hierarchy system in all kingdoms besides Everica. Everybody is selected for a certain caste. If you end up with a really low caste, you can always work yourself up castes. But this rarely happens. Most people will probably be stuck in their caste. Now, people are poor and out on the streets in fear of being drafted for the war and separated from their loved ones. When one is drafted for the war, they have to fight until their country wins, or they die.

The possibilities are endless!


You are a mystical creature, that must hide away in the deep forests of Cloverheart. Where we are all divided into sectors of the forest, depending on species!

These species include:

~ Centaurs
~ Fairies
~ Pegasi
~ Griffins
~ Chimeras
~ Hippocampus
~ Mermen
~ Mermaids
~ Elves
~ And Many More!


After long cold war of the Humans and Mystical creatures, your species was almost wiped out. The humans thought they were victorious ,but little did they know few survived and were hiding out in Cloverheart Forest.

You must stay hidden, unless you are brave enough to explore the big and bad city of Cloverheart!

Join us today!
Hamerison High is a magical highschool roleplay server! This is kinda like a slice of life thing, by the way!
A new Discord guild ran for the most by a generic AI called SvenskBot. Read the rules and have fun!
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ тнє ωσяℓ∂ ѕєє∂ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
The World Seed is a server created by ʝυиισя#4607 with lots of opportunities and lots of great roleplay, here is what we offer!

- A brand new server so little to no clutter! - Because we are a newly made server, we have fresh channels and the whole nine-yards! I mean, who dosent love being one of the first people to say something in a newly created channel? When you can become one of the first to talk in a newly created server. Come join our little family and make it just that much bigger. ◇

-Nice and Understanding Staff! - Each staff member was hand chosen as staff, based on their past experiences of managing servers and helping out, their skill set (which includes personality traits and knowledge), and last but no least their overall knowledge and can-do attitude towards things. ♡

-This is an up and coming fantasy roleplay server that, in all technicality, is an URBAN Fantasy roleplay. The roleplay has several ties to history, and magic has been around in the world since at LEAST WW2, which screwed over the magical population. In the modern day, most magic comes from one of two rival organizations, and is generally secret to most people, unlike the existence of magical creatures which are somewhat more well known.

-Great roleplay - If you want some details then keep reading. We have dozens of channels for multiple purposes, such as the application process. Well enough talk about that, why now come an see the rest for yourself? Itll be a blast, I promise. ◇

-Partnerships and opportunities for mutual growth! ♡

A buzzing school for all ages. In it's own little realm and having thousands of classes and things to explore. Made thousands of years ago and open to the public as a school for ages 5 and up. Disturbia is seen mostly as a highschool and mostly teens attend.

Thousands of races are allowed in and all are welcome!
Located along the southeast coast of the Island of Oʻahu in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood of East Honolulu, just among the heavily touristed island is a preserved isolated area for people born with extraordinary powers accompanied with crystals and gems to help control their powers to take down monster deep in the sea to creatures among the very island brought together by the governments picking. You're here for that reason to train and prepare to be a new military force.
You received a package with your name on it. You open it to see a letter with an emblem on it. You never signed up for a school. You read the letter anxiously. Not knowing what to do you toss the letter on your bed. The letter sounded like the standard acceptance letter though where did the come from. The next day you decided to figure this out. Your snatched the letter out of your bed and began reading it. You hear a loud honk. The honking becomes louder. You hurry outside to be  greeted with a red and black bus with the emblem. You pulled your letter out and showed it to the bus driver, shaking. You stepped on the bus and felt the door shut behind you. You calm down and then realized you aren't only one...

Come join us!

Friendly sisters who just want to have fun and an active roleplay!

Following rules is key here!

Feel free to invite friends!

Please, no furries (sorry, this is an all human server.)

Ask questions!! We'd love to answer them!

ERP's are allowed!

Magic school of greatness!

Make an introduction and make new friends!

LGBT+ Welcome! 😘

Fun little lore to mess around with!

Will you make your character fall in love.. Or in deep trouble with another character? Let's make your experience thrilling!

Please, invite whoever likes roleplaying as you please!

One liner role players are fine, but we need to keep it long and story based so we know what your doing (also with proper grammar thank you.)
~ Co-owner Poodle (A My Hero Academia loser.)

Hope to see you there, kittens~
Mogeko Academy is Located In **Tokyo, Japan**. The Year Is 2193. Lot's of Wars Between Supernatural creatures, and Humans Occurred When The School Was Being Built, However, We Assure The Location is **Safe**. Pure Humans are Now Extinct due To The Supernatural Occupancies, Super Humans Were Born as this Occurred. The War's Have Ended as Soon as the School was Finished, The School Was Built To Bring Peace to all the Different Races. The School Teaches it's Students How to Use and control their New Abilities.