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You’ve been kidnapped and now are stuck in a school with no way out. The craziest part on top of it, you get to find out that you aren’t human. It’s a brutal environment, can you uncover the secrets of the school and find a way out?
A supernatural roleplay all located within a castle situated in old Bavaria. The castle also acts as a school so you can roleplay as a student, teacher, or just a creature outcast from the human world that wishes to see you suffer. Includes both RP/ERP.
Every 5 Years, All the 8th to 12th graders have to go to Summer Camp for a whole Summer. Sadly...I mean GLADLY it's now your time to go. When you arrive you go under an arch reading "Remmus Camp", Yet online it was just called Summer Camp. There are 5 cabins, With 12 beds in each one. You do the math on how many people are at the camp.
It's time for you to enjoy your summer. Camp can't be too bad. Well, Maybe it can. When one day, A camper goes missing and strange things begin to happen, You and all the other campers begin to wonder if this camp is really the "Nice get-away" you needed.
In a world far ahead...
2100. the world has been changed. canada, the usa, mexico and alaska becoming one country... TAP, the aural provinces...

life is hell for subjects and citizens, kidnapped, bought, bribed and whatever way they could of brought you here they did. whether you were a citizen, a homeless person or even a strange unexplained creature . the lab is your new home, but it's not even close to being deserving of that title...

the goverment? corrupt, they don't care...
it was already bad enough, but things just got a whole lot worst now.
×÷·.·´¯`·)» η∀ℊḯ﹩⊥∀ «(·´¯`·.·÷
• Aerwyns💦 (Water Nymphs)
• Adrins🔥(Fire Elves)
• Atals 🌱 (Plant Faeries)
• Zephyrs 🌬 (Air Elves)

💦🔥🌱🌬In a world of Magic and a War in act, who knows what will happen, let your character save Nagista from the Terror, and Play as an Aerwyn, Adrin, Atal, or Zephyr! We accept all genders and sexualities. NSFW is approved but keep anything a little too sexual in DMs. Roleplay with us in the World of Nagista! 🧝‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧜‍♂️🧚‍♂️
×÷·.·´¯`·)» η∀ℊḯ﹩⊥∀ «(·´¯`·.·÷
Hello ponies!
Welcome to Remembrance. The storyline isn't fully based off of the actual TV show, but the characters from it still remain, plus new ones!

- Characters Needed!!
- OCs Needed!!
- New Characters!!
- New Places!!
- New Roles!!

Everyone is welcome! We are a small server and are hoping to get a lot of more people, so that way we can fulfill the server to its best!
Ever wanted to be in a roleplay world where you aren't plagued by complex rules and no freedom? Welcome to Yencipe Gaia, the best supernatural/fantasy roleplay you'll ever join! What is a Yencipe? Let me tell you.

The island of Yencipe was one of many in a small archipelago called the Gaia Isle To Islanders, it is often refered to as 'Yencipe Gaia' as are the other islands. Unlike the other tropical islands, however, Yencipe is incredibly different. It has large, unreasonable and rare metal deposits, resulting in the island having magestic, green sands. Within the island's giant mountain, Alrenaggo there is a magical stone made of indestructable material, surrounded by diamond and amythest deposits. It is gorgeous, legends say it has supernatural properties that cause the strange creatures and people to be able to exist on the island. The island is beautiful, covered in wildlife and plants. What will you find?
This is a new roleplaying server about recreating extinct species from the past, many millions of years ago, to be exact.

Ten years ago...
A secret biological organization began to test different genetical codes and attempts on an island they created in the Pacific ocean
five years into their project they began to encounter problems
eventually those problems led up to what they dedicated "The Incident"
Five years later..
A team marines and scientists, also known as advocate for the BDM -Biological Devices and Medicines-, (you) are chosen to investigate what exactly transpired on this island
will you survive the hidden dangers and report back to your commanding officer, or will you fall victim to the biomes unnaturally created?
❉ ╤╤╤╤ ✿ ╤╤╤╤ ❉
The Hidden Land
❉ ╧╧╧╧ ✿ ╧╧╧╧ ❉

Welcome to the Hidden Land, a server full of fun and wacky people! This is medieval set roleplay server that has creatures and magic of all sorts that mingle together. Come check out what we have in store.


What we have to offer:

- Custom emojis
- Ranks such as workers, soldier, royalty, and much more
- Species such as Centaurs, Satyrs, Witches, and much more
- Subspecies such as Warlocks, Banshees, and much more
- Kind, welcoming staff
- Active members
- And many fun channels!


So give us a try, and come drop into The Hidden Land family! (:
Just a place to talk about cryptids and stuff of the like. !!!There may be gore!!! Please accept the rules to be able to talk in chat.
The world’s heavily populated by all sorts of supernaturals, ranging from the most human, to the most extreme. From witches to shapeshifters, banshees to centaurs, all living on the same planet, and normalized in the eye of humanity. Though, politics and hierarchy play by different rules. The Kingdom of Aldaine is the largest, and most pure blooded, with plenty of power to go around. For them, expansion never seems to be out of the picture, as their community thrives and continuously grows. And while usually pacifistic, the kingdom is unafraid to take down a threat, or make a close-minded, unwilling-to-bargain empire submit or cease to exist.
Over a couple centuries ago, it wasn’t just the Aldaines that stood tall and proud. A few lifetimes ago and then some, for humans at least, the Empire of the Fitzroy family existed with radiant strength. Nobody expected the fall that came swiftly and rather brutally. Behind closed doors, the current High Aldaine king and “Lord Fitzroy,” had been at each-other’s neck. So of course, one went to an extreme. The Aldaine Kingdom wiped out the entirety of it, almost as fast as the blink of an eye. The attack was so well-planned that nobody, the Royal Guard, the Council, nor the Royals themselves, suspected a thing. But, once the rubble was alongside any survivors, another monarch was lost. The High King was slaughtered by the youngest Fitzroy Prince, who fled the scene rather quickly after that.
Ever since, wolves have lied somewhat low, avoiding the total decimation of their species, culture, etcetera. And, along with that, the “blood-sucking” empire has grown more strict, especially with the romantic life of their heirs, and their security. After all, both species can be known as vengeful. Who knows what to expect, now that both have evolved so much since the collapse of the Fitzroy Empire.
So, who will you become? A guard working for the royal family, or perhaps a member of the Fitzroy pack? Join today!
The Large city of Shademount with it’s many secrets and Beauties. All beings..well almost all beings live in peace here..They have many modern places such as Cafe’s, Hospitals, and so in but they also have many “Supernatural” Places.

Dragon farms, under water towns, and markets with potions and many things that can be named. There is also many small villages around but the two towns that are known by name along with the Main city are Graywater and RougeHill.

At night it’s never safe and the only ones that can seem to help are the Race that is mostly wiped out...and the remaining are held as Slaves to the richest people and they are forced to use their powers to save only the rich..These people are called shiners
And there is only about 12 (8 open slots) left In the world..Of course if the rich so choose they could breed like animals

If you are interested and or intrigued Join the server and Read more about..The last tamer

•Everyone is welcomed
•We have crude humor
•Friendly people
We are trying to grow and would love if you joined! Love Admin/Co-Owner, Bluu/Max

What we have to offer:
+ Strict rules.
+ Open to suggestions and questions.
+ LGBTQ+ friendly.
+ Laid back staff.
+ Many leisurely OOC chats.

One step. Two steps.
A man walks down his hall.
His job is no easy one.
The small tapping of his feet drag the attention to some rather questionable animals.
Or are they creatures?
Regardless, they see their maker.
This man, Kayaba Anihoto, has created roughly 5-9 new species. He has a small journal of them and their behaviours. #kayabas-journal
A huge crash was heard from the containment chambers. The creatures have run out.
They got a whole lot smarter.
Over 1,000 people are recorded missing, and these creatures are the cause of all of it. These beings take the bodies of humans as their own, kicking out the soul of the original owner. The two beings merge together.
The human will never come back.
They have met their days.
Police run around the streets of Jotuma city.
They’re looking for the thin man who has created these ‘vile’ creatures.
These creatures are only doing this to become safe. They dont want to die.
They want a chance at life, but they have to adapt to it first.
How will you go about this?
Will you stay a human or let a creature take over your body for good?
Note: this is rare, if a creature dies and is closely connected with a human, the spirit will be permanently attached to that human and will die if their host dies. They feed off the life source in microscopic quantities, meaning the human might die 2-3 years earlier than expected.
Ex: Two siblings exist. One has a spirit attached to it and dies at 70 years old while the other dies at 76.

We hope you enjoy this server!
Welcome to Lutus, a server of creatures and kind people! This world is open to many types of creatures, the following are some of them; Dragons, Pixies, Demons. And so on! We hope to see you there, young ones!
There are Creatures on Earth you never Knew about? Did you know that I sure did. WHo am i? i an a Creature of Earth a WereWolf You Might say.i would love to see You in School. Whats your Creatues? Angels,Demons,Elves,Minotaur,Fairy,SHapeShifter,Many more to come. But if you Know Magic btu are no Creature become Wizard Or Witch Or just eb a Normal Human Not Knowing your in a Magicaly World
Once, thousands of years ago actually, there was a disgustingly ugly banshee, who had a big heart for this one satyr. It was love at first sight, but it was forbidden. The banshee kept stalking the satyr, until she found out he was married to a nymph. The banshee shrieked, ripping out her translucent hair. She ripped the nymph's guts out whole, leaving her to be an angel. Her dying wish was to have a happy husband, but that wouldn't happen. So she granted the banshee a life as a beautiful goddess/phoenix hybrid, and the satyr and the former banshee got married, and died happily together. But in their "lifetime", they managed to build a school where supernatural teenagers would be able to learn and have as many possibilites as a normal, pureblooded human had. Humans have died out ages ago, and you're parents will usually tell you horror stories about how awful they were, how they could come back, but now, as a teenager, you dont believe that stupidity, and focus on learning in school, or will you focus on popularity, or be a rebellious kid? That is for you to decide, young adventurer.

Supernatural ;; roleplay
A loving, small community with a big heart for supernatural beings! You can join even if you wont roleplay, and just hang out with our loving and amazing staff members, share some of your creations or just stay here for the spicy drama.
This is a school for monsters and crestures of most kind. Come join the growing community and stay awhile.
Long ago, a few creatures found a sanctuary far from the human realm. Here they spent centuries building their own society, happily working together to do this. They all lived in one big community peacefully, until a civil war broke out. A few creatures had begun fighting over resources, and argued over who was strongest. many died in this great battle and the realm was split into four clans afterwards. The clans now are relatively peaceful to eachother, but still fight from time to time.

This server is all about rping as mythical, magical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, griffins, and whatever you can come up with! There are clans for you to join, and each is unique.

🌸Sakura Clan🌸
☁️Dash Clan☁️
🐾Kläor Clan🐾
🐴Sabükid Clan🐴

However there is one clan who isn’t even considered a true clan, for it is filled with traitors who have left their real clans.

🥀Dark essence clan🥀

So come join our magical adventure! Be you Of scales, feathers, fur or more, the clans welcome you with open paws, wings, hooves and claws!

(We haven’t begun rping yet as we are new, and need more people. So please join! Higher ranks in the clans are still open!)
There are 3 Clans, ArticClan, SnakeClan, and ReefClan clan, 1 tribe, The Tribe of Rising Moon. The prophecies and storyline are to still be built! This world is not limitted to reality and warriors only, you may have other animals in clans and even hybrids with purple pink and blue, rainbows too! We are currently open to mod applications, we need cats and players so feel free to join and make yourself at home!
Lunar Eclipse Highschool, only those with the blood of the same fantasy beings told in stories and legends attend here. Some come during the day, while other species are nocturnal and attend night schools. Vampires roam the halls, while small kittens and cats sit perched on their desk, though in reality they're both human and cat, and if you look out the window, wolves may be seen playing and running around on the green grass. Both those of pure blood, mixed, and turned come here. A large mansion like campus lays under a permanent full moon shining brightly in the clear skies. Trees lay scattered across the field as occasional fountains spread out from each other dot the campus grounds. With a large, old fashioned interior, various corridors and hallways lay within the outside walls, each corridor decorated with many doors of different classrooms and lockers on each side and bright, golden, crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling providing a low glow as a source of light. The school provides many different classes and choices for electives, with different lunch rooms and programs, each catering to a different species, the school aims to provide peace and unity among the students. Of course, there are the few troublesome students who live to cause mischief, and strive to cause chaos, despite this, the students live well in harmony with each other, putting aside their many differences. The enrollment process is quite simple, tell us about yourself, and we hope you enjoy your stay and wish you will stay with us for many years to come.
It is the year 3000 and you drive into a new town that you have never head about before. once you cross the border you get out of your car and get bit by a mystical creature and turn into a mystical human
Welcome to Adrift! This is a island survival roleplaying server, filled with unique biomes and strange creatures, can you survive the island?
This is a server about old Norse mythology with a small twist, the Gods are real. The various creatures of the norse world are ever present and looking for a soul to claim.
It all started when humans started to notice things out of the ordinary. They thought they were just seeing all these weird creatures. There were every mythical creature you could think of. Sometimes a kid would go up to their parent and show them that they had power. Magical powers. The humans without magic would call them insane, crazy, witches, and many more hurtful words. The mythical creatures that they saw would be killed and sold. The humans with magic would be sent to jail, or an insane asylum. Then war struck. When mythical creatures and magic users would refuse or use their abilities to harm humans, war started. The humans struck first. Wiping out most of the mythical creatures. Five years later and war has ended. Laws were put in place to keep all the magical creatures away from humans. If a human saw a mythical creature they were allowed to kill them. Magic users blended in with the humans, but they were still killed and brought to jail. Until now. A secret organization, called the MCMC. Mythical Creatures Magic Camp. A safe place for all mythical, weird, magical creatures. A hiding place. Only magical creatures and magic users can find the way in. Can you?

We are a small place, but are growing! We will take any suggestions to make anything about the server better! Come and start your adventure!