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⛰️ Welcome to ElementalTitans RP! ⛰️

🌎 This is a roleplay server that takes place in the world of Covelita that has 3 main regions, a dark, snowy tundra, a hot, sunny desert, and a warm forest that's stuck between dusk and dawn.

☯️ In Covelita, 6 main pillars rule the last, give peace and order, without them, chaos would ensue. The 6 elements each are their own.
Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Life, Death.

👑 Every main element has a subspecies. Subs are loyal subjects that were created by their main. Although on occasions, there will be a sub that refuses to consider themself apart of that pillar, subs called rogues.

🐉 Now, what's a Titan? A Titan is a creature that can manipulate certain elements, given to which pillar is it's alias. They take any shape and any form BUT humans. While there can be bipedal Titans, there CANNOT be Titans that closely resemble humans because humans do not exist.

✨ Once you’ve joined remember to check our rules and chats in ‘roleplay stuffs’ ✨


2 decades ago, 2 groups dominated the lands. A group made up of endangered and rare animals to seek comfort in groups to save their lives. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the leader of the Azurfa went insane and turned against the leader of Zinare. The leader of Azurfa was slaughtered by his mate and has taken over the tribe. The Zinare group passed down stories about the Azurfa group to their kids, making the whole tribe's hatred for Azurfa stay for centuries to come. Azurfa hating the fact that the Zinare group can't get over the past, the tribes continue to dislike each other.

During the present time, humans have started seeking for these creatures more often since one was spotted. The messengers desperately try to convince their beloved leaders to put aside their differences and try to save them from their doom. Will they set aside their differences and let go of the past? Or will they be wiped out from the face of the earth?

Together We Survive is an original species roleplay!
We are:
Discord based RP
LBGT+ Friendly
Semi Mature (FOR BLOOD AND MILD LANGUAGE, do NOT join unless you're comfortable)
We hold monthly events lasting a week! Winners get a prize!

Don't be shy to join our server or DM me for questions!
Bienvenue à Mystery Town dans cette petite ville de campagne située au beau milieu du Kansas ou tout semble normal ;se dressent dans l'ombre des créatures venues d'un autre monde personne ne les voit et pourtant elles sont bien là mais elles ne veulent plus rester caché et c'est aujourd'hui que dans la petite ville de Mystery Town que les créatures tentent de prendre le dessus.

Les humains eux ne connaissent pas l'existence de ces créatures qui hantaient autrefois leurs cauchemars à l'enfance et celle qui les faisait rire dans les films d'horreur à l'adolescence. Ils vivent leur vie normalement pensant que tout va bien et que rien ne se prépare, rien de se trame.

Cependant, une série de meurtres vient alors s'inviter dans la ville, les dossiers s’empile sur les bureaux de police, les gens ne lisent plus le journal de peur d’y voir quelqu’un qu’ils connaissent et aiment.

La peur s’installe dans les foyers. Des morts de plus en plus étranges , des gens décapités, le cœur en moins ou encore vider de leur sang cette ville alors si calme et si paisible deviens le lieu numéro un d'un bal sanglant.

Cette agitation à eu pour cause d'attirer de nombreux chasseurs, de n'importe où et de tout temps.

Serez-vous du côté de ceux qui veulent rester aveugles, qui ne font pas attention à ce qu'il se passe ou bien de ceux qui savent ce qui se passe. Serez-vous peut-être l'un de ceux qui ne veulent plus rester caché.
Le choix vous appartient dans la petite ville de Mystery Town.
Le serveur la forêt rp est un serveur français dans lequel on accepte tout le monde,nous sommes pour la différence, chaque personne rejoignat ce serveur sera bien traitée, vous aurez le choix entre plus de 50animaux et créatures,3bots et plus de 40commandes, quelques salons de chats hors rp et des salons de chat rp
Toute personne contre la difference ou venue pour essayer de mettre une mauvaise ambiance sera automatiquement expulsée, si elle reviens et qu'elle continue elle sera bannie, nous sommes tolérants nous mettons peu de warns alors soyez sympas nous sommes là pour la bonne ambiance.
October 25, 2085. A date that shall live forever as along as humans remain on the earth. This date was the beginning of something, something that would plunge the world into darkness.

It first began with a eruption of a Super Volcano, a volcano so strong that it would make yellowstone look puny. This supervolcano would lead to a chain of events that would cause humanity and other life to suffer. Ecosystems around the world would start to collapse, massive tsunamis would devastate coastal communities world wide. Earthquakes would rattle the planet, nuclear power plants would start to explode in a brutal fashion, expelling huge amounts of radiation in the air.

If things couldn't get worse, the radiation caused mutations in particular creatures. Mainly the Tardigrades, a simple microscopic organism. These creatures in particular were effected by the radiation and with there natural predators wiped out. They grew to massive sizes, some becoming as large as blue whales. These tardigrades would then consume anything in there wake, causing what was left of humanity to further deplete. Humanity was now reduced to small isolated populations in settlements.

However the radiation awoke another type of beast as well. A beast much more ancient then the mutated Tardigrades. Locals called them Kaiju, giant creatures from a time long before the volcano erupted or even when humanity evolved. These gigantic titans lived on the earth and thrived, however they went into dormancy, until now. And seeing as how there's a world full of radiation, and how the tardigrades how disrupted the natural balance. The Earth Kaiju have awoken.

But of course, extraterrestrial invaders have sought interest in the planet and would start to make there way onto the Dark Earth. What will happen when all of these forces collide in battle! Find out now by joining the server!

What features this server has
-A expansive lore that will probably be updated in the future
-The ability to roleplay as kaiju of your creation!
-For more casual roleplayers, you can also choose to RP as humans or potentially. Make a entire new species off of the surviving animals.
-Various RP channels

We also plan to add in more unique features into the server in the future such as give-away events, and boss fights. So if you are interested, then take a step in, we are a very friendly community and accept all things kaiju related!
Welcome to Geisterstadt, a hidden town in the state of Washington. Among this town live many supernatural entities, hidden away from human society. While some creatures live peacefully among each other, others may disagree. What path will your entity choose? The peaceful route? Or the blood spilling, merciless route? Choose your path, and make this their story...

Sever Requirements:
-Must have some sort of experience
-Be friendly and kind to our staff and members!
-LGBT friendly!

Sever roles:
-Arch Angel
You’re in a time of battles, the human race and other creatures have not yet been separated. Humans, knights, demons, angels, fairies, and more roam this land together. What will you be? Who’s kingdom shall you be a part of? And most importantly, what will you bring to this place?
A server where many strange creatures are introduced onto a planet and are left to evolve. Check this place out! It's pretty cool.
Do you like spec evolution? Are you a fan of tier zoo? Well this is the server for you! Combining both tier zoo and spec zoology, you evolve a species from the starter cell and thrive or die.
Cryptoclub is the official Discord server for the YouTube channel Cryptocast and the Tumblr account Cryptids-Of-The-World. Here we discuss our love of cryptids and and everything spooky. It's a great group with great people and we hope to see you in the server! 🙂
The infamous Bloodrose Manor is open and has been for many generations the manor is; open to all creatures, now with the knew lord running the manor even humans can check in!

Yes, I know this sounds like Hotel Transylvania, but there is no Adam Sandler here so boohoo!

We're a small active community and hope to get bigger with more people to join! We aren't too strict in my opinion but we do enforce the rules when needed. Come bring your little behind over and be apart of the manor!
The World of Xalekia is a speculative evolution discord. Where you can submit a species you created, or one from somewhere else, and evolve them on the planet known as Xalekia. You will have to compete with other organisms, survive mass extinctions, and evovle. In order to thrive on the planet, I hope you have fun, and I will see you here if you join.
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Welcome to The World of Valka

Welcome to Valka, a world filled with many unique creatures that dwell within the Empire's islands along with the many people that may seek to either hunt or tame these creatures. These people who seek to hunt or tame these creatures often flock to guilds, large groups of adventurers who seek glory within obtaining their goals. Within this world, it is the job of such adventurers to maintain the peace between creatures and people alike, whether through the kindness of taming or the brutality of hunting. Quests may appear along an adventurers path bringing an opportunity for victory along with whatever beastly friend they may make along the way. New adventurers are always on the rise.

Adventures and new paths are constantly awaiting those who dare to explore within the world of Valka, as well as paths for those who would want to enjoy the world of economics as a trader or perhaps the peaceful life of a commoner. Even a rogue may find their path within this world. Where the giant, godly ancients and primordial deities protect their home and where creatures of varying types call home, there are infinite possibilities to explore.

With these many options, the world awaits you!
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This is just the premise of the server, but we have even more to offer, such as:

+ An LGBT+ friendly server and community
+ Interactive Roleplay
+ Quests and server-wide events
+ RPG style roleplay

We hope you enjoy!
As far as people can date, Operation 19137 was a myth. A rumor. A story from a child book. Operation 19137 was a chemical. A chemical that could change people's bodies and mines into mythical beings. Some being Greek gods and goddesses and some being creatures from the seas and the air. Some even being ones sent from the highest parts of heaven and some being from the depths of hell. The workers for Operation 19137 had it under control for many years and even centuries but one day- something went wrong. The tank exploded with the chemical inside. Killing everyone in the building but it didn't stop there. It spread throughout the city, infecting the people. Some of the population died but the lucky ones were turned into the mythical stories. A handful of the human population stayed the same while friends, families and even loved ones sadly passed to the disease or some that turned into the creatures.
After years of dealing with the chemical leakage, what was left of the people in the city, they turned their backs on one another, a strange way of survival of the fittest. People have found their own hide away and hangouts, the people dividing between which creature they were turned into. Maybe one day the spread will end and everything will turn to normal, right? The people will never know.
Walk the world of Oxygen Not Included, but with a darker twist. Here in the endless space of the galaxy three colonies survive. One of which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of alien animals who've seen hell. Though danger lurks around every corner with the infamous Runtloom Colony about in space. Find joy in helping with helping give those who fear humans a chance at living free and happily at the Moonhigh Reserve. Live the calm life on the farm based colony of Glowedrich. Or stalk the streets a scoundrel, a criminal with the Runtloom Colony. Or live the life of an alien species, one with the world, play and thrive among it's inhabitants.
Voici le synopsis :

Bien longtemps après le Big Bang, vers les années 2034, un trou noir intergalactique se créa quelque part dans la Voie Lactée : Résultat, un nombre indéfini d'humains se virent projetés dans un univers parallèle.

Ce monde se nomme "Andoria".

Dans cette dimension, vous allez vous retrouver sur une planète Terre alternative : Octazia. Ce monde contrairement à la Terre est lui constitué de créatures légendaires, fantastiques comme les vampires, les fées, les banchees...

Ce monde abrite aussi quelques pouvoirs élémentaires pouvant être appris par les humains:
- Feu :fire:
- Vent :dash:
- Eau :sweat_drops:
- Terre :mount_fuji:
- Foudre ⚡️
- Plante :herb:

Il y a aussi dans ce monde incroyable, 5 villes :
- Ignace (feu)
- Ondin (eau)
- Aquilon (vent)
- Qui
ilat (foudre)
- Dhara (terre)
- Larona (plante)

Elles sont dominés par un(e) roi/reine et Ignace des villes est en guerre contre les autres

Mais ce que vous vous demandez ce n'est pas le nom de la ville ou encore quels sont les animaux fantastiques mais : Comment revenir sur Terre ? Que se passe-t-il ici ? Où suis-je ?

Nous sommes 5 ans après le trou noir intergalactique.

Faites votre personnage, parlez avec des personnes, faites-vous des amis, prenez du plaisir !

Quelques modifications peuvent être fait sur le synopsis bientôt.
In the begin of humanity, the bare minimum of humans had been born with strange power, they developed inside there body, only being realised if they got a cut or there skin opened, they called it "sagi" a term shortened for "Strength And Guidance from Inside" in 600BC the humans that had this power were called "demons" and were sentenced to a desolate island, fortunately, due to sending them to the same giant island, they were able to train and help one another, finding love and creating more sagi users, this island flourished, there were huge buildings and amazing sights, schools and stores, around 1457, a fishing boat stummbled upon the island, they offered to trade, the islanders said yes and let then return for there goods, unfortunately the traveler lied and came in for an invasion with Japans soilders, this was the first battle Sagi users had to fight with there Sagi, they were unaware if the advances with boats and troops, a lot of then died but they were able to fend off the Japan's and keep the island safe, a soldier hid away in the jungle, he stated there for a few years until a young woman found him, she was very kind and lead him back, they fell in love and had a child, that child was named Opecata Sintoyu

-Friendly and responsive admins

-nice community

-basic RP
Welcome to the Fernsby Zoos and Museums! On the Atlantic Ocean where the Fernsby Archipelago resides, many large buildings help display strange things such as very advanced machines and unique creatures.
We have:
- Friendly Staff
- Unlimited Amount of Characters You Can Have
- Almost No Limits When It Comes To Making Characters
- 13+ can join!
- A Bot-Run Gift Shop!
- And More Stuff Soon!

We hope that you come and check the server out since we are pretty new.
While the gods tend to live in harmony with one another and with the creatures and mortals that live in Elysium, tension seems to be rising between different factions of the gods.

Unlike tensions in the past where old gods fought their children for rule over their domain, tensions seem to be rising along lines of the gods alignments. Those who are more chaotic seem to be vexing those who believe in laws and justice more so than they have in the past, while those who are good tend to aggravate those who are evil in increasing capacities.

Is something sinister afoot in Elysium? Are the gods growing restless or is it something more? Will a heavenly war break out between gods of all different kinds?

Not even the gods know.

Welcome to Fields of Elysium we are an 18+ mythology site with a rating of 3-3-3. We are set in Greece and have no word count.Come chat with us!
Fantasy Islands RP is a roleplay server now open to the public. We have normal conversations and suggestions as well. There are three continents (maybe more on the way) that are very large. One being mostly unclaimed territory, known as the First Continent. The Second Continent is a place similar to hell itself. The third continent is ruled by a series of kingdoms, but are constantly at war. Some strange things have been happening on these continents like prophecies, rare sightings, and destruction. This world in in great danger, though. If the first prophecy is fulfilled, the triad of darkness will rise to power and witness the destruction of everything. The second prophecy is still quite unknown about its origins, prophet, and why it exists. The fourth prophecy is a warning about the triad of darkness near success. Will you be the one saving this world or destroying it?
I made a small mistake and created this monstrosity, feel free to enter said monstrosity.
[This place is for people who want to really BE their characters, the main rule is never to go out of character.]

I welcome everyone from everywhere! But there are a few fandoms i’d REALLY like to see here.
Undertale / Deltarune
Zelda / Twilight Princess / Skyward Sword / Etc...
No Evil
Hazbin Hotel
Furries / Furrys
Scalies / Scalys
Creatures / Monsters / Non-human Entities
SCP Containment Breach
This may be a small server currently but... please accompany us?