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Bem vindos à SADSWPT!
Somos uma comunidade aberta para novas pessoas, temos pessoal capacitado para receber novas pessoas e um público amigável que adora fazer novas amizades.
Contamos com eventos divertidos e interativos. Vários bots de entretenimento, muitas salas pra bater aquele papo bacana com os amigos e vários chats para conhecer novas pessoas.
Venham se divertir, estamos esperando por vocês!
Hi Are You looking A Gaming community! Here is a lovely and friendly growing Gaming community! Join us . Currently at 21000+ members!
Welcome to the ORIGINAL and LARGEST Discord server for all things related to hip-hop!

Created by Kim#9999
We are a big lo-fi hip hop music based community, growing daily with over +830,000 subscribers on YouTube.
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything at all! We are Stile!
**Hello there ! The staff team and I would like to welcome you to Singing!
We are a community of singers and vocalists seeking to help one
another to grow in the mastery of the voice and to become a better singer, not only do we offer auditions and improvement of the voice, but also a non toxic community, with well stated moderation, and events to sing and just have fun in an organized fashion, when those aren’t going on we have chats to just talk or sing and have lots of fun!
Originating from Ventrilo, Beatbox Talk made the next step to move to Discord in October of 2017, Beatbox Talk set out with a goal to reach new levels of the online beatboxing community. Currently, Beatbox Talk has over 7,500 members with many world renown professionals of the art. We host many battles a week ranging for solo and occasionally loop battles. Out of respect to the original Beatbox Talk management on Ventrilo, we have large jam parties with the focus on improving and bringing the beatbox artform to the next level.

Karaoke Lounge is a community dedicated to create a fun, and relaxed enviroment where we can all sing together and have fun, regardless if your tastes or skill level.

Come sing with us! it's fun!
We're a gang of chill OGs always looking for new people to hang out with. We like music, chatting, gaming, coding, art, memes, & having a good time.
🌌~ Active chat!

🌌~ Friendly Staff That Are Easy To Interact With!
🌌~ 5k+ Members And Still Growing!
🌌~ Pic Perms At Level 7!
🌌~ Frequent Giveaways Of Nitro Codes And Spotify Premium!
🌌~ Coolest Emotes On Discord!!
🌌~ Self Assignable Roles!
I Guarantee Your Time Here Will Be Brighter Than The Stars Themselves✨
•Owners - Apocalypse, Cherbum
💗JOIN NOW! Social-Platform Community Server! 💗
» F U N I N T E R A C T I O N - Meet, chat, share, chill and play games
» R O L E S - Easily describe yourself with a few clicks
» C R E A T I V I T Y - Share your arts, music and edits
» T U T O R I A L S - Get inspired to create and improve
» I N F L U E N C E - Are you skilled? Become an influencer for a function
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !


Ban Appeal:
✧ Laid-back and friendly discord server for the kpop group BTS, but anyone is welcome!✧ with lots of channels like selfies, art, vent, kpop and ofc bts! 5k+ member atm ~ we will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable! 🌸
K-Planet is a community focused on Korean entertainment including k-dramas, kpop, and k-anime. Join us and become a Koreaboo!
The Duck Squad is a close knit community with people of all types of passions. Spanning from gamers, artists, musicians, photographers and athletic people alike. Our community is the most welcoming and friendly server you will ever experience. We also have a unique team system that allows you to pick a team upon joining!
**Gangland is a large community** that is based on music,
sports, and general interest. We make it to where everyone
is welcome and feels comfortable. We do accept suggestions
and we are looking for more partner managers and more staff.
We have egirls. A server that was originally privated. The server is owned by @SavageRealm on instagram and we are going public with our server. We have anything needed in a server and have 5k members to start with. Everyone here is chill.
🌈 ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่ Phenomenal ©

สบายๆ หาเพื่อนคุยเล่น หาตี้เล่นเกม หาแฟน
แฟนเพจดิสคอร์ดนี้ :
Gaming™, the most addicting server

An extremely active chatroom where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even use global emotes!

Join 3000+ Members Today

= Looking for Active Staff =
A free, open and aesthetic social community.
Also an official partner of /r/Vaporwave!

鮮 Ocean Lounge 魚 is an all-round social community where everyone is welcome, and all topics of discussion and conversation are open.
Kawaii Kills is devoted to shining light on the positive aspects of the world. It is a family-friendly community of people who enjoy kawaii media, the arts, games, acts of kindness, and all of the things that strengthen the human connection. For those who are looking to appease their affinity for everything cute. official spotify, twitter, website
Hello everyone, we are an NSFW with 2900+ members looking for more members who enjoy porn and hentai. We also have other things in the server such as:
Self assignable roles
Partnership channels
A hip server full of attractive people. We have e-girls.
Chill Gaming Server where you can come hangout and enjoy some cool emojis