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We are a meme server. We only have a small community of people so far but we are hoping to make a fun meme community. (Rid of normies) We have 8 bots set up nicely. (If you join and no ones online you may have to wait a bit for a greeting.)

We have channels for meme-art/art shitposts. We have a cursed images channel. A meme channel. A music VC for rythym. A cursed images channel. We have a copypasta channel, bot commands channel and more!

We have lots of bots including: Dank memer, Pollux, Tatsumaki, Pokecord, Rythym, Dyno and Mee6.

We hope to see ya join! (Also don't mind the name it's a joke). We would likes suggestions on how to make it better aswell!
This is just if you want some fun, meet new people and look at my huge Variety of unique emojis (You won't find the anywhere else!)
Enter at your own risk, just kidding. We dont bite, except for when we have lockjaw.
this is a fun little server with cool staff and emotes for normal and nitro users
Looking for a fun space for yourself, writers, musicians, artists, shitposters and more? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Cryptid thighs, we welcome newbies with open arms! Make sure one you enter you write a quick intro that includes your pronouns. Thanks for giving this a read! Hope you’ll join soon~
Wir sind Weebs. Wie teilen einfach unseren ganze Shit oder schreiben irgendwelchen Müll, ein Server für wahre Intellectuals
Meme server for dank memers to look at memes like a hungry Ethiopian looks at food
¿Buscas algún lugar hispanohablante donde poder discutir acerca de produccion musical? ¡Pues has llegado al lugar indicado!

Somos un pequeño colectivo musical ubicado en venezuela enfocado en generos electronicos como lo-fi, vaporwave, synthwave y trap.

This is a Server where pretty much anything goes and is just a bunch of people on a server having a good time
Hello my friends! Every felt completely alone in the world, deprived of all hope in humanity? Ever cried yourself to sleep at night, waiting for the day that you may finally see a glimmer of love or anything besides endless suffering?

Well, you probably came to the wrong place.
Here at Shitopolis, we all specialize in chatting, memes, listening to music, and various other social events. I swear we aren't Russian spies sent from the former KGB to get information on possible targets!

Now, I understand that some people out there are like the description of the first paragraph, and I must say, we can help! Among those other subjects, we have venting channels, people willing to help, and compliments for anyone who needs one. We have each other's back, so do make sure to be nice to your friends!

I hope we'll see you at Shitopolis!
We are a tiny group of people who enjoy looking at memes, creating memes, and making fun of memes. Any age is allowed. No nsfw please
Our goal is to be as offensive as possible just for some good laughs
The GhostBeaters is a server dedicated to critiquing and discussing music, movies, television, and video games. Also, we shitpost. A lot. Lots of shitposting.
This is a server dedicated to shitposts. Please dont leave if you see we have little members we are trying to grow.
avast ye wanderer of the seven seas of rhye:

art thou a fan of the greatest rock band in history, Queen?

doth thou enjoy partaking in the sport of shitposting while listening to "I Want To Break Free" on an endless loop?

doth thou secretly love rogerina more than thy wife?

doth thou hate reading long server descriptions that are cringey and try to speak in some Old English text (like this one)?

Well good sir/madam, look no further, as you have found the right place! Queen Circlejerk is the ultimate Queen shitposting experience. If memeing about Rogerina isn't your thing, we welcome all other memes as well as quality time with our many bots, discussion about any and all forms of music, or simply just hanging out!