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﹋々『Meme Asylum』々﹋

Seeking a place to share your love for memes, and more?
Meme Asylum is all about memes and more!
We have a wide variety of chats and activities to offer
,and we’re always the leaders in brand new memes and trends!


-Shitposing and meme making bots :joy:
-Gacha, currency, and Pokémon bots :robot:
-Extensive hentai section :underage:
-Personal channels 🤩
-256 kbps VC and almost 300 emotes for nitro users :gem:
-150 emotes for standard users :ok_hand::skin-tone-1:
-friendly community and staff :hugging:
Lord Dio and Ari look forward to meeting you!
Jo-tare-oh has started his own gang, and is still recruiting! YOU can join it right now!

Jo-tare-oh and his pals have created this discord server filled with:
-100+ JoJo-related emotes!
-Cults that you can join for your favourite jojo character, combined with chats for each one so you can praise your gods.
- a Minecraft server with somewhat working Stands! (Java)
-Mariah tiddies
-Thicc anime thighs
-NSFW channels ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Music bots and channels

What are you waiting for? Jo-tare-oh might STAR PLATINUM: ZA WARUDO you if you linger here any longer!
☢ Deep in the Mojave desert is a place even more mysterious than Area 51, Area 69. Despite what people seem to think, Area 69 is where the gender reversal gun, cool aliens, and catgirls are held. Area 51 only holds boring aliens and some old tech. After freeing the aliens and catgirls, the great freedom fighters of Area 69 turned the mysterious military site into a beacon of memes and chillness. We have awesome emotes and pretty sick bots. Come and visit us. All are welcome. Just be chill. ☢

⚠ We have Mudae. We have OwO Bot. We have Color-chan. Come chill with us! ⚠
Fun server for le epic gamers, not for the light hearted, jokes can go down deep and can be offensive so be warned
This is a channel about shitposts and memes. Of course me and my singular mod will expand but thought everyone will enjoy it the way it is for now. Happy shitposting ~Stick boi
Feel free to join our lovely shitpost community! We offer: NSFW, bots (Tatsu, Dank Memer...), reaction roles, and most important of all, free speech.
Chill server with dating on the side. self roles,
hella free speech. Lets hang out gamerz.
Just do whatever you want I guess but be sure not to post area 51 memes, they are stale and you know it.
Deep in the forest, there is seven clans.. Memeclan,Youtubeclan, Dramaclan, Rationalclan, Deathclan, Flowersclan and Clanclan..They live in harmony..Or do they? The clans are in a bit of struggle,join them on this semi-satire roleplay, you can also come talk if you want.
Servidor pra quem curte Animes, Musica, Memes/ShitPosts Games e estah naquele Tedio T-T


*Diversos Bots
*V.I.P s
*No-Mic Chat
*Flood Chat
*Private Calls

Juntem-se a nos!
Aye, this is the discord server for the community for the Minecraft server which you can join at it's got 50 player slots and 4GBs of dedicated ram and is up 24/7. Anyways have a good time :)
We play games here and post memes, shitposts, and nsfw content. We are active daily and we are just lit af! Come stop by to have a great time! PS We have gamer boys and girls so get ready to make some new friends and homies!
we are a small, relatively
toxic but friendly and
hopefully growing
community. we’re
happy to have a ny o ne
from an y w h ere with us!!
Pretty chill and casual server, icon and name changes from time to time because its indefinite and a shitpost.
Server is new and inactive, pretty much hardcore NSFW (locked behind a role and is consensual) and shitposts/meme normalized in general. and almost everyone around is very experienced with games so feel free to join for either
Welcome e-girls and e-boys to Heffery's World! We are a brand new server that is looking to grow, and see wagwan. We home to everyone dawg, frfr everyone welcome here as long as you not a buster. Deadass just a conversation based server, but we provide all that good shit, i.e gaming, good members ye digg, and a fire ass theme
We as a community like to be called Nebula Server. Together, we chat, play games and generally have fun. There are many things that you can do here.
This is the list of things that we have here:
-NSFW Channels
-Gaming Channels (For any of you who want to chat about games or even squad up and play them)
-Meme Channels (If you want to find some clasic or old memes, this is where you go)
-Giveaways (You are able to earn VIP or MVP rank mostly every day)
-Suggestions Channel (If you want to suggest anything that we could implement into, come here)
-Kind and Helping Staff (We are still looking for staff, so please feel free to apply!)
-Bot Channels (If you want to mess around or try out bot commands, here is where you go)
This is just if you want some fun, meet new people and look at my huge Variety of unique emojis (You won't find the anywhere else!)
We are a meme server. We only have a small community of people so far but we are hoping to make a fun meme community. (Rid of normies) We have 8 bots set up nicely. (If you join and no ones online you may have to wait a bit for a greeting.)

We have channels for meme-art/art shitposts. We have a cursed images channel. A meme channel. A music VC for rythym. A cursed images channel. We have a copypasta channel, bot commands channel and more!

We have lots of bots including: Dank memer, Pollux, Tatsumaki, Pokecord, Rythym, Dyno and Mee6.

We hope to see ya join! (Also don't mind the name it's a joke). We would likes suggestions on how to make it better aswell!
Place to hangout and have fun. Lovely members and channels made for all your needs. Looking for chat about osu? We have it, Looking for chat about dota 2? we have it. We are currently still developing the server and have only a few bots with one of them being Casino bot. If you'd like to have a good time join us now!