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A server that is dedicated to helping people find Multiplayer games to play and for everyone to enjoy and share dumb memes and stories
The central hub for every server I plan on making, as well as a partner hub for any servers that wish to partner with Axis. We have big goals and hope you stick with us as we realize them, and some of the future servers we have planned are:

Dragon Ball
Fairy Tail
Hunter X Hunter
And a ton more.

[Server + affiliated servers are still work in progress.]
Here lies The Vault. We advertise roleplay and non roleplay servers alike. That’s what this vault holds. Discord Servers. If you partner with us, your server might just get that population boost it needs. Also, we partner with any server no matter the size.
Ever wanted a SQUIP? Ever wanted to be in the school play? Ever wanted to get called tallass in the bathroom? Now you can! Join BMC to roleplay as an OC at the very highschool where Jeremy nearly killed everyone! Dont forget your Mountain Dew Red~
~~~ - - Hello, welcome to the Bread Hub. A server hub that has many different servers inside, roleplay servers, gaming, social, or even other hubs too! We are a small growing community and welcome everyone to join. Our staff are very tolerant so don't expect to be banned over a small thing! - - ~~~
We feature:
++ - Fun entertainment bots for your enjoyment! - ++
++ - 3 separate music bots and 3 separate music channels for you to groove out! - ++
++ - NSFW Channels because everyone likes that stuff, right? ;) - ++
++ - Tolerant and chill staff, nobody likes being banned for a small dumb reason! - ++
++ - A new, growing friendly community. We're small and accepting new members! - ++

Hello there! Star Wars Servers United is an archival server that aims to bring Star Wars server owners together, and provide members with a extensive list of communities to join! Our listings are tightly organized and regulated, and servers are labelled according to both size and type. Whether your Star Wars server relates to roleplaying, gaming, or discussion, we will provide you with a platform to advertise, network, and interact with other Star Wars fans! If you're just starting a server, we can help you grow and thrive!
A completely brand new server with friendly staff, over 40 servers to advertise in and tons of fun channels!