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Justice Kingdom
Hakkın gözetilmesi ve yerine getirilmesi anlamına gelir.
Lakin Discord sunucularının çoğunda torpil ve adaletsizlik hüküm sürüyor.
Gerçekten eğlenmek ve adil bir şekilde değerlendirilmek ister misin? Adalet için bize destek ol!
FreeSO (“Free Simulator Online”) is a reimplementation of The Sims Online™’s game engine, using C# and Monogame.
TSO is a Massively Multiplayer Online version of The Sims "1" edited by EA and developed by Maxis.
Server for the Dofus community, a turn based MMORPG made by Ankama.
Big pg3d (pixel gun 3D) server.
We have:
❗ Our link is temporary hidden from this site because of spam bots. Use:
Server for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a collectible card game on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.
YouTube канал:
Steam группа:
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Korea's First Community

The history of the server is the Korean community server which has operated since 2017. If you like or love Korean, come here and make Korean friends.
Hello everyone we are a fairly large discord server looking to build a great community of furries with like minded interest. Come enjoy a plethora of Artist, Gaming channels, Car Channels, and for the (18+) NSFW!
Just some sleepy otakus乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

♡ Anime, Art & Memes
♡ 100 Adorable Emotes
♡ Bi-weekly Competitions
♡ Regularly Scheduled Events
♡ & Much More

Ditch the body pillow, come nap with us!
Большое русскоязычное сообщество по различным играм
Самый крупный русскоязычный сервер посвященный игре War Robots. Адекватное общение БЕЗ политики, оскорблений, рекламы, спама и т.д.
Hello fellow Splatoon players!!
We are Inkstronomy, a friendly discord server/clan, and we are always welcoming new members. We currently have 5 competitive or semi-competitive teams and a casual clan with plans to expand. However, our server isn't just limited to Splatoon. We feature channels for other switch games, other gaming systems, art, food, creative writing. All age are welcomed!

Each month, we host a variety of different events, including: turf raids, in-house splatfests, in-house competitive/casual tournaments, music & movie nights, themed Splatoon fashion shows & Clip Contests, PBs, and more!! Currently, we have an ongoing art contest with a cash prize now through end of June. This month, we are also testing out a D&D event and a Skribbl event.

If any of this sounds cool to you, we'd love to invite you in to check us out!!

Community server for the game GeloMancer!

Win competitions and be awarded, or chat with friendly people!
First 100 active members may receive GeloMancer for free
If you're interested in these, Come Join GeloMancer Community! :D

For more information about the game check out
Bombergrounds is the next big Battle Royale game. Play with 50 other players in the same game, eliminate them and earn rewards. Are you skilled enough to win? Competitive high tempo gameplay guaranteed. [PC & Mobile cross-play]
Are you looking for a friendly place to hang out and chat? Anime Heaven offers a great community to make friends in, but also fun events and much more!
Если ты играешь один, но есть желание играть и общаться в компании, то не стесняйся, списывайся с другими участниками, кооперируйтесь, заходите в игровые комнаты, общайтесь и играйте вместе!)
Legends of Ellaria is a First-Person/Real-Time Strategy Adventure and Role Playing Sandbox Game where you can build your own kingdom, fight epic battles and explore an immersive fantasy world, set in a universe where an ancient civilization established portals between worlds.
Dedicated for SFW and NSFW fanart sharing of the best girl(s) and waifu(s) from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra/Mythra, the Aegis girl! @Metakn9
Welcome to Anthem Game LFG. We are welcoming community for the upcoming game Anthem. This server is going to focus on LFG and clans. We will have other areas you can talk in. Feel free to join so you have a place to have when the game comes out.
League of Legends Server with self assignable roles, fun bots, music bots and many more.

We listen to your Feedback.
Its a server for nekos,gaming,roleplay and more!
Currently game events;
Azur Lane Clan
Can you make it out of THE TOWER?

-The server is literally a game!

-Make it up the many floors!

-Join now to be an alpha tester!
Cute little server with around 1k members with tons of fun bots and channels. Most of us watch anime, read manga, play games and a lot of other things. We are like family here and everyone is welcome.
PIXEL WOT Blitz Альянс - Игровой сервер для совместных покатушек по отсчету.