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We are a survival Minecraft server and use the LOTR Mod to bring Middle-earth to Minecraft.

Travel Middle-earth, fight enemies and learn the extensive LOTR Mod at your own pace!
Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set about 28 years after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off. At the moment, we are discouraging taking over canon characters in order to create our own world. However, we are more than willing to try and support whatever you want to do here. I look forward to seeing you there!!

:: Pets and Steeds
:: Custom Weapons you can bring to life
:: Discover the magic of the LotR universe
:: We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
:: Our very own bot expert is here, bringing a whole range of technical options to the table.
:: You can be nearly any race, faction or alignment you want!
:: Faction leaders available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Long ago the kingdom of Haltbent and the Kingdom of Mosabet were one. It wasn’t until the assassination of the Princess Lorena that the one became two. Over the years the growing hate between Haltbent a kingdom filled with Elves and the mortal human kingdom of Mosabet has came to a head. Small fights break out around the borders, with the blood being split at a quicker rate, what will happen to the two kingdoms?

Join today, pick a side, and find out.
This is a server dedicated to the Lord of the Rings faction called Rohan, which you have probably heard about ! We love Rohan , we are posting pictures , videos and so many other things about it , come and join !
Mae G'ovannen Mellon Nin!
Our rp takes place between the Hobbit and LOTR, Canon and OC's accepted upon approval. (Looking for diversity without god modding)
We have Hobbiton, The Woodland Realm, Erebor, Minas Tirith, Mordor, Dale, Moria, Lorian, and a few other special places.
We are a very active server with a plot and goals planned out.
Character development is a huge part of our server.
Come and join our adventure!
Thedas, land of elves, humanity, Qunari and more, was at peace, until the day the Grey Warden and The Inquisitior met. On that day the events that the Grey Warden tried to stop returned, and ripped a hole into time. As the elves left Middle Earth, the hole ripped into their world as well, and all in Middle Earth and beyond were horrified as Thedas and Arda smashed into one.

The Dalish Elves and those of Arda join forces to fight against what they consider the evils of mankind, joining them are vampires and other races, from the ranks rise the first of the Elven Witches.

Humanity arms itself, as the Thedas humans experiment on the Arda human children by kidnapping them and turning them who survive the lyrium poisonings, into Witchers.

Join this new world, Tharda, as the two cultures clash and meld at the same time.

A LOTR, Dragon Age and The Witcher Crossover Fantasy rp with original elements.
Mae govannen, we are a friendly discord filled with fans of Tolkien's universe. No matter how knowledgeable you are you are welcome here, from really in depth to brand new. And if you are brand new to this incredible universe we are very happy to teach what we know. I hope to see you there.
Land of Krateisia is a growing server, with inspiration from, middle earth, and game of thrones. It has an active staff team with experience in this form of rp. We are a welcoming community and hope you will come along for the adventure.

LORE- Long ago, there were six kingdoms, with each kingdom being made up of 4 noble houses, who all lived in peace. Yet, through their peace, a new threat arose., resources began to become scarce, which created conflict.. The conflict between kingdoms created new threats, such as War, and Strife. These threats could only be briefly abided, through peace treaties and communication, yet tension still remained, as alliances formed and changed, enemies created and ruined.
Now in the year 1487 CE, five centuries after the kingdoms were formed, the kingdoms territory has changed and spread. The six kingdoms, separate but close, would later go on to be divided to Italy, France, Germany, Iceland, Greenland, and Russia but for now, the creatures live at peace within their domain. Yet, as tensions build and abate, the kingdoms are all the more vindictive. Some forgive others, while some seek only ruin.
In The LoTR Universe, there is a sub-genre called Shadow of War/Mordor. They are both video games set in middle earth. There is a Gondorian Ranger named Talion, who was possessed by a Wraith, Celebrimbor. Celebrimbor was the ring maker, and greatest forger of The Second Era. But, this is different here. It is an alternative where Celebrimbor and Talion never met, Sauron was never stopped by Talion, but like in the main story of LoTR, by Elendil. You can be an Orc Captain, Gondorian Survivor, Nazgul, Elven Lord trying to fight back Sauron, a Dwarf. Anything in the LoTR Universe! We welcome you, and hope you come. Remember, you can win Orcs/Uruks to your side. And there are Olog-Hai, but the ones from Shadow of War(they are smarter). We hope you come!
This server spawned from the LOTR Memes subreddit. Since then it has developed into both a serious and funny discussion of all Tolkien related works. There is channels for serious Tolkien related discussions but most of the chat here is off-topic. There is a channel for everything you are interested in. We have different games to play such as LOTR Hangman, Pokemon, Akinator, and more! Start by picking a LOTR race and location (i.e. Elf, Rivendell) and start your fun time with us in Middle Earth.
This is a safe for work server where you can come to hang out and have fun playing on a minecraft server that I have created and adventure or even apply for an interveiw and become a builder.
Hello! Welcome to Middle-Earth. We are a relatively new server which is looking for members to join us in Role-Playing! Maybe you can help us.

You can live and RP anywhere in Middle-Earth and if we are lacking a location you would like to see, you can always request it!

Anyone is welcome to join. From experienced RPers to new ones. From someone with a lot of Lord of the Rings knowledge to someone with little.

This Role-Play takes place in Alternate Universe in the Third Age. We will have our own custom story line and villains, and if you want you could play an important part in the story.

In addition, you can also submit custom lore for characters, weapons or anything else really. We encourage creativity, as long as it doesn't go overboard!

We hope to see you there!
The third age has ended and now begins the age of Man. Elves continue to leave middle earth setting sail to the undying lands while the remnants of the dark lords armies flee to the darkest reaches of the land.
We are a new RP server based in a post LotR SoW universe, where Saruman died and Sauron is backed against a wall with his army inside a mega fortress and where Talion destroyed the forts.
Great server, for anyone who is a fan of J.R.R Tolkiens work. Everyone is welcome so join now!
Seasons: The Lost World is a fantasy roleplay about a multi-verse collapsed into one. Check it out!
4,000 years ago, the War of the Ring ended and the Age of Man began. Now, the Fifth Age is beginning and it is unsure who's Age it will be.

This is an AU in that the elves never entirely left Middle Earth, only the canon elves left or died. Now, there are new rulers in place for the multiple kingdoms.
LotR RP (owned by scummy#6969, caxapйoдa#4258, and 2019 Emmyth#1837)
This RP takes place during the War of the Ring, in Lord of the Rings. It is not 100% lore accurate, since we might be including non canon things, and of course, fan made characters aren't canon. But we will try to stay at least somewhat accurate to basic LotR lore. As of January 11, 2019, we are planning our first event: the attack on the Woodland Realm. We need active members, so feel free to join if you're interested.
This discord is the community chat for Elessar MUSH, and online roleplay set the 4th age of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Join our server or check out our website to learn all about us, and how to join us!
It is the year 185 of the Third Age. Sauron has been vanquished, and his orc legions lie in ruin across Arda. But the war is far from over. In his place, the deadliest and most powerful servants of the Dark Lord have risen up, intent on bringing the planet to it's knees. Now, all of Arda is trapped in a deadly arms race. With war inevitable, it is up to the choices of the few, to shape the lives of many.

-An active and friendly community.
-A massive world to explore and conquer!
-Random events, to spice things up!
-The choice of six different species to choose!
-And much more!

A Lord of the Rings inspired server, we have done our best to make sure that anyone would feel welcome here!

Will you be Orc or Elf? Hero or Villain? Savior or Conquerer? Join the World of Arda, and have a roleplay experience to stick with you!
An intensive and friendly community server based around Tolkien's marvelous Legendarium.
Welcome to the Rangers of the North Discord! Here we strive to have a diverse base for discussions and submissions from a wide array of genres and topics. Enjoy your stay and have fun using some of the most unique, custom emotes available on Discord!