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Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set just after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off. At the moment, there are many canon characters available should you wish to take them, but we also encourage the creation of original characters. I look forward to seeing you there!!

-Pets and Steeds
-Custom Weapons you can bring to life
-Discover the magic of the LotR universe
-We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
-Our very own bot expert is here, bring self-assignable roles to the table!
-You can be nearly any race you want!

I look forward to seeing you there!
Just a cool fantasy server to hang out and roleplay on. Join us, you might have some fun! Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and not everything is complete. We are based on the Lord of the Rings.
4,000 years ago, the War of the Ring ended and the Age of Man began. Now, the Fifth Age is beginning and it is unsure who's Age it will be.

This is an AU in that the elves never entirely left Middle Earth, only the canon elves left or died. Now, there are new rulers in place for the multiple kingdoms.
An intensive and friendly community server based around Tolkien's marvelous Legendarium.
Lord of the Rings - Adventures of Middle Earth is an RP server dedicated to providing an environment in which participants can roleplay has their original characters in Tokein's word of the Lord of the Rings. Our RP takes place in between the Hobbit and the events of the main 3 books however some deviation of cannon may occur in the future, we're unsure of this at this current moment in time.

We've just started and we desperately need members. Even if you know nothing about the Lord of the Rings we will help you to get started. Your knowledge will grow over time, so if you're at all interested give us a look, please?
-> Friendly Community
-> Responsive mods and admins
-> A variety of channels for those who do not RP or need a break.
-> More expansions to come with more races, classes, and regions.
-> Join, create your character, and jump into RP in this MMO.
-> Organized OC creation system for easy use
-> Do not forget to check-off the Rules and Guidelines after you read them to get started on making your character!
Very detailed and well-formatted discord, for roleplaying based on Lord of the Rings. We work hard to create a happy and friendly environment, Please join if interested!
The server is meant to be focusing around all the subjects concerning the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. (main focus is Middle-Earth)

This means The Middle-Earth, Languages of Middle-Earth, Tolkiens other works, Music/Songs, pictures and art. etc.

Special Features:
Music bots, Mee6 etc.
MiddleEarth Roleplay
Play in the wonderous world of Middle Earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Become one of many races, from a terrifying orc warlord to a small hobbit innkeeper.
Take control of one of the many territories of Middle Earth
Experience huge battles and legendary wars
Will you bring Peace to Middle Earth? or shall you conquer it?

Join us in Middle Earth RP for a wonderous custom lore adventure that is sure to entertain you, adventure everywhere from the green hills of the shire, to the frozen peaks of the misty mountains, and from the long fields of Rohan all the way to the deserts of Harad!
We are a server for people of all ages who love reading! we have channels for recommendations, specific series, and even original works. Help us spread a love for reading and writing and just being creative; we would love to have you!
Middle-Earth: First Blood is a Discord roleplaying server designedfor the intent of using Middle-Earth to its fullest extent, created by J.R.R. Tolkien and continued in his son Christopher. Here, you will create your own character separate from any known in Middle-Earth lore. We do hope you enjoy your stay and are happy to answer any questions you may have.
A Fool’s Hope is a Lord of the Rings Discord rp set during the War of the Ring that just opened up and is looking for members! Very simple app on the serve, tons of channels to rp over, and a friendly and welcoming community! Come join us today…we have tons of canons still open and available, and we also welcome OCs!!!
This server spawned from the LOTR Memes subreddit. Since then it has developed into both a serious and funny discussion of all Tolkien related works. Most of the chat here is off-topic as the server has a channel for everything. There is different games to play such as Fishing, Pokemon, LOTR Hangman, and more! Start by picking a LOTR race and location (i.e. Elf, Rivendell) and start your fun time with us in Middle Earth.
A Place to let out Your lord of the rings heart and fandom into this rp server! make Your character and explore With other kind People! fight against dragons, Battles or just og into the wilderness!