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🌸~Amphy【~^ω^~】Nexus~ A place to CONSUME MEME and post your own | 176+ Members | Be Yourself~ | Listen to 24/7 Lo-Fi & Chill Radio 🎶 | Emotional support & venting | LFG | Events & Anime/Movie Nights | Cursed Images | NO U | Aesthetic | JOIN NOW
1 days ago
Welcome to Chill, a server fueled on socializing. Build your in-depth profile with a plethora of roles, create private voice and text channels, and talk to people of all kinds of similar interests; from art, to dancing, to photography and more! Jam out with your friends! With vaporwave-esque roles and a Lo-Fi music bot, you'll surely feel the vibe.
2 days ago
Cj's meme squad! Our server is a chill place to relax and enjoy some down time, enjoy a friendly community that is always there to help one and other out! Some days may seem dark and blue, and maybe you feel sad or a little down; but the meme squad will always be there to show you it's not all that bad!~

So what are you waiting for? Join us today!
2 days ago
Lullaby is an aesthetic kawaii server aimed for those wanting a chill, relaxed server! We have a range of activities , bots and more. Join today!
4 days ago
Welcome to the Super Power Autism Squad, we got memes, NSFW stuff like hentai or porn, great staff, also we have some vaporwave content and art as well that people have made, and we got people that have funny unique personalities so if your into that then this server is right for you =)
5 days ago
9,800 + Active Members! Looking for staff!
13 days ago
A mature community of all things Vaporwave, Cyberpunk, Synthwave and Outrun. Open to fans and people new alike!
18 days ago
Desperate Society🌹 ギゑ悪 is mainly a hangout and chill server. you can talk to people and make new friends with common interests from all around the world. Channels we offer: 🌸Aesthetics, 🤳Selfies, 🔥SFW/NSFW lewds, and a lot more! Feel free to join!
25 days ago
A lovely and rapidly growing Vaporwave & Cloud rap community! Join us and discuss about vaporwave, music or just how you've been. 150+ Members.
26 days ago
Neko's Nightclub is a hub for all geek and nerd people who are in love with cyberpunk, vaporwave, outrun, technology, programming and anime. If you are into chill conversation and want to connect with people with similar interests to you, you are in the right place! This community is intended to feel small, comfy and relaxed for everyone, while still being active and engaging.
38 days ago
Let the rain wash away, the pain of yesterday.
Join for a e s t h e t i c vibes, chilling out & much more.
It's a new server so we're also looking for moderation & staff.

44 days ago
A free, open and aesthetic social community.
Also an official partner of /r/Vaporwave!

鮮 Ocean Lounge 魚 is an all-round social community where everyone is welcome, and all topics of discussion and conversation are open.
88 days ago
Do you like vaporwave? Browse pol often? Do you have a appreciation of aesthetics and graphics design? Then this server is for you!
198 days ago