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Hey there! You have been invited to our community named Aesthetic Lounge, On the server we have:

✔️ Great staff
✔️ Shitpost channel where everything is legal
✔️ Memes
✔️ Nothing for the light hearted.
✔️ Reaction roles.
✔️ And much much more :)

We would love it if you would like to join.
Just a reminder, we are quite toxic and love vaporwave aesthetics.
Cya on the server :)
Come here if you're interested in getting ass cancer.
Hello (こんにちは)
welcome to .S t a y

come ░ and 𝑒𝓃𝒿𝑜𝓎 【AESTHETIC】

Do you enjoy vaporwave, aesthetics or lofi beats!? Come chat with us!

❐ Relaxing atmosphere and friendly members!

❐ Helpful and friendly staff!

❐ Self assignable roles!

❐ 500+ members and growing fast!

We have engaging staff and active chats, as well as other activities such as watch parties, large music VC's and streams!

We can't wait to have you join us!
PrivateSuite Magazine, the Magazine for all things Vaporwave!

Looking for a pleasant and nice vaporwave community? Then come and join our Discord Server! Take part in interesting discussions with Artists, Producers, Labels and get to know the people behind PrivateSuite as well 😎
Laidback server dedicated to vaporwave aesthetics!
Choose your own roles and actives get personal flairs.
Explore and express your creativity. アート
Welcome to the new and improved DRΣΛMSTΛR!
I am not gonna put anything else on this description but, enjoy your paradise at DRΣΛMSTΛR!
Hello traveler!
Welcome to the 𝘾𝙔𝘽𝙀𝙍𝙋𝙐𝙉𝙆 server. We are a pretty new server but we hope that it will grow together with you.

We have self-assignable roles and custom emojis.(more will be added)
Hope you give us a chance by checking us out.
lowlight is a server centered around friendship and conversation. everyone is treated equally and with kindness, an enforced rule.


✨there are channels dedicated to different conversation topics like dreaming, astrology, nostalgia, etc.

✨always accepting ideas for growth. extremely active members can easily get a role.

✨active voice chat.
Desperate Society🌹 ギゑ悪 is mainly a hangout and chill server. you can talk to people and make new friends with common interests from all around the world. Channels we offer: 🌸Aesthetics, 🤳Selfies, 🔥SFW/NSFW lewds, and a lot more! Feel free to join!
It’s a chill vaporwave discord server for talking, sharing art, and playing games. See you there!
We are a water themed discord server for chat and content creation with a very open community with on call bots and a area for social media promotion. Help us make our small pound a large ocean and help make us a great community for everyone of all walks to be a part of. Also if you want to say anything mean or otherwise to the owner we have the hey-water-boi channel to hassle him.
Hello and welcome to Lounge House! Looking for a active Discord that hosts events? Wanna just make new friends? Then come join us! We host weekly events throughout the week on our Discord as well as play games together. We also have different channels such as NSFW, Anime, etc. We have self-assignable roles that get consistently updated as new games come out and we improve the server based on your suggestions. Anyone and everyone is welcome! We are also looking for chat staff, so if ya wanna become a Discord moderator, come join.
💙 Welcome to Wave Racers!💙

🎵An amazing server to share and discover new aesthetic music and art. We mainly focus on Synthwave/Vaporwave style music but any art or music you wan't to share is welcome and appreciated.

🎵This is a great place to get more exposure and talk to like-minded people! Please join us and ride the waves of discovery together!

💜Music And Art Promo Channels

💙Discussion Channel!

💚Radio Bot!

💛Happy to partner!

welcome to the server, man. well, more like the ad to join the server. nevertheless, thanks for reading it. anyways, we're a bunch of lonely teens just looking for friends. we've got cool bots like Dank Memer™, Rythm, and Pokécord. honestly, we just love to shitpost and browse for deepfried memes. if you're looking for a more mellow, aesthetically-pleasing server, check us out.
🌸~Amphy【~^ω^~】Nexus~ A place to CONSUME MEME and post your own | 176+ Members | Be Yourself~ | Listen to 24/7 Lo-Fi & Chill Radio 🎶 | Emotional support & venting | LFG | Events & Anime/Movie Nights | Cursed Images | NO U | Aesthetic | JOIN NOW
This is a server full of producers/editors. Theres a whole section on tutorials and sampling if you need help! We mostly use FL Studio but you're welcome to use other programs!
Are you looking to forget about life? Are you tired of looking around you and seeing everywhere that you are so distracted by everything? Com join us. We have:

- A family-friendly experience,
- Discussions where you can vent about life
- Bots where you can mess around with
- Discussions on anime and manga

Join, if you dare.

Also, do please note that our staff aren't professionals in handling with depression. If you need help, then this isn't to place to go asking for it, but do think about the people that care about you.
New server located on the chill side of the internet, dedicated to lovers of rock, vaporwave aesthetics, metal, lo-fi, rap, anime, and gaming.
Drop into the soundscape.
Come vibe with us! ありがとう
Welcome to Vaporchat! ゛まる

Vaporchat is a unique server for anyone a b o v e the ages of thirteen to chat and have a good time, knowing that the person they 
are talking to is expressing themselves in a true fashion and is free from catfishing or any other scummy users 

We hope you enjoy it!
Good Luck!~ (ーれセン 育胃 鋭案)

Great quality server with only 3 bots and bunch of rules to chill you in the server. The server is about old times (70's-90's).