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Laidback server dedicated to vaporwave aesthetics! ⛱
Good vibes only and top notch community. 🎆
Explore and express your creativity. ツ
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Beautiful and Well Built
No other Discord server is as aesthetically pleasing as this one. It's a chill community with a 24/7 music bot that plays awesome Vaporwave music. Always a joy being there.
NetScape NetScape
Very Friendly
Overall, this server is the best one you can join in discord.
No toxicity, everyone is friendly and very aesthetic.
I recommend anyone to join this server, regardless if you don't like vaporwave or chillwave.
Aes Aes
Most Friendliest Discord Server
This is the most friendliest and welcoming server on discord that I've joined (and I've joined a lot). As soon as I joined I was welcomed in the general chat by the currently active members. Members and even the server owner pause their conversations just to welcome new members. This isn't commonly seen on discord servers, especially as active as this one. It helps people that find it hard to start conversations or join ongoing ones.

If you are reading my review you should join, even if aesthetics and vaporwave may not be your main interests you should join just to meet the people on this server. Who knows? Maybe you'll become a massive fan :)
serotonin serotonin
Shutup server is one of my favourite server because of the way it looks (very cozy and aesthetic, everything i love), but also because the community always offers very constructive and interesting subjects to talk about.
Everyone is very friendly as the staff team always makes sure each person is satisfied. Hopefully this community will continue to grow more and become a large server because the owner deserves it for working on it so hard! #loveczar ^~^