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Hop in and have fun in a server with a bunch of degenerate warplanes and ships. This is a roleplay server originating from the Azur Lane community and has adopted a fanbase around aircraft for some reason that I am not going to explain. Join us and help us destroy the evil Sandy cult!
Operation: New Eternity
Operation: New Eternity is Roleplay server that takes the idea of humans as ships the same idea Kancolle and Azur Lane are best known for. It is set in the Northern Sea but later on during major operations we will expand our operating location. It's set during the 1980 diverging from our universe into our own, while the *fleet* seeks its goal in achieving eternal peace and hope through out the world fighting off the Abyssal threat or enemy fleets that may cause a hinderance in the goal.

We are an Anime/video game related server that welcomes any member~!

Maturity is expected in the Rp
We allow Kancolle/Azur Lane characters
We are a welcoming community
We have a plot

Active Server
We allow both literate and non-literate
Longterm Roleplay
Constantly updating the server
All Timezones
You may join the main factions or the Abyssal threat
Turned based and RnG Combat
Active members and all welcomed~!

We hope you join our quest to seek peace or strive for chaos in our community~!
Just another Kancolle/Azur Lane roleplay server with some Touhou mixed in.
Please feel free to join us here.
Kantai Collection Fan Club
Do you like WW2, and Navy Vessels? Would you like to see them
Mixed together with anime? Well that's KanColle and today I present you
With a Server Praising it. We are based around the game of KanColle and Azur Lane. We offer-

Fun Bots!
Waifu Debates!
Chill Times.
Gambling with a unique economy
Even our own giveaways and competition!

To top it all off, we're new! So every suggestion matters! So what are you waiting for come join and have fun!
A server made for the fans of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, World of Warships, KanColle, and Warships in general. You can join to meet friends, communicate, etc.
Server for Kancolle Fans, we are relatively small, but we love kancolle. No Kancolle lewds.