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The year is 1974 the world is still under the threat of the abyss, it is up to you to save the world via the Navy/Air Force/Mechanized Forces/Infantry. As you save the world along with fellow members of the base you are able to forge your story under either the Eternity banner or enemy fleet.

A wide range of characters and original characters to choose from.
Kantai Collection/Azur Lane/Girls Frontline/Panzer waltz/etc.
We are an Anime/video game related server that welcomes any member~!
Maturity is expected in the Rp
We are a welcoming community
We have a plot/ Rp events

Active Server
We allow both literate and non-literate style of Roleplay
Longterm Roleplay
Constantly updating the server
All Timezones
Active members and all welcomed~!
Just another Kancolle/Azur Lane roleplay server with some Touhou (Mostly minor. closer to enhancements) mixed in.
Please feel free to join us here.
Roleplaying server based on Azur Lane and Kancolle universe set around the years of WW-2 era. We do have events, battles, friendly and welcoming community, channels for games and art and much more!
Our friendly staff is open for feedback on how to improve the server~ So dont hesitate to share your ideas (But nothing too crazy!!)
Vous aimez la guerre ? La stratégie de terrain ? Peut-être les jeux World of Tanks/Warships/Warplanes ? Les lolis ? Azur Lane ? Les bâtiments de guerre humanisés en personnage d'anime ? Bienvenue dans ce serveur où vous jouerez dans un présent parallèle où une bataille contre un parasite se fait ressentir alors que vous ne possédez la technologie ne dépassant pas les années 50. Seriez-vous Pro-parasite ou Anti-parasite ?

War based, no NSFW ship girl server.

Welcome to the field, newbie! As the threat of abyssals become worse and worse, supplies are dwindling, and factories are being destroyed, it's up to you to stop the black menace. Choose one from any ship in history that has existed, from the early 1900s up until 1946, the clock is ticking and the fate of Japan rests on your shoulders, so gear up for battle and show me your war face!
Hop in and have fun in a server with a bunch of degenerate warplanes and ships. This is a roleplay server originating from the Azur Lane community and has adopted a fanbase around aircraft for some reason that I am not going to explain. Join us and help us destroy the evil Sandy cult!

This is a chill-aesthetic community with lots of channels to choose from.

We offer tons of roles, channels, and bots!

- Welcoming and Active community!
- XP system up to 40 ranks!
- Best Aesthetics
- Selfies channels where you can post your selfies.
- Partner Managers!
Primarily a roleplay server with room for a variety of rps from any genre. A friendly, laid back community welcoming to anyone.
Main rp is Edge of the Abyss, a Kantai Collection/Azur Lane story set at the height of the Abyss War, with the defenders of humanity losing ground daily as the war approaches its tipping point. Will the seas be made safe again, or will a new darkness cover the Earth.

Only rules
1. Be polite
2. No politics
3. No trolling, spamming, or advertising
Good day!
This is San Diego Naval Base, a newly reborn RP server that has been through lots of stuff—

But you’re not here for that, are you? You’re simply here to RP, and have fun, without much repercussions!
That’s totally fine! It’s why this server is a thing.

Criticism is accepted, and is welcome (not lying I swear!).
Everything is still in development, which adds to the opportunities of being able to suggest things that you’d wish to be in the server!
We treat everybody with maturity, and no discrimination.
Well-established rules!
Abyssals are an actual threat! (Once everything is set up.)
Combat system is in the works, so your input would be appreciated.
This is ryse naval Base in germany come join us on the fromt battle to pushing the abysaals out of our seas
In this server you can be any ship you want from Azur Lane, Kantai Collection, and Warship Girls, we focus mainly on roleplay around the base and sea, almost everything on the server was made by one person, server has specific channels for memes and some lewd stuff, come join us on our adventure!
Roleplay server based upon Kancolle and Azur lane with a bit of strike witches mixed in. Very slight hint of realism to make things interesting and unique. Post pictures and stuff if you want.
Newspaper clipping #1
Philippine Navy's Purpose
"To organize, train, equip, maintain, develop and deploy forces for prompt and sustained naval and maritime. operations in support of the Unified Commands in the accomplishment of the AFP mission".

— Based on the 2007 Integrity Development Review of the AFP–Philippine Navy by the EC–OMB Corruption Prevention Project

The Year 2055
The seas are calm around the Philippines, or so it seems, behold! An abyssal threat abounds the so called archipelago nation. People are in panic, for their livelihood is in danger. The issue has been addressed at the United Nations, as the Delegate stated:

The Republic of the Philippines has been handling with an issue, that is perhaps greater than itself, we need aid from our fellow countries.

-Philippine delegate

Thankfully, the Delegation of the United States stated that assigning ship girls as a way to keep the abyssal danger at bay is the solution.

This is where we stand today.


1. friendly Admin :3
2. auto assignable roles
3. Combat system (Available next week)
4. Leveling system
5. Crazy ship combinations
We are a fairly new server, abandoned by it's ex-owner and ran by people who want it to succeed. We are a fair community, we don't discriminate, and we combine 2 different Universes into one, Kancolle/Kantai Collection and Azur Lane. It's a roleplay server meant to create your own ship (Of course based off a real ship) and of course join us in some RPs that we have planned out. Come join us in our server luv~

List of Staff:

Owner: Spee-chan
Co-owner: Gecko

Admin Kitsu Kitsu (Me)
Admin Kitten
Admin KMS Tirpitz
Admin KV2
Moderator FineJazz
This is a server about shipgirls/ persons, you don't have to be a ship to join, but it is preferable.
Kantai Collection Fan Club
Do you like WW2, and Navy Vessels? Would you like to see them
Mixed together with anime? Well that's KanColle and today I present you
With a Server Praising it. We are based around the game of KanColle and Azur Lane. We offer-

Fun Bots!
Waifu Debates!
Chill Times.
Gambling with a unique economy
Even our own giveaways and competition!

To top it all off, we're new! So every suggestion matters! So what are you waiting for come join and have fun!
A server made for the fans of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, World of Warships, KanColle, and Warships in general. You can join to meet friends, communicate, etc.
Server for Kancolle Fans, we are relatively small, but we love kancolle. No Kancolle lewds.
Welcome to Avrora Naval Base! A place where all shipgirls and commanders from all countries can interact and bond. We welcome all shipgirls and soldiers who are looking for a nice and fun place to roleplay. You don't know the lore? It's alright, we build our own lore.
Want to make an original character? Have at it, we are open to your creativity! Just looking for a place to chat and flex your Azur Lane Account? We have that. Come, we welcome everyone with open arms.
A Server for Kancolle fans and Gamers, this is not an NSFW or roleplay srever just made for chating around and Posting memes.