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Hop in and have fun in a server with a bunch of degenerate warplanes and ships. This is a roleplay server originating from the Azur Lane community and has adopted a fanbase around aircraft for some reason that I am not going to explain. Join us and help us destroy the evil Sandy cult!
👑Kure Naval Base👑
A large and first international base in the world, with an impressive facilities to wage war on humankinds mortal foes, the incredibly powerful and scheming Sirens as well as the undead fleet of the Abyssals.

Take control of the new and powerful marvel called ship-girls or become a naval officier, to turn the tides of a cruel and bloody war and sail to victory! While not in battle you can visit the beautiful Kure's surroundings and the City of Kure as well as enjoy some time getting to know your fellow comrades in arms.
We offer you:

🏆A variety of events done by the community and the staff

🏆Friendly staff and members

🏆Fan made lore

🏆Pokemon/Waifu bot

🏆Art channels both SFW and NSFW

🏆Gaming and meme channels

🏆Ton of foxgirls
[Update 09/21/2019}
New Horizon Update is now live.
>New economy system
>Formation of Squads now available
>Side quests and mini-bosses
>Revamped and friendly Staff

The year is 1974 the world is still under the threat of the abyss, it is up to you to save the world via the Navy/Air Force/Mechanized Forces/Infantry. As you save the world along with fellow members of the base you are able to forge your story under either the Eternity banner or enemy fleet.
[Update List] 1/31/2020
>Under new ownership
>Sortie campaigns still in progress
>RPG based combat system
>XP and Item system are both out and rolling! Join in sorties versus the abyssal threat to earn XP and items to level up and receive even cooler upgrades and abilities!
>Commissions system! If you're not a fan of dice based activities no need to fear! Sign up to conduct missions entirely based on only RP.
>Minigames - Want to practice some Kendo? Perhaps have an archery competition? Now you can! We have a system in place to use dice when competing against others, or you can just RP it out.

War based ship girl server.

The year is 1946, the Abyssal threat was introduced late after World War Two. Imperial Japan was wracked by the two atomic bombs, and refused to surrender. Nazi Germany was in a several month long struggle for the battle of its capital, Berlin. Very shortly however, the threat of the Abyssals showed up in the Pacific and started to harass American supply vessels connected to Guam, Pearl Harbor, and Guadalcanal. Their presence marked an international ceasefire between nations and the assembly of a multi-national combined fleet. Though months earlier, these nations were at each other's throats, were forced to band together to fight this unknown threat that could potentially take over the Earth's oceans.

As a vessel newly assigned to the western-coast Japanese naval base, Sasebo, it is your duty to serve your nation, and to serve the multi-national combined fleet in their efforts to defeat the Abyssal threat. The loss of most major American airbases and Japanese port cities have proved to the world that if the Abyssals spread farther than the Pacific, it could sever the supply and trade lines connecting the world, ultimately destroying whole super power's and their economies. The situation is dire, but it's do or die. Completely surrounded, it is your job to support the combined fleet and break through the forming Abyssal blockade-line and save Japan, and the world, from annexation and destruction.

Havana is a friendly, literate roleplaying community based around story and character development. That being said, we are set in the middle of a war, so there are bound to be some dark themes that pop up during roleplay. The plot is based on the plethora of shipgirl games out there like Kantai Collection, Azur Lane, Warship Girls, and Victory Belles. We hope you'll give us a try!
Here's a quick rundown of the important stuff we offer:
❀ Literate and story-based roleplay
❀ Smut confined to direct messages
❀ Exotic sub-tropical setting
❀ Ranks and job assignments for every character
❀ Base regulations that are enforced in-character
❀ Detailed lore and world history
A brand new ship girl role-playing server that integrates elements of both Azur Lane and Kantai Collection. Still mostly under construction but feel free to check us out~

💥Friendly staff
💥Combat system under development
💥Ranking system and promotions
💥Fun and friendly environment
💥Ever growing community
💥Tropical and fun Hawaiian themed naval base
Shipgirl Docks is a brand new NSFW Discord server built for the sole purpose of sharing content relating to Azur Lane, Kancolle and whatever similar titles that you weebs and boat lovers consider your favorite. We want to fulfill that role by being the best server possible for that.
Welcome to okinawa base! we are a small Roleplay community that focuses on having a good time between ourselves, the server is slowly growing and we are greeting new interested people in, we hope you may join us and have a good time!
Primarily a roleplay server with room for a variety of rps from any genre. A friendly, laid back community welcoming to anyone.
Main rp is Edge of the Abyss, a Kantai Collection/Azur Lane story set at the height of the Abyss War, with the defenders of humanity losing ground daily as the war approaches its tipping point. Will the seas be made safe again, or will a new darkness cover the Earth.

Only rules
1. Be polite
2. No politics
3. No trolling, spamming, or advertising
Welcome to AALRP!

This server is still in work in progress but currently has a semi decently active community a couple of bots, A group of people that like to shit post, and a ton of passion aka Progress needing to be done. Besides that we would love new members to join.

I’m Addition of the AL characters you can choose, Tank, Plane, and T-Dolls! Please drop by and say hi.
Fixed vital server structural issues.

『Just as the waves brushing ashore,
Peace is forever in motion.』

After a long period of peace and prosperity, they returned, humanity was once more forced from the coast. Stand firm as a ship girl on this one unlikely island base, from which, we shall reclaim the waves.

<> Following none, creating anew, </>
<> A true to form combat system </>
<> Duty beyond sorties, reform the base, all ship girls counts </>
<> Specially designed, unique new sets of the enemy </>
<> Composed campaign </>
New note:Picking up speed but still fairly slow.
Just another Kancolle/Azur Lane roleplay server with some Touhou (Mostly minor/cameo. closer to enhancements to allow for Magitek and even then i've started a shift to neptunia) mixed in. This explores what would happen if a Splinter faction of Shipgirls decided to break away and form their own home country on a Enlarged Midway atolls. plus a bit of Comics thrown in for Main Arcs. as well as a Tech tree
Please feel free to join us here.
Warning:This might not be for some people! New note:Currently inactive. this might be broken if at least 3 people start showing signs of activity. until then this is on the sidelines
【Kantai Collection Forum-Type Roleplaying Server】

Hello! My name is Kyouran, or you could just refer to me as my alias, Fubuki. I am a dedicated forum roleplayer that has long gotten into Discord type roleplaying, and I present to you one of my projects, Maizuru Naval District.

Set in 1945, within the universe of Kantai Collection, the appearance of the Abyssals have spawned the creation of "kansmusu" and their powerful "outfits", the only thing known to man that can effectively and properly combat the under-sea fleet. Pick up a pair, a gun, and a shield, for the girls of the combined surface fleet are going to war! The roleplay is dedicated and prides itself on moving at it's own pace, some users preferring to post a single message a day, while others strive for a few, set in the timezone after world war two concludes, the kansmusu, or the ship girls as known in English, are struggling to combat the Abyssal fleet shutting down world trade routes, and travel across the world's oceans. Maizuru Naval Arsenal remains to be one of the few operating naval bases in the region of Japan, and her waters, as well as in the Pacific ocean, becoming the main operations headquarters for the combined fleet.

【All characters and designs are welcome for proposal, but it is *preferred* you do not use Azur Lane, Warship Girls, or Victory Belles as your design choice】
【No one liners! This is a dedicated roleplay server, and I strive to create an intriguing story to unfold】
【Set minimum is three sentences per post.】
【Takes place in set time period and date, roleplay will not proceed without everyone's agreement to move on】
【The roleplay is *SLOW*! But on PURPOSE, it is preferred that you pour your heart into a single or a few posts a day, instead of rushing and roleplaying on a whim!】
【Yes you can roleplay at an avid pace, but please remember that we are all in this together, so try and not proceed through without giving everyone else a chance to write】
【Put some effort in! We are proud writers, and do not want our posts to lack, or show a lack of attempt, remember that you could take days to write up your very first post, I know I did!】


A server for Azur Lane players to get together, find some help, and chat about the game and characters! You'll find channels for server news for English, Japanese, and Chinese regions and can be automatically informed of any maintenance or server outages as well. Join us today and discover the wonderful world of Azur Lane!
• A Azur Lane simulator bot is currently in development.

• Features & progress stated & announced.

• A development server mainly focusing on bots, discord.js.
Kancolle is a social community-based server for fans of Kantai Collection, World of Warships, Azur Lane, and everything anime related. We also encourage topics for history, War Thunder, and gaming for people who are interested, as well as a place for people to share or talk about artwork or their favorite artist. Our server also has a wide variety of NSFW channels for different content. [server still in beta]
Kantai Collection fairy aircraft roleplay


Imperial Japan quickly realizes that they are losing the Pacific front against the might of the United States Navy, and their Marine Corps, losing territory all over the Pacific region, and recently their blow to the islands of Leyte, and the loss of the Musashi. The American campaign against the Japanese have pushed them back into Guadalcanal, where the United States roams the waters near Japan's mainland. To protect the capital, the Atsugi naval-air-arms base is put on 24/7 high alert, with their dated Ki-43's, the lack of supplies, and struggle to withhold the war-effort, Atsugi was denied the use of A6M's, as Japan dedicated them to full use by the Navy, leaving the Army Air Service to rely on old fighter planes from the late 30s. As a pilot of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service, you are to defend mainland Japan, and the capital of Tokyo, while running missions to fend off American raids on Japanese captured territory!
Vous aimez la guerre ? La stratégie de terrain ? Peut-être les jeux World of Tanks/Warships/Warplanes ? Les lolis ? Azur Lane ? Les bâtiments de guerre humanisés en personnage d'anime ? Bienvenue dans ce serveur où vous jouerez dans un présent parallèle où une bataille contre un parasite se fait ressentir alors que vous ne possédez la technologie ne dépassant pas les années 50. Seriez-vous Pro-parasite ou Anti-parasite ?
Da Hood Police Department

Semi-organized police group, for players that main the police team, fighting with us you'll gain +respect, and money via raids and arresting people.

There is currently two teams to join

The main patrol group - (Mains the Glock)
The special weapons and tactical response team - (Mains the Tactical Shotgun, and Med Armor)
In this server you can be any ship you want from Azur Lane, Kantai Collection, and Warship Girls, we focus mainly on roleplay around the base and sea, almost everything on the server was made by one person, server has specific channels for memes and some lewd stuff, come join us on our adventure!

This is a chill-aesthetic community with lots of channels to choose from.

We offer tons of roles, channels, and bots!

- Welcoming and Active community!
- XP system up to 40 ranks!
- Best Aesthetics
- Selfies channels where you can post your selfies.
- Partner Managers!
Good day!
This is San Diego Naval Base, a newly reborn RP server that has been through lots of stuff—

But you’re not here for that, are you? You’re simply here to RP, and have fun, without much repercussions!
That’s totally fine! It’s why this server is a thing.

Criticism is accepted, and is welcome (not lying I swear!).
Everything is still in development, which adds to the opportunities of being able to suggest things that you’d wish to be in the server!
We treat everybody with maturity, and no discrimination.
Well-established rules!
Abyssals are an actual threat! (Once everything is set up.)
Combat system is in the works, so your input would be appreciated.