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[RP] Fleet Girls: Sasebo Naval District
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[RP] Fleet Girls: Sasebo Naval District

[Update List] 05/24/2020
> Our brand new combat system, CS2 (the successor to Combat System 1) is almost set for release! Release is slated first week of June. This new combat system features custom character sheets maintained and updated by our very own bot built JUST for the server! CS2 stays closer to the DnD roots, and prioritizes RP over all, ensuring for an even smoother RP experience, with even more enjoyable combat! All while maintaining an excellent balance.
> Commission and Missions system has been further refined to allow for a more streamlined system for both! Commissions are roleplay-only missions without the RNG of surface combat. Missions/Expeditions use our custom built DnD style combat system.
> The campaign is drawing to a close. The finale is concluding as of late, HOWEVER, this means we lead into our inter-campaign period, where users can host their own mini-campaigns in cooperation with staff that contribute to the server lore as a run up to the 2nd Main Campaign! The Abyssal threat is still ever present, and the loss of one Hive is but a minor blow to the Abyssal war machine. Come join the server and continue humanity's reconquest of the seas!
> BRAND NEW events are being introduced specifically tailored towards newer members based upon feedback we received.
>XP and Item system are being revamped in anticipation of CS2.
>Minigames - Want to practice some Kendo? Perhaps have an archery competition? Now you can! We have a system in place to use dice when competing against others, or you can just RP it out.
War based ship girl server.

The year is 1946, the Abyssal threat was introduced late after World War Two. Imperial Japan was wracked by the two atomic bombs, and refused to surrender. Nazi Germany was in a several month long struggle for the battle of its capital, Berlin. Very shortly however, the threat of the Abyssals showed up in the Pacific and started to harass American supply vessels connected to Guam, Pearl Harbor, and Guadalcanal. Their presence marked an international ceasefire between nations and the assembly of a multi-national combined fleet. Though months earlier, these nations were at each other's throats, were forced to band together to fight this unknown threat that could potentially take over the Earth's oceans.

As a vessel newly assigned to the western-coast Japanese naval base, Sasebo, it is your duty to serve your nation, and to serve the multi-national combined fleet in their efforts to defeat the Abyssal threat. The loss of most major American airbases and Japanese port cities have proved to the world that if the Abyssals spread farther than the Pacific, it could sever the supply and trade lines connecting the world, ultimately destroying whole super power's and their economies. The situation is dire, but it's do or die. Completely surrounded, it is your job to support the combined fleet and break through the forming Abyssal blockade-line and save Japan, and the world, from annexation and destruction.

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Slavi Slavi
*clicks* N o i c e
Boy I don't even know where to start or begin but I just gotta make a review since I feel it's necessary now to lol, so here we go bear with me and my crappy review. :D

This server has gone through quite a l o t ever since I joined it around the beginning of August. Originally when I first joined the server was...not in the best shape admin and staff wise. The owner was quite rude, possessed a lot of alts, and hardly listened to the staff who would have any sort of thing against him, even if it was for the better. Certain *cough cough* events took place and eventually Raisa became the new server owner which was *clicks* noice.

After those sort of uh...not great times, the server started to get steadily better with Raisa as the server owner. The combat system started to get better, more capable staff were put in, the general toxicity of the server had died down, and it seemed to have gotten better from here in the long run. Though several times on account I have seen people say that the server is bad, too restrictive, doesn't take people's suggestions, yada yada yada. But, you gotta take into account how...I have rarely seen people suggest anything to change something they don't like, and when it does it goes into the process of change and doing so like it's supposed to. And the server is hardly really even restrictive. If it wasn't the way it was with the rules for the rp, it would've gotten really weird...really really weird, trust me I've seen it in certain other servers..*shivers*. And people who want their voices and suggestions heard, it helps to tell the server owner what your thoughts are, any suggestions you have, stuff like that, that's all it really takes to be honest.

Other than that here's my legitimate review. Sasebo is pretty well worth it if you give the effort to look in to what they have to offer and tbh, it doesn't take that much effort to do so. The server is quite very active and lively, I myself have made very close friendships and bonds with people in the server, and the rp has much to offer and stuff to do(you just have to actually look at the stuff and ask lol).
32 days ago
ThePilotLife ThePilotLife
I've been with the server for about 5 months at the time of writing this. And oh boy, what a 5 months it's been! From my very start as a specific coffee-addicted depressed german aircraft carrier, to the current cheerful, supportive american light cruiser I am right now, I've had fun the entire way. The staff team is not only amazingly well organized, but willing to help you with anything, whether it's server issues or just advice on life.The server owners are amazing, and always open to and welcoming criticism so they can improve. The community, while at times can seem completely random, can guarantee a good time. Sorties are D&D based, and are fantastically fun! You have total control over everything you do, but you won't get anything useful done in a sortie unless you pray to RNGesus and hope he blesses you. Probably my favorite thing is that they, unlike most servers I've been in, actually listen to suggestions and implement them if voted yes. For example, what started as a joke of me hosting a radio turned into me actually hosting a radio station, doing interviews and broadcasting news- which by the way, is something that is great fun! Overall, a positive, lax, fun community that is welcoming to everyone- So what are you waiting for? Come on in, enjoy the fun!

- USS Cleveland
62 days ago
Risemiria Risemiria
A wonderful voyage with more on the horizon
I feel like me saying how amazing our server is, might be seen as tooting our own horn, but as someone who started out in Sasebo back in September, I have been able to see the beautiful progress that has gone on throughout my time in this place. I did not have much roleplay experience coming into the server and so I was unsure of what to expect, in fact I came into the server blind and on a whim. However, everything has been exciting and overall engaging when it comes to interacting with the many other members of the community that are here. I've had lots of fun and made many out-of-character friends during my time here and I really don't think I'd know what would have happened had I never arrived in Sasebo. It's a really great place.

We have a combat system that makes our sorties fair while keeping them interesting and with the constant tweaking and modifications to improve it, I can only see that aspect of our server getting better and better. Our GMs try to keep the results of the dice rolls fair and are open to some flexibility to actions that our players take during combat so that the system doesn't become too constraining. There's a lot else that I think makes Sasebo so wonderful, but perhaps that's something that's better understood through a first-hand experience. To the person reading this review, if you are looking for a place where you can relax, have fun, and enjoy the company of a thriving roleplay community, then please consider visiting Sasebo and us. Perhaps you'll find the same amazing experiences that I have had here.
64 days ago
Juice but in Dutch Juice but in Dutch
Most fun I had on discord in a while.
I recently got invited and I got hooked right of the bat, the staff is helpful and the server is well organized. You can feel the effort around it. Besides Swedish ship girls? My life is complete. 10/10 would pat again.
76 days ago