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[RP] Fleet Girls: Sasebo Naval District
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[RP] Fleet Girls: Sasebo Naval District



War based, no NSFW ship girl server.

Welcome to the field, newbie! As the threat of abyssals become worse and worse, supplies are dwindling, and factories are being destroyed, it's up to you to stop the black menace. Choose one from any ship in history that has existed, from the early 1900s up until 1946, the clock is ticking and the fate of Japan rests on your shoulders, so gear up for battle and show me your war face!
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harunoibuki harunoibuki
Once You RP You Start To Get Attached
An engaging enjoyable roleplay is something every rp nerd wants in their life, anime communities that aren't just SJWs are hard to come by. Without a doubt it's been a fun time for me when I was there, it was my first server that I was able to take seriously for once, no constant ERPs in the dorms, and no one gets offended if you actually roleplay with them... Too many servers where if you try to interact with characters they're too busy having at it in their dorms with their best buddy.
I recommend to anyone that types really well, none of that one liner crap.
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Sayo_nara Sayo_nara
Active, and open to criticism
Usually when you question someone's authority in a server, whether you mean to insult or not you get met with "HOWA DARE U!!" and get banned the next minute, I'm glad to say that you can freely express yourself here within reasonable limits, don't like something? Tell an admin, it's an amazing feat, and a rare occurrence that a server staff team do not take everything personally, and instead of trying to horde their mistakes, they throw it out there and try to fix them.

10/10 would RP again.
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luuped luuped
At least everyone actually roleplays | I recommend to serious and dedicated roleplayers
God, I can't tell you how many kantai collection servers there are where people just constantly, constantly, constanly ERP, or act horny in the chat 24/7 to the point where all you see is cute emojis and people pretending to bang, it's annoying, this server and the staff team banned ERP and NSFW, it's in the rules, some people had to be stopped so this place too didn't just turn into a complete mess, where everyone just constantly wants to ERP each other.

Besides from the fact that everyone actually roleplays, it's not just your every-day casual roleplay, it's a war server, there is a battle to be fought, and so many servers ignore the fact that battles even exist, it gets so edgy with the 9yo's being cuddly in their rooms, but no, this place picks that up and launches it to the sun, alla that stuff ain't allowed, it's personally, one of the better kancolle servers I've seen, and I've only seen a few try. I recommend this to people that take pride in their craft, there are so many people here that detail their roleplay, and make their actions memorable, I hate seeing people doing things like
*walks around*
*does stuff*
None of that, here, it's a semi-serious, but also not so strict server, and you can really have fun with how it's so focused on the fact that you're a soldier in a battlefield.
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Utilizes and mimics an actual navy
Most kancolle servers you see floating around kinda just throw people in and expect them to do stuff, there's not a lot going on, Sasebo has a fleet system installed so that every ship has a purpose in some way during their time on base, things to do, jobs, and an actual sort of MoS based off of what vessel you're looking at. Repair and auxiliary ships were working at the yards, while cruisers, and destroyers were prepping and training for up coming missions.

Fortunately, as much other servers try, not a single one has nailed an organization system, and nothing will go unnoticed, or silence, there's anonymous reports to staff, and generally it's not used much since the people in the server are pretty friendly unless you join and start acting like a butt, no one likes a butt. Evaluating everyone so that each ship has a purpose, and then that effects how the roleplay functions, what the players do is how the roleplay shifts, instead of the admins just modifying the story to whatever they want to do, if a ship sank, that's a pretty big blow to their fleet.

All in all, great community, great and impaired combat system, and willing staff, unfortunately, the owner is like.. an adult, and he has adult things to do, we all miss him and hope he's okay~

PS, Volta, if you ever read this, we love you.