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Welcome to this new server!
*Since this server is new, expect a lot of things to move around a lot etc.*
As you can tell by the title, it's a BNHA Rp.
You can pick any character you want as long as no one else has taken it
Exceptions for double characters would be a different AU of them (ex. If Midoriya is taken, you could be Villain Izuku)
Other than that, please enjoy your stay here and have fun! ^^
Dollhouse Lane is a roleplaying server set on the mysterious Dollhouse Lane. A street that has no escape, and which somehow you've ended up at. Mysterious anomalies float through it like it's a transit for the weird and absurd. From random aliens visiting looking to fix their ship, to random incidents of killer fruit it is a dangerous place. Will you find sanity here, or will you get lost in the madness?
The bravest of the people sought freedom, taking to the seas just as their forefathers, thusly the pirate brigades were formed, not allied to the kingdoms or amongst each other, but free to live as they wished, chasing the dream that many considered foolish, to get rich, overthrow the fat monarchs and bring liberation to the oppressed, taking a hearty cut for themselves along the way.
Hello, we are an active Magi OC roleplay server! Our plot and universe is based on the anime and manga of Magi. This includes Arabic, desert oasis type themes, elemental magic, etc. In our server we allow characters to capture dungoens with our GM mods, and obtain canon and OC Djinns.

≫ We have art mods that help draw imagery and design for the roleplay.

≫ Literate and semi-literate role players. Everyone sort of has there own style so it's really interesting to read!

≫ 14 and up only.

≫ Our server is unbiased so it's really easy for new comers to fit into the mix!

If you are interested feel free to stop by. If you haven't watched Magi and still want to join that is fine as well, but to fully grasp the concept we suggest watching it, plus it's a great anime!
This is a My Hero Academia Roleplay, We do OCs and rolls quirks and It’s time for your character to be apart of our amazing world and view of My Hero Academia. We have tons of fun and The Really Good Quirks are still available Remember to go PLUS ULTRA!!!
«welcome to middletown»

middletown is a brand new discord roleplay set in a small town like every other town there is. we are 18+ and canon-only, set in a real life alternate universe. any canon is welcome. lore is established by members as we grow. come join us for a laid back rp experience!

we feature:

- a community that is friends first and RP partners second, with 0 tolerance for hate.
- all levels of writing are welcome.
- a seasons-based timeline, with events created by members.
- random events within RP, like weather and oh, idk, animal attacks.
- tupperbox bot and self roles.
- a very laid back atmosphere with no pressure.
- a whole bunch of dorkass dorks.
Welcome to The Orient - Where severe consequences are balanced with mighty rewards, where the weak turn to ash and the strong live forever. The Orient is a fantasy roleplay server that surrounds Asian historical lore with a magical twist. With 5 Clans clamouring for influence over the Orient, there is no telling when or how long you will be in power.

➩ Active and growing community
➩ Original extensive lore and character creation options
➩ Many events to participate in including wars, festivals, quests, and more!
➩ Based on DnD 5E systems

So if you seek legends, beasts, treasures, and toils of war, you've come to the right place; Welcome to The Orient. 平步青云。
“Do you like Star Wars? Do you Like to RP? Want to earn super weapons and be in almost any faction you can think of? This is the place to be! With 11 factions from different times and a vast array of superweapons and loads of things in the faction shops, this is the place to be! There are basic rules to follow, but you can do almost anything if you can put your mind to it"
Furtopia is a friendly furry community! 100+ channels, events weekly, and fun interactive bots!

>>Art Giveaway Soon!<<
The year is 1893, and no matter how or why you're there, your participating in the end of the wild west, become an outlaw, Pinkerton, marshal, or just normal cowpoke in this western rp
--We are/have--
- friendly staff
- LGBTQ friendly
- time period accurate roleplays
- many rp locations to choose from
Come one, come all to our adventure, this is an rp based on the series Adventure Time, loved by most. We offer unique systems and our own custom and unique twist to the series. I'm sure you'll join it. Unless you're a square, but I won't judge.
Hi! First off, thanks for stopping to take a look at this server, we're not at all an average Warriors server, it's more of a server that's inspired by Warriors. (Just before I begin. Yes, we do partnerships!)

The basic rundown is cats with powers, you can choose if your cat wants a crystal/shard (same thing, just a different name), or not. There is a limit to how many characters can have shards though, but as of right now there are many spots open, and they're all first come first serve.

There are no clans as of May 9th, if you want to create a character that also creates a clan, we're 100% fine with that! (We may also add a few clans later, that depends though)

In this server you'll find:
- A friendly yet still quite small community. (We're also LGBT friendly!!)
- A 100% user centered plot, later on we might add a plot but as of May 9th the plot is completely based around what the community wants it to be.
- Literate-ish (2-3 sentences minimum, avoid one-liners as much as possible)
- Quite a few RP channels, and more to come in the future.
-And much more!

Did I also mention the server is still growing? If you have a suggestion on what we should add into the server to make it better, please share!
Ever wanted to have something more story-oriented when it comes to Warframe? Ever wanted to try out that idea you had for something with a character of yours? Well, look no further than this roleplay server! Pop right in if you think it'd be the place for you!

We feature:
- Friendly Staff Members
- Growing community
- OCs
- Fun Roles
And much more in & outside of roleplay!

❗❗❗Looking for event and plot planning staff.❗❗❗
This universe has been in a apociliptic state for as long as anyone can remember. The humans scavanged to survive untill the rise of the two main tribes. If you weren't killed by one you joined one. There's still some people who prefer to fend for themselves and their families. These small groups are hunted, never able to stay in one place for long. An allegiance between the two tribes was never made, and the warriors of each are trained to put any member of the other down on sight.

The tribes aren't the only problem here, as safe food and water are hard to come by. Hunting parties are sent out often but game is few. Rations are in high demand.
Hi, we're Fluff Stuff. We're a very active server with a dedicated staff team and of course some NSFW. We offer you a friendly community, active staff and owners, rp channels and NSFW. What are you waiting for, the gate is open.
__**The Institution Of Nightfall**__
**About: The Institution Of Nightfall is an association that works in private. The government has no control over what they do, the government cannot take over anything the association does. This associations goal is to help keep up the world with its future, this means this association will do anything so that the people would be happy in the future. The Institution Of Nightfall tries to tell the Humans on Earth not to go somewhere or to do something by scaring them because death, fear, or depression might encounter them. This association also owns a 100-floor building with over 3,000 rooms. Each Evil Spirit, Dark Spirit, and Demon has their own assistant. The assistant is more of a protector, it is the protectors job to make sure the Evil Spirit/Dark Spirit/Demon is safe at all times.**
A primarily jojo-centric anime server with lax rules. Complete with a homemade bot and fairly adequate emotes, you can't go wrong.
Welcome to Kuma Wrestling, where you can get down and dirty with each of our wrestlers! Join the server, choose a role, introduce yourself and wrestle on!

Play by the rules and build your wrestler up to glory or climb your way up the ranks through mischief and all sorts of misdemeanours!

Think you've got what it takes to be Kuma Wrestling's champion?

18+ roleplayers only, please be literate and able to at least write one paragraph. This is a gay server, so please RP as male characters only! Humans are accepted too.
🌌 Realm of Perception 🌌
In which many races alike and different all live upon a planet created in a deity’s image. The planet’s populace has been blessed with the gift of mana, granting them all with unique abilities that help them in a myriad of situations. There’s plenty to explore, plenty of friends to make, and plenty of quests to embark on. The cards are out on the table, and now it’s up to you to make your play.
:🌟 Our Perks 🌟
»Balanced system for abilities
»Plenty of locations to explore
»Many available species to act as
»On-demand quests/battles from our team of narrators
»Fun community to hang out with (we have memes)
💙 We hope to see you there! 💙
Have you ever wondered if we are truly alone or not?...That if religion actually has any truth to it? In this world, we are not alone, and the religions that we know have truth.

-Freedom regarding character creation.
-Verification system to prevent raids.
-Friendly staff and community.

This is a new server just starting out
The server is based on the anime/manga : rise of the shield hero

We offer friendly staff
Oc only server
Lots of future events
Great plot and more
We are a semi literacy NO one liners
Currency system

Please keep in mind this is a OC only server

Thank you and please enjoy
Wait! It may look like another generic fantasy server but this one is fun i swear! no character limits and if you want more then medieval we got a new fallout RP in the server! come down and try it at least
This is the Roleplay version of our Community server, with bots there to ensure the RP is fair and mature. In addition, we utilise a faction system alongside individual roleplay experiences!
This is a newer BNHA Roleplay server, ACADEMIA CULT! This server doesn't accept original characters at the moment, but there are some canon characters open for grabs. The roleplay takes place within the current events of the anime. From then on, fate is up to you.

There is no need to audition! Though we do plead that when roleplaying, you stay in character as much as possible.
We also stress that you type literate replies, one liners will not be tolerated.
Responses must be at least a paragraph long, if not, you will be warned. Three warnings and you'll be kicked, and invited back in after about a day.

> Literate, multi-paragraph roleplay
> A variety of neat bots
> Canon characters only
> LGBT+ friendly community
> Flexible roleplay

We hope to see you there!