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4000 years ago, a boy in a poor village of the outskirts of the main capital was born with a strange aura around him, it terrified the villagers and they deemed the child cursed, but his parents refused to give him up and raised the boy as if he was no different. The others were cold to him, distant, not even looking in his direction at all because of the boys mysterious and dark aura. Once the boy reached the age of 13, something changed in him, the dark aura now had taken the shape of a large beast, so large in fact that it could crush the village with a single stomp, at it seemed to be under the boys command.
The boy had subjected to bullying and all sorts of harsh things by his piers and that had strengthened one particular emotion inside him, now the only one left... Anger. Using his newly developed power he begun to reek havoc on the village, forcing them to do everything he commanded, and in less than 2 hours the entire village was his. But this wasn't enough for the boy, his anger had not been calmed, he still felt the urge to destroy, so he moved onto the capital. Once arriving at the capital he instantly begun to slaughter everyone he saw, farmers on the outskirts, to towns folk on the inside, no one that met him left alive. As he moved further into the city he was met by another boy, roughly his age, he instantly knew... this boy was just like him, someone with power far greater than the other peasants around him, he halted his attack and begun to reason with the new boy, trying to convince him to join his side and that he should help him reek havoc on the towns folk, but the mysterious boy was having none of it, sticking out his hand as a large great sword made entirely of light appeared in his hand, and with that they begun to fight. The fight lasted hours upon hours as the two begun to grow tired, but in a moment the village boy was struck down by the great sword of the mysterious one, before collapsing to his knees and passing out, the boy had saved the capital and became a hero. Soon after, many others begun to develop supernatural abilities like the 2 boys, some using it for fame, some for money, and some to rule others, and soon it became the norm, most people were expected to be born with powers, and in fact, people without them became subjected to what that village boy went through, but... such is life.

No one knows if this is true or not though, it could just be made up gibberish, but this is how people believe that these abilities came about, they believe that it all started with those 2 boys, but as stated before... no one knows for sure.

It is now the year 5172, civilisations have advanced enough to the point that powers can almost be engineered, but with some serious side effects of course. There are now great schools where people can attend to further grow and develop, whether that be physically, mentally, or with their own personal power. You attend one of these schools, you may be a teacher, you may be a student who is the lowest of the low, the king of the school, or just a simple janitor, but whatever you choose to be, there will always be challenges ahead, will you over come them? Submit and admit defeat? Or will you rise to the top and become the one above all...?
Ventures of Tamriel is a brand-new Elder Scrolls text roleplay server that has every single province of Tamriel. From the Summerset Isle to Skyrim, we have it all! Please, join us and adventure with fellow RPers in the lands of Tamriel, and possibly beyond.
-We have joinable race roles! (Dunmer, Altmer, Nord, etc)
-Categories of each province containing every major city to RP in!
-Special roles you can acquire by participating in chat and being active!

We are interested in establishing a relatively lax roleplaying server that everyone is welcome to! We do expect you to have at least a bit of roleplaying experience, and to be literate. If you aren't too familiar with the basics of the lore though, we'd be fine with any questions you may have!
**Always adding new giveaways**
{We have a bot that gives auto porn!}
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Do you like nsfw?
Do you want hardcore nsfw with a community that loves it?
Are you addicted?
Well this server is the right place out of all of them.
We have the best mods that post the best gifs!
We have many bots for gifs :smirk:
Join now for the ultimate nsfw experience!
[NSFW, 18+]
*This server is strictly 18+, if you are caught under you will be reported and banned*
Miami RolePlay.
Ah shit, here we go again. Miami, die Stadt der Gangster. Geld, Drogen und Stress ist das einzigste was diese Stadt zu bitten hat. Jedenfalls für normale Gangster. Aber schaffst du es, diesen Rang zu über bitten und ein selbstständiger Drogenbaron zu werden werden? Oder.. neigst du von dieser Art ab und trittst doch lieber auf die Seite der Polizisten? Der SWAT? Oder hälst du dich aus dem ganzen raus?
Du bestimmst deine Laufbahn und dein Schicksal!

Was bitten wir?
- Economy-system
- Internet-system
- Verify-system
- Zahlreiche Jobs!
- Zahlreiche Gangs/Organisationen
- Zahlreiche, verschiedene Immobilien (nur für dich und deine Gäste einsehbar)
- Zahlreiche Autos und Waffen!
- Zahlreiche Locations!
...und verdammt viel mehr!

//Anmerkung: Dieses RolePlay spielt an dem jetzigen Tag, der jetztigen Uhrzeit und Jahreszeit. Das RolePlay ist kein Fantasy RolePlay!//
Hello! This is a changeling hive server focused mainly on roleplaying, lewding and having a good time. We have Pokecord and Sheri bots, so you can join if you wish. This is a new blooming hive!
Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set about 30 years after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off.

This server is very active, with a welcoming community and helpful staff members.

:: Pets and Steeds
:: Custom Weapons you can bring to life
:: Discover the magic of the LotR universe
:: We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
:: Quests
:: You can be nearly any race, faction or alignment you want!
:: Faction leaders available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Welcome to Pájaro a region in the far south of the world with no direct routes to any other region, so only those who are very dedicated travel here. In the west there are the mountains and the ruins of cities lost 100 years ago, the mountains are 50km tall where Ice, Rock and Flying types are very common. In the north of the region there are deep ravines with volcanoes in where you can find all manner of Fire, Rock, Ground and Steel type Pokémon. The east of the region is where you will find a large desert with a huge electrical field where Electric and Ground type Pokémon can be easily obtained. The south is where you will find the small fishing communities where Flying and Water types can be found. The centre of the region is where you can find the Grass and Bugs of the region inside of the biggest Rainforest in the entire Pokémon world. Inside a cave at the base of the tallest mountain is where you will find the graveyard for all those who died in the attack 100 years ago, it spans 30 floors with over 1000 graves on each floor. If you look hard enough along the range of mountains you can find a secret passage way which will take you to the main settlements of people underneath the region hiding from Lugia. All across the region if a person is lucky they can find a very rare plant being the argen root, this root can be synthesised into many different substances used in medicines and many more things. When children turn ten Professor Tabaquillo will give them the option of three starter pokémon which in Pájaro are different types than those in different regions. Your options are: the fighting type pokémon Machop, the flying type pokémon Rookidee and the ice type pokémon Vanillite. If you ask for it Mateo Tabaquillo will give you some pokéballs an allow you to go into his back garden and catch your own pokémon. Also different to other regions Pájaro has more than eight gyms however you only need to beat 8 of them.
🏰Medieval roleplay group.Choose your own race and roleplay in different counties.Optains new races to make you unique.Try to become a Duce and own land , or become King and rule over the Duce and the land itself.JOIN NOW FOR ULTIMATE FUN!🐉
Our server is a discussion based server with elements of RP added in. We're a friendly community that discusses the Successor States founded by Alexander's Generals and Companions along with other Hellenistic era topics. From time to time, we set up roleplaying events that you can participate in.
𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔴𝔦𝔱𝔠𝔥𝔶 𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔪𝔲𝔫𝔦𝔱𝔶 𝔦𝔫𝔳𝔦𝔱𝔢𝔰 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔱𝔬...
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐫!

𝗐𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝖺𝗋𝖾 𝗐𝖾?

a ROBLOX server centered around one game, the Black Rose Manor.

𝗐𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝗂𝗌 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗀𝖺𝗆𝖾 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾?

it is a roleplay game, much like a game called De Pride. we are still in our planning stages however.

𝗐𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝖽𝗈 𝗐𝖾 𝗈𝖿𝖿𝖾𝗋?

-people who also like roblox
-a wonderful community
-chances to apply for a job in our game

All that, and more!

more info in the server.
Vampire the Masquerade V5

It is set in Prague 2020 after Theo's treason.
The city is divided by Camarilla and Anarchs and the war is close... who is going to win? Are there any Sabbat in the city waiting for their chance to take over? Or perhaps the Autarkis will finally choose a side? Hunters already lurking in the streets of Prague...

• We are mainly a play by post server but we also have voice games!
• Our Mods and STs help when it is needed in the story by interacting with the players.
• We have small events almost every single week and moving the main plot slowly! Bigger missions are also a thing!
• Open to homebrew ideas. We already have Tzimisce and Baali as a playable option plus a couple of more cool things.
• Friendly people without drama OOC!

- Hecata from Cults of the Blood Gods is playable for people with the preview files! -

Game features currently include:
- Greeter NPCs.
- Some Power Positions are still open.
- NPCs for human hunters or even werewolves will be allowed for missions!
- A detailed map of the city.
- A site and Pinterest profile with everyone's faceclaim and info.
- Private Rooms for ERP (Needs NSFW Role to see them.)
- Level 2 Server Boost Status!
- Occasional movie nights.

Come have fun with us!
If you are new to the V5 system, don't be afraid to join us. We promise we don't bite!

Our city is the most important battleground in Europe tonight. Too many eyes focus west on the void that is London or the decadence that is Paris. Others look east in fear, at Moscow with its rattling sabres or Sevastopol with its current problems. Prague is something more. Made symbolic by the treason of Bell, it’s ground zero for the War of Ages. All over the globe, the unbound are empowered by this telling blow against our sect. But here, where it happened, we still stand. That should tell you something about how hollow their victory is. The blood still flows down in Elysium and old Vasily sleeps soundly under the floors of Pražský castle, undisturbed by the ruckus. If you believe the propaganda, what we have achieved in Prague cannot be understated. It’s no Anarch bastion, nor is it a Camarilla tyranny: Prague is the city of neutrality through division.
A place we watchfully share. Our Camarilla Scourges patrol the streets of the inner city, maintaining order and stability. Meanwhile, the suburbs and the south of the city has become Anarch free zones. In this way we keep any political unrest contained, as the unbound are busy spreading their international propaganda among the local activists. All Kindred are welcome in Prague if they know their place. We have our own traditions here, of hospitality, concealment, peace, and our own symbols marking our leaders, our enemies, and those from which we can freely feed. The city is in balance, for now. Truth is, we are a neutral city because we are torn between extremes. Our new Prince is busily expanding his collection of weapons and has been fortifying the havens of his allies. I know what it means. Perhaps it will begin tonight?

Welcome to the island of your dreams, where beautiful white girls meet gorgeous black guys, a paradise for them to engage interracially to their heart desires, located on a beautiful tropical island, full of beaches, a nice resort and a city full of life, either if you want to live or just do a trip maybe with your partner, come on it and let your wildest desires take over.
A unique mmo rp style server unlike any other. Try it out!
MHA : Japan!

Join our server with a great community , and active role-play! We love getting new members and we accept them into our community with love and our staff team is ready to help you out and get into the world of MHA: WORLD!


It is 2123 and there has been around 4 generations of quirk users. Quirks first started appearing in ChinChin, Japan with the first person who ever had a quirk having the ability to make things float by touching the object. The world was forever changed by the introduction of quirks into the political and social arena. For the first and second generation, many issues such as quirk marriages, quirk discrimination, and mutant healthcare were discussed. Society's progress halted for a solid 50 years before the Quirk Innovation Act(QIA) was made by the Japanese government to be inclusive towards Quirk Users in public utilities. By the third and fourth generation, most social problems according to quirks were solved although extreme mutations and other quirks can be still isolated socially. in 2100, a school specially made to grow a crop of students to fight quirk wielding evil doers, and the school initially accepted quirk users, and there was heavy corruption at the very beginning of the school many only the most powerful quirks would be let in, encouraging parents to quirk marry and try to make powerful children(basically quirk eugenics). In 2110, the European Union along with other major international organizations made involuntary quirk marriages illegal and ChinChin High for the first time started allow quirkless people into their rankings into support class. Interestingly right now, the social belief went from Quirk users being lower, to Quirkless humans being inferior across many parts of the world, and infant many parts of Africa and East Europe have had genocides and eugenics in order to make the population more "worthy". The world has many social and philosophical problems underlying, but the light that is hope is brighter than ever for the next generation to use to make the world a better place to live for everyone!
~×♔ **Yu-Gi-Oh! Wesport Circuit**♔ ×~

**Owner:** @Veiss Althen#8677

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh!: Wesport Circuit!
Scroll through our ad for key details before joining!!!

We're a role-playing server based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game that follows themes and principles from the canon series and incorporates them into an original settings with a detached story from the canon. We are also a deck-building server that put a lot of focus on character development in tandem with one's own deck as they progress both in strength and as a person. Duels are simulated via **Dueling Nexus,** **Dueling Book,** and **YGOPro Percy** with a preference towards the former thanks to its accessibility and a tertiary preference towards the latter thanks to its automation and lack of bugs.

↶ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ↷
『✿』**Deck-building** (meaning you start with one of **six** starter decks and work your way up).

『✿』Academy setting with (optional) periodic classes.

『✿』Non-META decks and format (most characters following themed and fun decks).

『✿』Custom TCG banlist.

『✿』A role-playing server taking place in a **separate** universe from the canon and the real world.


If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have you around. If not to stay, then at least to take a look and see if it's to your liking.
Join the server all about porn.
Nude selfies Women and Men
Nude Video selfies Women and Men
50+ different nude categories
Social Media Porn
Porn Bots
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Daily New Brazzers and Reality kings videos.
Voice chat
An alternate universe, just as the title suggests. Join us as one of your favourite Marvel character, or even make your own OC! We hope to see your admission at Marvel College!

% Lots of characters are now free to be roleplayed!
% Valentine's event is currently ongoing and would be perfect for you to hop in and experience some fun!
% We offer a semi-literate roleplay, with a loving, active community and friendly staff.
% LGBTQ+ safe place!
Hey, welcome to Anthropia!

We're a new server set up for fluffs like you, complete with only the fuzziest fluffbutts for staff, a vast array of personalization options, and a friendly (and very furry) community.

Why don't you give it a shot?
Basically what this server has in store for ya...
-A stat-system so that powerscaling is better instead of just assuming ur opponent is faster because his powerlevel is higher.
-A 'verify urself' channel to keep the noobs out, basically put an RP-Sample there thats acceptable(about 5 full screen pc discord lines)
-Custom factions, lore and lore NPC-s
-Custom Systems such as a dragonball system and a stat system channel which includes: Magic mastery, ki mastery and martial arts mastery.
-Friendly and experienced staff!
-Fun bots to use, a bot is also used for the lore NPC's(custom made none like omg this is main character or something similair)
♦Roleplay Meets: Reborn ♦ A Roleplay Search Community♦

Roleplay Meets: Reborn is the place to find an 18+ role-playing partner, no matter your writing proficiency or role-play preferences! We cater to all kinds, from diehard fandom purists, to furry enthusiasts, to worldbuilders extraordinaire, to those who enjoy NSFW content, and those precious beans who would never dare! RMR: After Dark even provides a place to find partners with unusual interests and niche kinks. We continuously strive to improve our community and value feedback from our users!
Must be over 18 to enter!
➣ We check
Roleplay Roulette
➣ Come get paired up with a random partner and receive a prompt based on your shared interests!
Roleplay Resources
➣ We have a repository of helpful tools and resources to help you grow as a roleplayer!
➣ Streamline your search experience by tagging yourself with your interests!
Search Rooms Galore
➣ Place an ad in one of the various search rooms and put your roleplay profile on display in open search!
New Tabletop Section
➣ Advertise a campaign or advertise your interest in finding one!
Friendly Community
➣ You probably won’t get rabies!
Here To Stay
➣ RMR has been on Discord for 2 years and on other platforms for several years before that!
Join us, invite your friends, and make some new ones!
➣ Discord Link: http://discord.gg/jnTgavF
DCRP is a roleplaying server for the DC universe. Roleplay as your favourite DC characters, participate in DC-related roleplaying events and meet a friendly community! Invite: https://discord.gg/sVCQTMw
Hello my name is Fishy, the Founder/Creator of San Andreas State Roleplay, a 15+ Playstation 4 roleplay community. SASRP has been up since June of 2018 but got shut down since me and my administration lost motivation. In November of 2019 me and one of my other staff members joined a roleplay server which had and has a good amount of people in it, we loved it. So in November of 2019 we regained motivation to start building the server further. As of January of 2020 we launched the server and are now officially accepting applications! Down below is the information on the server.

Departments We Offer:

- Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) (Closed)
- San Andreas State Police (SASP) (Open)
- San Andreas Communications (SAC) (Open)
- Fire/EMS (FD/EMS) (Open)
- Civilian (Civ) (Open)

Extra Information:

- Custom CAD/MDT by Our Friends At Modern Solutions
- Friendly Staff
- Currency System
- Specified Roleplay Channels
- Realistic Sessions
- Relaxed Administration (held to high standards)

This is just some of the information and things we offer with the community, so if you want to join a PS4 RP community that can give a respectful, fun, and professional roleplay experience, then join today by clicking the link to our Training Server! Hope to see you there!

Link to Discord: https://discord.gg/JGNaapZ
Link to Website: (WIP)
If you like to Roleplay with FURRY OR ANIME characters a lot of sexual spice, you will like our server. If you are a furry needing a place to talk, you come to the right place, if you want to chat, play with bot, stupidly hug, kiss, flirt in text you come to the right place. Join us, perverts!